Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge

Tierra Del Fuego – The Rio Grande

The Sea Trout fishing in Southern Argentina is legendary and for many the Rio Grande epitomizes this. Situated in Tierra del Fuego, (Land of Fire), it is in as remote and isolated an area as you can imagine. Apart from the other fishing lodges there is little in the way of human habitation with sheep being the primary inhabitant in this part of the world. For fishermen this should be of no concern because the prize lies at the end of your line and there is no better place to catch huge Sea Trout than the Rio Grande!

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Sea Trout Fishing on the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande needs little by way of introduction with fish averaging 10 lbs in weight and with specimens over 30 lbs caught each season. On each week everyone stands a good chance of hooking a fish over 20lbs and whilst they may look fat compared to a Salmon they are no less powerful or acrobatic. When a Sea Trout takes your fly you can expect anything from a gentle pull to a violent snatch capable of pulling the rod from your arms. Nerve jangling aerial somersaults and unstoppable runs will follow. Truly exciting fishing and the number of returning guests each year is testament to the appeal.

Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge
Supremely powerful and acrobatic - Argentinean Sea Trout are an amazing prize and worth the pilgrimage to this remote part of the world

The Fishing at Kau Tapen Lodge

Kau Tapen was the first fishing lodge to be established on the Rio Grande and it occupies a prime position on the middle stretch of the river. Almost all the pools can be covered well with a single-handed rod although the use of a double-handed rod can be an advantage. There are 6 beats covering approx 18 kms of water. Some of the water is shared with the fishing on Toon Ken and Maria Behetty as well as Villa Maria on the lower Rio Grande. This gives guests access to almost all the prime fishing on the Rio Grande whether it is on the upper, middle or lower stretches.

Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge
It really is not all howling gales - Honestly! There are plenty of calm days when you will be wishing there was more wind

The Fishing Environment

It can be windy! Compared to an English chalk stream you are going to be in for a shock however do not let this put you off. There will be times when you will curse the wind but equally others when you will be praying for more. A strong ripple on the surface gives Sea-Trout the security and it is this that allows anglers to catch them during the middle of the day when traditionally their activity is confined to the silence of the night. Balanced use of a double-handed rod with a simple roll cast can harness the power of the wind whilst a stiff single-handed rod for calmer periods will for the most part keep you fishing without interruption.

Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge

Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge
Kau Tapen Lodge under the fiery sky typical of Tierra del Fuego

Kau Tapen sets the standards of comfort for fishing lodges worldwide. It is as exclusive as any 5 star boutique hotel you are likely to find with every aspect of this lodge designed and tailored to ensure that this will be a holiday to remember. Huge open-faced wood burning stoves, deep sofas, crisp linen, deeply polished wooden floorboards, an all inclusive and comprehensive bar alongside an innovative and delicious Argentinean menu ensure the whole experience is second to none. This is as fine a fishing lodge as you are likely to find - anywhere!

Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge Sea Trout Fishing - The Rio Grande: Kau Tapen Fishing Lodge
Kau Tapen Lodge is the epitome of 5 star fishing luxury

Best Time To Go

The season lasts from December to April with the runs of fish being sustained throughout. Unlike salmon the Sea Trout may run the Rio Grande during all of these months dependent primarily upon local conditions. During the months of Dec and Jan the fishing hours run later with a siesta being taken during midday to make best use of the magical dusk fishing hours.

Getting There

Anglers fly to Buenos Aires international airport and from there take the 3 hr flight to Rio Grande. You will be collected on arrival at the airport and transferred by four-wheel drive vehicle to the lodge, which takes approx 50 minutes.

Recommended Argentinean Sea Trout Flies

Move cursor over Argentine Sea Trout Fly to view in 360

Argentinean Sea Trout do not follow or desire the regular Sea Trout fly patterns as selected by the likes of Hugh Falkus. Their tastes are wild and varied and certainly do not follow standard protocol. Rubber Legs are IN, big dark flies are a must for dusk and in low water and bright conditions small and subtle nymphs are essential. Yuk Bugs, Wooly Buggers, Vitamin B, D & GIn short you will need a selection of flies that do not resemble anything you would normally find in a standard fishing shop!!!

WhereWiseMenFish has commissioned the most complete range of Argentinean Sea Trout Flies available which are available online from Salar Flies. Anyone booking a trip with WhereWiseMenFish will receive a free box of Sea Trout Flies for the trip as well as receiving a 20% discount off any additional flies.

Full Range of Flies for Sea Trout in Argentina on Salar Flies

Whilst in Argentina

Argentina is a sportsmen‚s paradise with almost endless opportunities. Some of the alternative activities that we can arrange both or after your trip are listed below:


Availability and Pricing - 2018 Season

Spaces during the prime weeks at Kau Tapen are typically very limited and are in high demand. If you are interested please register your interest at the earliest opportunity. Places will only be confirmed on receipt of a 50% deposit.

Season: The season runs from Dec to April
  • Dec 30-Jan 6         -- USD $7,295
  • Jan 6-13                 -- USD $8,795 *
  • Jan 13 -Ma 10        -- USD $9,595 * Single room standard
  • Mar 10-17              -- USD $8,795 *
  • Mar 17-24               -- USD $7,295
  • Mar 24-31               -- USD $5,950
  • *Please enquire for group rates or special combination Dorado or shooting packages.
  • Single room surcharge subject to availability $500
Package Includes:
  • Seven (x7) nights.
  • Six (x6) days guided fly-fishing.
  • Price includes accommodation.
  • Includes transportation from Rio Grande Airport.
  • All meals and drinks.
Note: Price does not include fishing license $450, gratuities, laundry or airfares. Lodge capacity is 10-12 guests.

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Background reading for your trip:

"Argentine Trout Fishing" by William C. Leitch

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Anglers around the world are discovering the phenomenal fishery of Argentina. The author of Argentine Trout Fishing has been traveling to South America on a regular basis since the early 1960s and presents his knowledge of the country, its waters, and the formidable salmonids that thrive in those waters to the fly-fisher who enjoys wetting a line in an exotic locale. The where, when, and how are all covered, along with recommended tackle and technique for fishing Argentina.

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