Fishing in Alaska is all about superb fishing, amazing opportunities, amazing variety, breath-taking wilderness and adventure. A week at the Royal Coachman lodge is all of the above and there are few Alaskan lodges that encapsulate this so well whilst hosting guests in considerable comfort. An exclusive fly-out lodge the Royal Coachman has first-rate service, guides and fishing. For anyone wanting to taste some of the best-varied fishing that Alaska has to offer then the Royal Coachman should be at the forefront of your options.


The Fishing at the Royal Coachman Lodge

The Bristol Bay Region has the largest salmon runs in the world! Nowhere else on earth will you find such a wide variety of sportfish. The sheer numbers of fish that this fishery supports is mind-boggling. The area fished by the Royal Coachman has prolific runs of all five species of Pacific Salmon: Kings, Silvers, Sockeye, Chum, and Pinks, along with seven species of freshwater gamefish, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Sheefish.

A trip to the Royal Coachman Lodge is quite simply whatever you want it to be. This remote fly-out Alaskan fishing lodge offers guests a huge variety of waters to fish, from very small streams to large rivers, lakes, and the thoroughfares that connect them. By maintaining outpost camps, and jet powered boats scattered throughout the region, and because of the variety of waters, private leases, and exclusive use permits held by the Royal Coachman Lodge, we can assure that you will find some of the best fishing the region has to offer. Whether you’re an expert fly-fisherman or beginning spincaster, you will find the angling adventure that you’re looking for. And you’ll catch a lot of fish and have a lot of fun along the way!

Variety variety variety!-You will never have an uneventful day-That is a WhereWiseMenFish promise!

Uncrowded fishing for all the species of Pacific Salmon amidst breath-taking scenery

Untouched wilderness, staggering beauty and all interlaced with ultra prolific rivers and lakes


Location & Environment

The Royal Coachman Lodge is located in the heart of the world famous Bristol Bay sport-fishing region of Southwest Alaska. The fishing lodge sits on the banks of the Nuyakuk River, a quarter of a mile downstream from the outlet to Tikchik Lake, nestled in the 1.6 million acre Wood-Tikchik State Park. The park contains 13 lakes that make up two distinct watersheds. The entire northern watershed drains into the Upper Nushagak River via the Nuyakuk River from the outlet of Tikchik Lake.

The Kilbuck Mountains rise majestically from the waters edge where the western end of the lakes probe the mountain range in spectacular fjords. The western side of the range drains the vast 4.8 million acre Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.

This area of Alaska is accessible only by floatplane. Most Alaskan fishing lodges are located in small towns or native villages, but the Royal Coachman Lodge, 65 air miles north of Dillingham, is totally isolated in the midst of this vast Alaskan wilderness.


Salmon Fishing

Picking the week and month to stay at the Royal Coachman will depend upon whether you are looking to target any specific species of fish or if you simply want to enjoy all that the area has to offer. 

Chinook (King) Salmon

Best fishing is from mid-June to the end of July. Fish average 24lbs and the King is by far the hardest fighting fish that you will catch in freshwater, 45-minute battles are not uncommon. Our stream is ideal for fly fishing and all our fishing is done within 3 miles of the ocean, assuring you will be catching the freshest, meanest kings that Bristol Bay has to offer.

Coho (Silver) Salmon

Best fishing is from late July to the end of September. Fish average 10lbs and the Coho is the favourite salmon to catch as they can be consistently taken on dry flies.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon

Best fishing is the first three weeks of July. Fish average 10lbs. Pound for pound the sockeye is the hardest fighting pacific salmon.

Pink (Humpies) Salmon

Pink Salmon run in even-numbered years from late July to mid-August. The run often exceeds over a million and you can catch literally hundreds in front of the lodge

Chum (Dog) Salmon

Excellent from mid-June until late July. Fish average 10lbs and are exceptional fighters.



Other Species

Rainbow Trout

Fishing is excellent all season long. Fishing in front of the lodge is particularly good during the spring and autumn.


Good fishing is from late May to early July when they congregate to feed on salmon smolts and again in the autumn when they move into rivers to feed on sockeye eggs.

Dolly Varden

As the mature fish return to their home stream to spawn and feed in August and September, most coastal streams in Alaska provide good fishing for Dolly Varden


It is not uncommon to catch 18 to 20 inch specimens in our home pool in front of the lodge. Grayling are almost always willing to come up for a dry fly, making them a delight to catch on a light fly rod.


Pike weighing up to 30 pounds have been caught by anglers fishing at Royal Coachman Lodge. They love mouse patterns and have one of the most aggressive topwater strikes in freshwater. They can be caught throughout the fishing season.


Accommodation & Living

The Royal Coachman consists of a number of single and twin-bed wooden cabins equipped with log-burning stoves.   Rooms are simple but comfortable and with enough space to call your own they offer a much higher standard of accommodation than would typically be found at the tent camps.  Bathrooms are all attached to the main living areas.  Food has always been a focus at the lodge and you can always expert excellent cuisine during your stay.


Guides & Fishing Rotation

The Royal Coachman has always benefitted from excellent guides, in part as a result of the Sweetwater Guide School.  All the guides, alongside being proficient boatmen, are very keen and enthusiastic anglers who will happily assist with coaching should individuals want help.  Anglers will be paired up and typically as a team of four, along with the guides,  deploy each day via float-plane, having discussed the aims, conditions and best available options the night before.   The Royal Coachman offers a varied fishing schedule, typically fishing a different river or section of the river each day. 








Getting to the Lodge

Anglers fly into Anchorage where it is recommended you spend a night's to help adjust to the time difference. From there you take a scheduled flight to Dillingham followed by a vehicle journey and finally catch the floatplane to the lodge.   It is also recommended you overnight in Anchorage on the return to offset any potential issues resulting from poor flying conditions.


Royal Coachman Itinerary


-Arrive Anchorage
-Overnight Anchorage
(Hotel not included)

Day 1

-Fly Anchorage-Dillingham (Pen Air)
-Lodge transfer bus to Aleknagik
-Floatplane transfer to lodge

Day 2-7

-6 Full days fishing

Day 8

-Floatplane to Aleknagik
-Lodge transfer to Dillingham
-Fly Dillingham-Anchorage
-Overnight Hotel in Anchorage

Always confirm domestic flight schedules prior to booking international flights. A night in Anchorage on arrival and departure is strongly recommened


Availability and Pricing for the 2021 Season


The season runs from June to early October. Weeks run Sunday to Sunday.


$10,250 US Dollars. Group discounts for 4 rods or more are available-please enquire for details

Package Includes

- Seven (x7) nights.
- Six (x6) days guided fly fishing (Sunday to Sunday).
- Price includes accommodation (based on double occupancy).
- Round trip floatplane transportation from Dillingham to lodge.
- All meals and soft drinks.
- All local and state taxes.
- Appropriate fishing licenses (except King salmon stamps).
- Free fishing flies.


Price does not include Anchorage-Dillingham flights, King salmon stamps, alcohol or gratuities. Lodge can cater to private groups of up to 12 people. We are happy to arrange your travel should you so require.

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