Kharlovka Web Report

For the week ending Friday, July 23rd 2010

by Justin McCarthy

Destination: Russia

Holiday: Kharlovka & Litza River

Speaking of the weather, it appears that 2010 is shaping up to be an unforgettable year of extremes for us all. From the concerning amounts of snow and ice that accumulated during the long, dark winter months, to those record cold spells across the northern latitudes, to our early arctic spring that nearly melted the entire lot away before we even arrived, to our previous six weeks of relentless high temperatures here, not to mention today's wind storm of the season - The crazy conditions are beginning to take their toll.

Although the skies are starting to darken up again and it is currently sprinkling down on us as we scribe our fishy summaries, last week, the boys battled through extremely low river conditions with a reading of negative 4 centimetres on the Home pool scale, along with some very warm water temperatures that were again in excess of 18 degrees C. In addition to all the bright sun, air temperatures soared up in the high 20's every afternoon. Then for our weather finale of the week, it blew the gale of the season on their last day with gusts in excess of 100 kilo meters an hour. Needless to say, the majority of the large, multi sea winter salmon have been keeping a low profile lately, patiently waiting for the unpredictable weather to flip back around.

There are however, worse things in life than flying into one of the most beautiful places on earth, under fine sunny skies, to have a go at something great. While we did manage to bring a few of the big ones up out of the depths to have a quick look at our Sun Rays and Bombers, the vast majority of the large salmon were simply not in the attacking mood. That did not stop the father and son team of Allan and Rasmus though from picking up their new P.B.'s of 20 and 22 pounds. Dr. Sean, Franz and Dr. David all seemed to have that magic touch as well, going onto to land their large salmon of the week at 27, 28, and 29 pounds. Thankfully, our latest group of friends had seen it all before and understood that some of the most memorable fishing adventures are made up of far more than simply numbers. By the time we had packed away the kit for another year, the team had totaled up 112 salmon on the week, which should be more than enough to keep them all charged up until we see them back again, the next time around.

And, if you can't beat them - then join them! There are very few spectacles in nature more pleasing then to sit quietly on the rocks and enjoy the salmon leaping through the bubbly wrath of the Kharlovka Falls. Sometime each season, between early July and mid August, when the sun, moon and stars are aligned just right in the northern sky, the window opens up for the salmon to leap the falls. Obviously enjoying the warm summer temperatures and the low water conditions far more that the rest of us, it appeared that every blessed salmon in the river was stacked up like cordwood below the Kharlovka falls. While this natural wonder of the world didn't do much for our fishing results on the day, it was nothing less than a miracle to see so many of the biggest and best of the stock disappear into the upper river, to later spawn peacefully on their merry way.

A family of black furry minks wisely decided to go for some swimming lessons in the Kharlovka Home pool, while we rested in the shade along the bank. Those delicious orangey-red cloudberries are beginning to sprout up along the reindeer trails, however they are still far from being ripe. Enjoying the gale force winds to end the week, the reindeer were finally located all huddled up together along the coast, atop the highest hill. We have just received word from the security guards down along the coast, that there is a nasty storm beginning to brew at sea, along with some cooling temperatures that are allegedly in the forecast. With plenty of massive salmon in the system this season, we remain optimistic for what surely lies ahead - Bring it on!

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