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The Sea Trout fishing in Southern Argentina is legendary and for many the Rio Grande epitomizes this. Situated in Tierra del Fuego, (Land of Fire), it is in as remote and isolated an area as you can imagine. However amidst this hauntingly desolate environment is probably the greatest Sea-Trout river on the planet and if further incentive is needed one of the most comfortable lodges to boot -Villa Maria.


Sea Trout Fishing on the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande needs little by way of introduction with fish averaging 10 lbs in weight and with specimens over 30 lbs caught each season. On each week everyone stands a good chance of hooking a fish over 20lbs and whilst they may look fat compared to a Salmon they are no less powerful or acrobatic. When a Sea Trout takes your fly you can expect anything from a gentle pull to a violent snatch capable of pulling the rod from your arms. Nerve jangling aerial somersaults and unstoppable runs will follow. Truly exciting fishing and the number of returning guests each year is testament to the appeal.


The Fishing at Villa Maria

Villa Maria is located in prime position at the lower half of the Rio Grande. Perfectly positioned to intercept the Sea-Trout as they run in off the tide it has proved over past seasons on a per rod basis to be probably the most productive lodge on the Rio Grande. Spaces at Villa Maria are in high demand! Unlike the middle section of the river where the river meanders in tighter twists the lower part is wider, more open and more powerful and as such rewards double-handed fishermen who are happy casting a longer line.


Villa Maria Fishing Lodge

Villa Maria is the second of the de las Carreras family Lodges to open on Rio Grande after Kau Tapen. The lodge is located in a renovated farmhouse within the working estancia Jose Menendez. Stylishly designed, supremely comfortable and with a friendly and dedicated house staff and guides, catering for just 6 anglers it is a fantastic lodge for small groups, quite apart from the outstanding fishing. During the day anglers stop for lunch and siesta at the equally stylish lodge/cabin overlooking the Rio Grande ensuring no unnecessary time is wasted going to and from the lodge each day.


The Fishing Environment

Sea-Trout fishing in Southern Argentina in Tierra del Fuego is unlike almost any other location you may have fished. Located literally on the southernmost tip of South America the conditions shift from ‘howling gale’ to flat calm consistently and erratically. There will be times when you will curse the wind but equally others when you will be praying for more. Do not be put off, a strong ripple on the surface gives Sea-Trout a sense of security and it is this that allows anglers to catch them during the middle of the day when traditionally their activity is confined to the silence of the night. Understanding the conditions and working with the wind, armed with the right rods and lines, can allow lengthy casts that you would normally dream about. Regardless of how challenging the conditions may or may not be the end result is some of the most spectacular fishing for Sea Trout anywhere.


Getting There

Anglers fly to Buenos Aires international airport and from there take the 3 hr flight to Rio Grande. You will be collected on arrival at the airport and transferred by four-wheel drive vehicle to the lodge, which takes approx 20 minutes.


Whilst in Argentina

Argentina is a sportsmen‚s paradise with almost endless opportunities. Some of the alternative activities that we can arrange both or after your trip are listed below:


Day 1

- Arrive Buenos Aires
- Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 2

- Fly to Rio Grande or Ushuaia
- Transfer to the lodge

Day 3-8

- 6 Full days guided fishing

Day 9

- Depart Villa Maria
- Fly Buenos Aires
- Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 10

- Depart Argentina

Awkward flight schedules to Rio Grande mean that flying to Ushuaia is currently easiest


2020 Season Pricing


The 2020 season runs from January- April


- Dec 27 - 3 Jan $8,950 USD
- Jan 3-Jan 10 $9,950 USD*
- Jan 10-Mar 6 $10,950 USD*
- Mar 6-13 $9,950 USD*
- Mar 13-20 $8,950 USD
- Mar 20 -27 $7,950 USD
- Mar 27 -3 Apr $6,950 USD

* Please inquire for special complimentary packages which include 1 night in Delta Eco Lodge (Dorado) or 2 nights dove-hunting or 1 night in Loi Suites Recolete + transfers

Package Includes:

- Seven (x7) nights.
- Six (x6) days guided fly fishing.
- Price includes single
- Includes transportation from Rio
Grande Airport.
- All meals and alcoholic drinks.


Price does not include gratuities or visa costs and any satellite telephone calls. Lodge capacity is 6 guests.

Best Time To Fish Villa Maria

The season lasts from December to April with the runs of fish being sustained throughout. Unlike salmon the Sea Trout can run the river during all of these months in equal numbers dependent primarily upon local conditions. During the months of Dec and Jan the fishing hours run later with a siesta being taken during midday to make best use of the magical dusk fishing hours. Please note Villa Maria is very very popular and to have a good chance of getting a prime week lead times of one year are advised.


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