Located in the North-Western corner of the Brazilian Amazon, this is a truly remarkable trip that will take you deep into the jungle in search of the largest species of Peacock Bass with monster fish over 20lbs regularly caught.   The Rio Marie is a graceful ‘black-water’ river that snakes in endless meandering curves.  Over 500 miles from Manaus, the ‘heart of the Amazon’ you are nevertheless treated to a spectacular example of logistical prowess, staying on the most comfortable and sustainable mother boat in operation in the Amazon.  


The Area

The Rio Marié sources near the Colombian border. It is a tributary of the upper Rio Negro. The Rio Negro basin is the largest drainage of "black" water in the world, with approximately 710,000 km² of land and is currently one of the most preserved regions in the Amazon, with less than 0.5 % of deforestation.

The Rio Marie is entirely located inside a far-reaching Indigenous Territory and approximately 500 miles northwest from Manaus, which is the operation's base point and the most important city in the Brazilian Amazon. The fishing operation utilizes an area of more than 2 million hectares. This untouched environment has more than 800 kilometers of rivers, more than 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries. Plenty of water to keep us busy chasing fish that rarely will see humans and anglers.



The Fishing

The Rio Marie is one of the Amazon rivers where you can consistently expect to catch the very largest species of Peacock Bass, the ‘Three Bar’ or Temensis.  Brutally powerful, but yet with characteristics that make it a discerning quarry it is a fish that will play with your skills and techniques as much as its strength will test your rod and tackle.  Naturally, like the other fisheries within the Amazon, it is by no means the only species with the smaller but more plentiful Butterfly providing consistent action on a fly rod alongside Piranha, dogfish, catfish amongst other.

In the shallow lagoons and over sandbars sight-fishing is possible and with the right conditions the fishing can be truly spectacular, stalking pairs of 20lb fish which will play with your mind, your skills and patience.  The satisfaction when success is achieved is as memorable for the chase as much as the fight, and to put the fight in perspective, 60lb tippet is the recommended leader strength for these monsters!  Using poppers is extraordinarily exciting whilst streamers are the regular option for both ‘Three Bar’ and the prolific and aggressive Butterfly.

The bulk of your fishing is from the skiffs, with both anglers casting at the same time.  Depending on the water height there may also be opportunities to fish from the bank, sometimes sight-fishing.


A Typical Day

Anglers depart after breakfast at 8am and from the mother-boat will travel to their designated zone for the day, a mixture of lagoons, creeks, inlets or similar holding areas, typically just off the main stem of the river. Typically journey time will be anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour, however as the mother-boat as often as not moves mooring 3 or 4 times a week, or indeed every day depending on the conditions, the return trip can be quite different-although typically shorter. Ideally equipped with rods with float, intermediate and sink lines, each pair of anglers will explore all the available opportunities, guides sometimes helping in the search using hookless teasers on small bait-casting rods.  Lunch is taken on the water, sometimes packed and on other occasions a shore lunch and barbecue with the rest of the team.  Taking opportune dips in the river at any stage of the day is a fabulous way to cool down and re-energise.  Typically at 5pm all the skiffs will make their way back to the mother-boat.


Guides & River Transport

Pairs of anglers fish on specifically designed skiffs, equipped with 90HP engines and front mounted electric motors for use whilst fishing.  The skiffs have been elongated to allow for two very spacious casting platforms, at the front and rear, allowing two anglers to easily fish at the same time.  Each skiff has a skilled and knowledgeable English-speaking guide, typically Brazilian or Mexican, alongside a native guide.  This  ensures guests benefit from a combination of angling expertise as well as the best native river knowledge. 


Accommodation & Food on Untamed Amazon

The Untamed Amazon is the very first vessel in the entire Amazon with 100% Solar Power Generation for all electricity use. The system has 96 state of art German solar panels generators and a modern battery system for solar power generation. The Untamed Amazon is an audacious project, which brings a new concept in boat design that changes the current fishing vessel standards. All boat space was planned to promote a unique and remarkable experience.

