Las Buitreras 2022 Season Summary

Felix - Las Buitreras Camp Manager

Destination: Argentina

Holiday: Las Buitreras Lodge

In short we had a great season with really good fishing from start to finish. There are always a couple days here and there during the season when fishing slows down for some reason, but this season, it always picked right back up after a short slump. We saw numbers of fish we have rarely, if ever during our 20 seasons, seen before. Water levels were low in January and February but fishing was good due to the huge amount of fish coming up the river. During the later half of the season we had slightly higher water, closer to what we call zero, or normal, with a great tea color. Fishing remained very good all through the last week with plenty of fresh fish still coming up the river.

The week with the highest average weight of landed fish, note, landed, was Week 1 with an average weight of 10,6 lbs.

The week with the most fish landed was week 12, with over 130 seatrout landed between 10 rods.

Biggest fish landed this season came in week 6 and was a 23 lb cock fish from Cantera. It took a size 8 Copper John and was landed by John from the UK. 

Surprise pool of the year: La Curva. If there is ever such a thing as a fish guarantee it was definitely at the hot spot of La Curva this season.

Big fish pool of the year: Turning Bank. Even though we didn’t land the biggest fish of the season in this pool, we lost some absolute monsters, well over 1 meter, here. This pool was tricky to fish during some of the weeks with really low water but as soon as it was fishable it was deadly.

We had some truly amazing anglers visiting us, we had complete beginners visiting us, and everything in between. But most importantly, the common denominator was that every single person that came down here was so positive and helped make this one of the best seasons ever. We cannot thank you all enough and hope to see you again in the future.

For the comprehensive season Report, use the link below, however otherwise enjoy a selection of the pictures from this season which really give a feel for the fishing, the lodge and the atmosphere, all of which go to make Las Buitreras a very special place with such an incredibly high number of repeat clients.


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