For Three weeks every season, on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve, there is a chance to fish 3 of the greatest Salmon Rivers you could wish for. The Kharlovka, Litza & Rynda. Scenic beyond compare, good numbers of fish, chances of 30 & 40lb salmon every week, and so much water to fish you will be overwhelmed.


WhereWiseMenFish Hosted Week 25 August - 1 September 2018

Justin Maxwell Stuart will be hosting the first of the three autumnal ‘Three River’ weeks over the period above. As part of the conservation programme the Atlantic Salmon Reserve has taken the decision to rest all the rivers for the two weeks prior to the start of the Three Rivers. Not that it should be necessary to emphasise this however for the two previous weeks the rivers will be devoid of any angling pressure giving the lucky team on the ‘opening week’ an unparalleled opportunity to experience some potentially explosive fishing. Over recent years this week has produced salmon of 47lbs, 40lbs, 37lbs, 34lbs, 33lbs, 31x2lbs, 30x2lbs, 29lbs, 28lbs, 28lbs.....

To reserve a place or enquire this or other weeks please Email Justin

Very pronounced kype on an autumn Cock Salmon


The Three Rivers Programme

The Three Rivers has become one of the most sought-after programmes in the Atlantic Salmon Reserve Calendar.   Guests fishing the Three Rivers are given the opportunity, over the course of a 6 1/2 day fishing week, to spend two days each fishing the Kharlovka, Litza & Rynda Salmon Rivers. Veterans of these rivers will know quite how exciting and varied these rivers are and with approximately 28kms of double bank fishing, all part of the regular salmon beats, shared by just 16 rods in total. 

The scope of the available water is almost too much to comprehend.   On a year when the rivers are down to their bare bones (-10cm on the gauge) each day you will still have more places to fish than on any other Atlantic Salmon fishing week anywhere.  On a regular water week (0 cm to+ 15cm) you have prime conditions and on a high water week it can be difficult to know where to start there are so many places to fish.  It is worth bearing in mind that the fishing would normally be shared by 14 rods at the Kharlovka Camp and 12 Rods at Rynda so there really is huge scope.


Fishing Condition-What To Expect?

The autumn weeks on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve are quite different from the early or mid-season weeks. The rivers will be full of fish and it is usually safe to say that every pool will be holding a good stock of salmon - no cast is wasted! Although it is impossible to predict water-levels one can usually always expect rains to come in August and with the shorter days and cooler conditions, the rivers or rather the fishing conditions should be good.

Above all else, it is the time when the big fish that may have been sitting tight over the summer weeks start to wake up as they become increasingly aggressive and territorial. It is one of the best times of year to hook and importantly land a monster! This is also the time when the Osenka Salmon (winter run) enter the rivers. The number of Osenka on any week will depend on the water conditions, but for those that encounter one, hang on, as they are brutally powerful as well as being visually spectacular.

The Tundra turning resplendent autumn colours and of course the opportunity to hook a monster


The Fishing Programme & Autumn Fishing Methods

The "Three Rivers Programme" will consist of eight pairs of anglers with one guide for each pair. All guests will stay in comfort at Kharlovka lodge throughout their fishing holiday, flying in and out each day using the new Eurocopter and experiencing the full magic of the Kharlovka, Litza and Rynda Rivers. Every group will be able to enjoy fishing two separate days on each of the rivers. Along with the very good numbers of Sea Trout pushing into the estuaries, there may be the opportunity to fish the Zolotoya River as part of the Rynda schedule.

Autumn Fishing Methods

Although rains should have swelled the rivers from the summer lows all the pools should be manageable and easily fishable with both a 13-15ft double-handed rods and a sturdy single or switch rod. Lines usually range from full floating to intermediate although it is prudent to ensure that you are covered for all eventualities so include a sinker. Fly selection should be equally varied with all options from low-water singles hitched across the surface to 1 inch copper tubes which work well at waking up the bigger fish even when water conditions would suggest smaller flies would be more appropriate. It is not worth taking chances with light nylon! 25lbs is recommended to ensure that you are equipped for not just the 40 pounder but also an Osenka, which when hooked, will be as keen to return to the sea as any spring salmon!


Kharlovka Camp & Living

All the guests will be treated to the same exemplary levels of service as would normally be expected during the regular weeks of the season. Guests will have individual cabins with ensuite facilities, drying cupboard etc. The standard of the food at the lodge is extremely high and all house wines, spirits and beers are included.

  • Dear Justin, truly a fantastic week, an amazing place and a fisherman’s paradise; I can’t wait to return! So, without reservation, thank you! While August fishing will always be challenging, we were lucky with the weather (mostly) and the water was pretty near perfect. To have had 226 for the week between 18 is testament; I had 16 to my own rod, lost as many as that and had as many takes over and above. While I did not CATCH the fish of a lifetime, I hooked an Osenka which was at least late 20s, but after 15 minutes hook and fish parted, reminding me that losing a fish like that is truly a bereavement! I did however witness Ralph (my fishing partner) catch the fish of the week - an immaculate 33lb cock fish in Reindeer on the Litza. The ASR is supremely well-run and it was a real privilege to be there. Alistair Rogers - Aug 2019

    Alistair Rogers

  • Thank you all so much for one week in my life which I will cherish and never forget Regarding the attention and care given by the management and staff it has been beyond excellent for which I offer you my heartfelt thanks. I greatly appreciate the opportunity having been associated with the ‘Man of the rivers and the mountains’ – Jenya, my guide and carer during my week on your fabulous rivers. Please give him the praise and thanks which he greatly deserves, Yours sincerely PR Plummer

    PR Plummer


Typical 3 Rivers Programme Itinerary


Arrive Helsinki
Overnight Helsinki

Overnight accommodation not included


Charter Helsinki-Murmansk*
Met Murmansk-Helicopter to Camp
Evening Fishing session

Afternoon fishing will depend on arrival time but typically 2-4 hrs fishing


2 Days fishing Kharlovka
2 Days fishing Litza
2 Days fishing Rynda

Daily river rotation will be drawn up on arrival


Helicopter to Murmansk
Charter Flight to Helsinki*

Clear to book international flight from approx 1600hrs onwards

* Charter Flight from/to Helsinki is not included in the package however outside of guests arriving from Russia most choose to use this as the means of entry to Murmansk


Availability and Pricing


The Three Rivers programme runs over the last week of August and the first two weeks of September


The rate varies across the three weeks. Please enquire for rates

Package Includes:

- Full board accommodation in individual en-suite cabins.
- Shared fishing guide.
- All transportation on arrival at Murmansk airport.
- All alcoholic drinks.
- Comprehensive pool of loan fishing equipment available on request.


A charter flight service is available from Helksinki. With the exception of items bought from the well-stocked Farlows Camp Shop the only additional cost should be the guide and camp tips set at $600.


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