FISHING FACT - "The fishing at Jurassic Lake River Camp is quantifiably better than any other camps that have followed in the footsteps of the original camp, established in a unique location at the outlet of the main feeder river to the Lake."


Lago Strobel - AKA Jurassic Lake!

Jurassic Lake is a place where you can experience the sort of fishing that only your forefathers could have envisaged. With the exception of an impossibly remote farmhouse it is in an area almost totally devoid of human contact, a place so inaccessible only the foolhardy would ever consider visiting let alone coming to fish here. It is however precisely this environment that has allowed it to develop into what we consider to be probably the world’s most prolific wild Rainbow Trout fishery.

Jurassic Lake Trout are exceptionally photogenic for both size and quality


The Rainbow Trout Fishing

Cave art from a distant era within the surrounding precipitous rocky cliffs provides the inspiration for the ‘Jurassic’ tag to the lake otherwise known as Lago Strobel. If the art is Jurassic in nature it is the fish that draw the more direct comparison on account of their gargantuan proportion. These totally wild fish are so large and so powerful that they make regular Trout fishing tackle redundant - The graveyard of broken rods is testament to this fact!! We have yet to come across anyone who has not been literally bowled over by the size, the quantity and the sheer wildness of this location.


What Makes Jurassic River Camp so Exceptional?

When Rainbow Trout were introduced into the small river that feeds Lago Strobel rather like the Trout introduced into Southern Patagonia that returned as huge Sea Trout nobody would of believed what would transpire. Cut off from human interference and introduced into a pristine aquatic environment the fish fed and multiplied and fed and multiplied at an incredible rate. Decades later the result is a fishing location where the Trout average 6-8lbs, where a 20lb fish is unremarkable and where anglers will have a chance to hear their reel sing like no other location on earth.

The Barancuso River- Even in low low water you can count fish in there hundreds


Jurassic River Camp Location

Jurassic River Camp is situated a stones throw from the outlet of Barancuso River, the main feeder river into which the Trout were originally introduced. It is virtually the sole spawning highway for all the fish in the Lake and it is for this reason that the fishing at Jurassic River Camp is quantifiably better than any rival location which has followed in the footsteps of the original camp. Not only are you on the water but also your catching opportunities are an easy 5-10 x better than anywhere else. Do not be fooled-If you want to experience the best fishing this is the only location worthy of consideration!


The Area & Access to Jurassic Lake

The lake itself is virtually cut off from the outside world with only a small nomadic estancia outpost sharing the shores of the lake. The lake itself is fed by one significant tributary although this reduces to a stream during the summer months. The water is of crystalline clarity allowing anglers to see schools of fish cruising far offshore whilst at the same time allowing the discerning angler to stalk individual fish, both in the lake and the river. Weather conditions range from flat calm to howling gales. The location of the camp means that even in the worst conditions the wind is almost always behind you and you will always be able to catch fish! Nature has its own unique way of protecting special places and Jurassic Lake is no exception. Access to the lake is only possible by sturdy 4x4 truck and the journey there and back is not for the weak of constitution.

First view of the Lake –shimmering in cobalt blue is truly mesmerizing

The new Jurassic River Camp Lodge replacing the original dome Tents


The Accommodation-Jurassic Lake Camp

The camp has been substantially upgraded from the early days of Dome tents and open vista ‘facilities’. A simple but straightforward wooden lodge now accommodates anglers complimented by reasonable shower and toilet facilities allowing anglers to stay and fish for a week in comfort. Expect great hospitality, good hearty Argentinean food with all wines and beers included in your trip.

Fishing Tackle

Lago Strobel and the huge Rainbow Trout are used as the ultimate proving ground for the development of Loop fishing rods and reels. A wide selection of the latest rods and reels is available and free for guests to use.


Typical Programs

Day 1 (Fri)

Arrive Buenos Aires - Depart for Comodoro Rivadavia - Overnight in Comodoro Rivadavia ( Not included )

Day 2 (Sat)

Transfer to the local airport ( Included ) - Depart Comodoro Rivadavia to Jurassic Lake Lodge in the morning ( Charter flight Included ). Arrive to Jurassic Lake Lodge after 1hr 15 min flight. Full day fishing.

Day 3 – 8 (Sun-Fri)

Six full fishing days.

Overnight Calafate prior to return domestic flight to Buenos Aires on saturday

Day 9 (Sat)

Depart for Comodoro Rivadavia in the morning (Charter Flight included ) - Departure for Buenos Aires ( Not included )- Departure for Home


Availability and Pricing for the 2023 Season


7 Day Trip-$7,500
4 Day Trip-$4,900
3 Day Trip-$3,900

Package Includes:

Accommodations and meals at the lodge, wine/beer/alcohol, guided fishing, charter flight in/out from El Calafate, fishing license

Not included:

International and domestic airfare, hotels/meals/transfers in Buenos Aires and Calafate, fishing equipment, laundry, staff and guide gratuities (10% of the trip cost recommended).

Best times to go –When you can!

 From October-December the fishing on the River is at its best due to the increased water-flow. For anyone planning a full-week at Jurassic Lake then this is the best time to go. For those wanting to combine a trip for Sea Trout on the Rio Gallegos in Southern Patagonia or Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, either for a full week or for a shorter 3 day trip then you will still be able to experience amazing fishing from Jan –April although from mid-March to mid-April the fishing will be at its peak.


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