Currency Converter


The currency conversion will provide the mean rate as offered by interbank services.   The actual rate that you will receive to buy and sell currencies will vary by 2-5% depending on who you use to change your currency.



  1. Avoid changing money in airports where possible.   No commission advertisements simply disguise terrible exchange rates.
  2. Use a currency specialist to convert money, avoiding high street banks, post-offices or similar.  You will almost always get a better rate with reduced transfer fees.
  3. Bring what you need for tips and local expenses in cash.   Even though a few lodges may accept payment with a credit-card, you will be charged higher than normal conversion fees at a less than advantageous exchange rate.  Pre-book your cash requirements prior to your trip and only use your card for emergencies of shop purchases.
  4. When you do need to make overseas purchases we suggest you use a credit and not a debit card.  They typically provide greater security against fraudulent transactions.
  5. A word on air-miles.  Although there can be a temptation to use cards overseas to contribute to your air-miles if you collect them in almost all cases the foreign exchange and transaction fees charged will offset any possible gain from air-miles collected!