Private Lodge Bookings on the Grand Cascapedia

With the exception of Salmon Lodge access to the camps on the Grand Cascapedia is restricted to private bookings. If you are interested in fishing the Grand Cascapedia, as a group, please get in touch to discuss the options available.

Eastern Canada - Rapids


The Grand Cascapedia

The Grand Cascapedia is a salmon river that needs no introduction. It is considered the jewel in the crown of all the North American Atlantic Salmon Rivers. The very name, ‘Cascapedia’ is reflected in some of the finest fishing tackle on the market, past and present, and items that carry this badge of distinction wear it with the pride reserved for royal patronage. The ‘Grand’ is the home to some of the biggest Atlantic Salmon that grace the Atlantic salmon rivers of Eastern Canada. It is a river steeped in history and in terms of very restricted access to the quality beats it is on a par with the Alta in Norway. 


A Private Cascapedia Camp - Middle Camp

Middle Camp, on the banks of the Cascapedia is amongst the finest and most exclusive lodges you will encounter. Over the years it has played host to the early governors General of Canada, King Edward VIII, and Jimmy Carter amongst others. 

Middle Camp water,  is situated in the ‘Middle’ of the Grand Cascapedia and as such offers some of the finest pools on the river. Alongside the other private camps on the Grand Cascapedia, they differ from the outfitting lodges in the region, such as Salmon Lodge and Camp Bonaventure.  The water fished by the private camps is not subject to the lottery system in place that anglers are required to engage in to fish the ‘open access’ water of the Grand Cascapedia, which primarily, although certainly not exclusively, are focused around the upper beats of the river.  



The Fishing at Middle Camp

Although 'The Grand', as its name might suggest, is indeed an imposing river during the early season weeks of June, as it approaches summer levels it is a much more manageable size. Medium sized spey or switch style rods can be used to cover the pools and for the most part large ‘to the far bank’ casts are not a pre-requisite for success. During the summer some of the pools lend themselves to fishing with single-handed rods and dry flies. The Grand Cascapedia does not carry quite the same level of clarity of water as some of the other rivers on the Gaspe but in certain pools it is often possible to spot fish. A rotation will be put in place splitting the available water into typically 3 or 4 zones fished by the pairs of anglers. Although there is enough water for 8 anglers to fish the river in rotation, the ideal group size for a determined team of anglers is 6, giving reasonable flexibility to fish 2-4 different pools on each leg of the morning/afternoon rotation.


Guides on the Grand Cascapedia

Each angler will have an individual guide whilst fishing on the Grand Cascapedia. This arrangement, although unusual, helps promote local employment on the river, as much as it is useful in teaching anglers the fine arts of fishing with a dry fly.  The guides would typically fish a specific rotation so you will fish with different guides throughout the week.


Middle Camp Lodge - History

Pretty much all of the history of the Grand Cascapedia is contained within two very thoroughly researched, encyclopedic volumes, by Hoagy Carmichael. “The Grand Cascapedia: A History-Vol I & II”. Middle Camp lodge occupies a very significant place in both volumes; such is its history, prestige and standing.

It has played host to some of society’s biggest names with the lodge ownership being passing from one prestigious owner to another. Its history has not been entirely unchequered. Floods have almost washed the lodge away and parts have been burnt to the ground. A brief synopsis of the camp below:



Middle Camp offers nothing short of a 5 star experience. The main lodge building is extremely spacious with the rooms commanding grand views onto the river. Large king-sized beds and individual bathrooms are provided for all guests.

The lodge staff will look after your every need and your stay and can be enjoyed as much by non-fishers as the anglers thmselves. Dining is in a beautiful and historic building dating back to the 1930’s with an excellent and varied cuisine. Wi-fi is available throughout and there is a purpose built rod and wader drying room.

Dining Room & the Old Lodge


Middle Camp-Location

Middle Camp is situated in the midst of the best holding water on the Grand Cascapedia with access to a great many of the most prestigious and well-known pools, almost all of which have produced their share of leviathans.

The steep-sided natural-growth forests on either side of the river constrain the river within what remote and very scenic surroundings. The colours of the trees in fall is beyond spectacular but throughout the year the sight of the forest smoking with wisps of cloud is mesmerizing.


Getting to the Gaspe

Air Canada provides daily flight service between Montreal and Gaspé, Quebec or Bathurst, New Brunswick. There are two scheduled flights to and from each location daily however the suggested route is via Montreal and Bathurst.

Individuals are welcome to make their own way to Middle Camp but arrangements will be put in place to transfer guests following the itinerary below:

  • Hi Justin, thanks for your note. It really was a dream week. To see my dad, at 83, unthinkingly grab the single hand 9 ft 7 wt Asquith--which is a super light rod-- with a small Abel reel on it and then end up battling a 28 or 29 lb salmon was unbelievable. The rod looked like it was absolutely about to snap. Amazing. Even better was the final morning on the home pool when my dad and I landed a cumulative 50+ lb double! my 30 and a solid 20+ on his line just across the river at the same time. Just glorious. - Sept 2019

    Patrick Stella

  • By way of feedback, I should also tell you that the guides there are really excellent. Most fishing guides are quite competent, but there is a real culture at Middle Camp of the guides being a significant step warmer, friendlier, and very open to teaching. The system of the guides working in a team with a sr and a jr guide together really worked well I thought. My wife had never caught a salmon before, and they really coached her up, especially with the spey casting. Needless to say, after catching 3, she's ready for more salmon fishing. -Sept 2019

    P Stella


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