Fishing for Giant Peacock Bass in the Amazon Jungle

Located in a remote part of Eastern Colombia, the region known as the Matavéni forest is considered a transition zone between the great jungles of the Amazon to the south and the extensive savannas of the Orinoco to the north and east. It is characterized by its sweeping plains, tropical jungles and great rivers. This area is of special biological interest, not only because of its position geographically, but because of its incredible state of conservation, with less than 5% of the total surface transformed into agricultural areas or otherwise deforested. This is a place to hear the sounds of birds and take in beautiful landscapes while sharing the river with giant river otter and Amazon river dolphin, or boto. It is also home to many indigenous communities living in harmony with the forest.


The Area

The Colombian province of Vichada is located in eastern Colombia and is characterized by sweeping plains, tropical jungles and great rivers. The region known as the Matavén forest is considered a transition zone between the great jungles of the Amazon to the south and the extensive savannas of the Orinoco to the north and east. With less than 5% of the area taken up for agriculture and home to many indigenous communities it is a truly pristine environment to appreciate and explore


The Fishing

The Mataven is arguably one of the best and most exclusive rivers for Speckled or Three Bar Peacock Bass in the world.  On an average week, 20-30 Peacock Bass over 15 lb are landed and released and with prime water conditions that figure might be closer to 50.   20lb fish are laned with relatively frequency and whilst the 30lb mark has not been broken indications are that it will not be achieved before long.  Over the 2022 season the largest fish was 93 cm which is a veritable monster!   Each week is of course different but reasonable action can be expected all day with the smaller but hard-fighting Orinoco Peacock Bass being abundant and great sport on smaller 8 weights and poppers. Then of course there are the Payara, Piranha, Catfish, and other smaller exotics species!


The River

The Rio Matavén has established itself as one of THE locations to fish for trophy Peacock Bass and was the holder of the IGFA world record for speckled Peacock Bass (Cichla temensis) for a number of years, as well as maintaining various tippet world records.   In conjunction with the indigenous Piaroa community there are special sport fishing regulations in place to protect it and maintain the area. Summer-time in this region is from January-April when the river drops and creates the best fishing conditions. With access to just 10 anglers each week with a mandatory period of 9 days between each group it ensures that the river and the fishing remains very well rested.


Accommodation & Food at Rio Mataven

Accommodation and living at Rio Mataven is simple and straightforward.   Set away from the dense jungle on the sandy banks of the river is a thatched structure under which are individual 4-person tents.  They are kitted out with a cot bed with mattress, sheets, pillows and towels as well as having an electrical supply to run both a fan and allow you to charge electrical items.   Each day the camp and tents are impeccably cleaned.

A larger screened common area is used for breakfast and dinner where guests are served a mix of both local and international cuisine, with fresh fish a speciality.  Hammocks are set up for relaxing, showers are fed using the river water and there is even a flushing loo.   It is very much camping but with a degree of comfort to make it enjoyable even if it is not luxurious.



There will be a mixture of well-trained indigenous guides who are supported by English speaking Nortn American fishing guides.  This is a joint collaboration to both support the local communities with sustainable employment.  Each pair of anglers will have a dedicated guide and captain per canoe


Trip Logistics

As well as being an incredible fishing adventure the itinerary means that you have reasonable time to experience more of Columbia than what can sometimes be a flash visit.  Anglers fly in to Bogota where they overnight before taking a domestic flight to Puerto Inirida.   The following day anglers travel by transport boat on the Inirida River to the mouth of the Mataven where they will meet guides from the indigenous communities and travel 4-6 hrs upriver top the lower or upper camps respectively.  Anglers will have 6 full days of fishing before retracing their steps with an overnight in Puerto Inirida and Bogota with ample time to explore along the way


  • I have been doing some adventurous fly fishing trips around the world, but this trip to Rio Mataven certainly was extraordinary. We ended up in the middle of nowhere with a great camp and fantastic fishing of the most spectacular species. This was a trip that I really can recommend! Krister -Sweden -Feb 2023

  • For me this was a trip of a lifetime. A quite incredible experience. Thank you. Gunnar -Iceland Mar 2023


12 Day /11 Night Itinerary

Day 1

-Fly into Bogota
-Overnight Bogota
(hotel not included)

Day 2

-Domestic Flight to Puerto Inírida
-Overnight Puerto Inírida
(hotel included)

Day 3

-Boat Transfer to mouth of Mataven
-Canoe Transfer to Camp

Day 4-9

-6 Full days guided fishing

Day 10

-Depart Camp to Puerto Inírida
-Stop en route with indigenous local community
-Overnight Puerto Inírida

Day 11

-1/2 Day free at Puerto Inírida
-Domestic flight to Bogota
-International flight not before 7pm


2024 Rates




$5,250 USD/angler

Package Includes:

-Individual accommodation at camp
-Shared guide / pair of anglers
-Inclusive meals whilst at camp
-Hotel accommodation in Puerto Inirida
-Return domestic flight from Bogota to Puerto Inirida

Package Excludes:

-International flights
-Overnight in Bogota ($150)
-Meals & Drinks in Bogota
-Rental Tackle & Flies
-Overweight Luggage
-Beer or alcohol

Best Time To Go

For the 2023 season we will be operating just 4 weeks from Late Jan to early March over what should be the best and most reliable weeks of the season


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