The Untamed Amazon has 3 floors. The Main floor has 8 comfortable suites with 18sq meters each. Each Suite sets a new standard in space and amenities for a fishing vessel. Each suite accommodates two people, in super single beds with private bathroom, air conditioning and plenty of space for clothes storage. The upper floor is the place for relaxing after your fishing day comprising of an open plan living and dining room where drinks and appetizers are served as well  as two big Jacuzzis for up to 10 people and a rear facing balcony.


You can expect food of the highest quality throughout your week, a combination of Brazilian and western dishes including fish caught from the boat.  Alcoholic drinks are available without charge and there is a reasonable supply of assorted spirits and cocktails on request.


Untamed Angling & The Indigenous Communities

The trip is run by Untamed Angling who are unquestionably the most proficient Jungle Camp operator in existence.  Their unparalleled knowledge, logistical organisation and co-operation/partnership with the  communities within which they work make it appear as if the trips they run are effortless!  A few questions behind the scenes will confirm to the inquisitive that running operations of this calibre in such a remote environment is an extraordinary logistical undertaking.  The Rio Marie is an award winning collaboration between Untamed Angling the Brazilian authorities and the indigenous communities which promotes sustainability, research, conservation and local culture and is unquestionably one of the reasons why this is one of the most preserved regions of the Amazon.  Your $$ are going towards more than just a unique, fabulous and unforgettable fishing trip.


Getting to Rio Marie

Anglers typically fly via Sau Paulo to Manaus where they will be collected and taken to the Juma Opera hotel directly adjacent the imposing Amazonas Opera House.   Extremely comfortable this provides a fantastic stopping off point before embarking on the final leg of your jungle adventure.  The following day you will be transferred the short drive top the domestic airfield and the final journey via floatplane directly to the mooring point of the mother-boat.  On the return leg guests typically spend a final night at the Juma Opera before flying home.

  • My recent visit to the Rio Marie surpassed my very high expectations. I say this because the combination of great fishing, replete lodging comfort and cusine, passionate and skilled Captains, helpful native guides and Mothership staff all made for an incredibly memorable experience! There are few angling opportunities comparable to being connected to a 20lb plus Peacock Bass in its pristine Amazon habitat. Untamed Angling makes this possible with the same thoughtful planning and logistical mastery that allows their angler clientele to pursue other unique species such as Golden Dorado in Bolivia, Piraracu at their floating Brazilian rain forest lodge and two other multi species lodge destinations in the Amazon at Kendjam and Xingu. I have been blessed to enjoy 4 of these 5 lodge offerings so far...and I greatly look forward to fishing the 5th next year! Sept 2022

    Jeff Harkavy

  • This was a totally incredible experience. Out of this world. Despite being totally new to this sort of fly-fishing I was able to catch a fantastic and memorable Peacock Bass as well as many many Butterfly Peacock's. The boat was amazing and had all the creature comforts a lady could wish for- Hideko -Japan - Sept 2022


Day 1

Arrive Manaus via Sao Paulo
Overnight Jump Opera Hotel

Day 2

Transfer from Manaus to Rio Marie
Briefing, kit prep & rest day on arrival

Day 3-8

6 Full days guided fishing

Day 9

Depart Untamed Amazon to Manaus
Overnight Juma Opera Hotel if required


2023 Season Rates


Early September - end of February


-Angler rate double occupancy $7,325USD
-Non-angler rate $4,980 USD
-Private Room $750/person based on availability
-Single angler rate $11,680 USD /person

-Late season Prog from Jan-Feb $5,250+$600 domestic flights

-Additional cost of Native Fee $670USD

Number of Anglers

Max 12

Package Includes

-Shared guide / pair of anglers
-Inclusive meals whilst on board
-Single night hotel accommodation in Manaus
-Return domestic flight from Manaus to Rio Marie

Best Time To Go

The season runs from early September to the end of February.  The main part of the Season is from September to December 


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