"In our 23 years in Mongolia, we have broken just about every world record for Taimen on a fly rod. Simply put, there is no other place in Mongolia where you have a better chance to catch, and release, the fish of a lifetime".

If the idea of catching a Taimen appeals enough to make you want to travel half the way around the world, then make sure it is with the most experienced and knowledgeable team available!!


The Experience

For years, Mongolia has been known as a land of fierce nomads, barren steppes, and cold, desert landscapes. In fact, a closer glance reveals fertile river valleys inhabited by kind, hospitable nomads, and rivers filled with the world’s largest salmonid - the Taimen.

A fishing trip in Mongolia is in part about trying to catch the largest 'Trout' you will ever encounter, but it is equally about experiencing a wonderful cultural and sporting experience without easy comparison. It provides the opportunity to step backwards in time, to a place where people still move to the rhythms of the seasons and the landscapes are unbroken. It is completely unique and promises to be an unforgettable experience.


Why The Sweetwater Camp

Sweetwater Travel pioneered Taimen fishing in Mongolia, from humble exploratory beginnings in 1995.   Over what will soon be 25 years, the operation has been refined to the highest degree, providing levels of expertise and service which are unmatched anywhere in Mongolia.  The same team and guides who explored the rivers many many years ago have since looked after hundreds of happy clients and will be only too willing to share there passion and skill with you.  It is one of the most unique fly-fishing destinations on the planet, not always easy, but consistently rewarding.   


Fishing for Taimen

Taimen are one of the most aggressive apex predators that swim in freshwater.   A landlocked salmonoid they are ambush predators whom, when aroused, will chase down stripped lures and dry flies,  with a determination and aggression comparable to a Dorado.   

Fishing for Taimen in Mongolia is a lot like fly fishing for oversized Atlantic salmon or steelhead on a dry fly. You fish for Taimen in the current and need to keep your fly riding high in the water. By riffle hitching a mouse, large muddler or streamer, fishermen can keep their fly twitching through the surface film.  Taimen have a true weakness for flies presented in this fashion.   The site of a fish which may be 4-5ft long, bearing down on your fly, sometimes slowly and casually, but equally, in an explosive, fish fully out of the water fashion, is enough to make every painful mile you have travelled to get here disappear in an instant! 


The Guides

The guides at the camps really are the most experienced team of Taimen experts you will find in one place.  Taimen fishing requires a level of dedication, perseverance and confidence, however, be confident in the knowledge that you will have the best instruction available.  All are as keen as they are personable and will do everything possible to make your fishing vacation in Mongolia a memorable one.  Each day clients will depart the camp using one of the jet boats, fishing two anglers/guide. 




Fishermen will stay in traditional Mongolian gers which are felt tents wrapped around a collapsible wooden frame.  They are 9 feet high and 18 feet in diameter, much larger than standard wall tents, and are equipped with twin full-length single beds, ample room for storing gear, and an area to sit down & relax by a wood stove.  These spacious Mongolian homes are comfortable and offer clients a truly unique living experience and one of many highlights of the trip.

From your arrival in camp until your departure, you will enjoy a high standard of personal service and comfort. The camps are basic but fairly luxurious and complete with the necessary amenities. Each camp has a bathhouse and a dining lodge.

The dining lodge provides fishermen with an area to congregate and enjoy the camp food. As well as western food, guests have the opportunity to sample Mongolian dishes. Each meal is complemented with homemade soup, a variety of salads, fresh-baked bread, a modest dessert, and inclusive wines and beers.


Typical Itinerary

Day 1

- Arrive Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
- Overnight Hovsgol Hotel

Day 2

- 9am collection
- charter flight to Camp

Day 3-8

- 6 Full days of fishing
- 08.00 departure each day with guide
- Riverbank lunch prepared by guide
- Evening meal

Day 9

- Depart camp after breakfast
- Overnight Hovsgol Hotel

Day 10

- International flight home


Availability and Pricing - 2024


The Spring season runs from late May - mid June

The fall season runs from early Sept - early October


- Spring $7,300 US Dollars + $750 charter

- Autumn $7,300 US Dollars + $750 charter


- Seven nights accommodation
- Six and a half days guided fly fishing (Monday to Monday)
- Leaders & Flies
- All internal transfers within Mongolia.
- Hotel lodging the night before departure to camp and the night after returning from camp.
- All meals, beer, wine and soft drinks.


- Gratuities
- Evening meals in Hovosgol
- Fishing Licenses ($450 USD)


Best Times to Go


Best times to go are in May and June as well as September and October either side of the monsoon rains


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