The Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado is the bully of the Latin American mid-continent. Behind the glowing golden flanks of this somewhat salmonoid looking fish is a ferocious predator. These fish are fast moving acrobatic and will sometimes hunt in packs of up to 30. It´s Latin name of ‘Salminus Maxillosusrsquo; hints at both its power and beauty. The ‘Salminusrsquo; refers to its salmon-like features and ‘Maxillosusrsquo; the powerful jaws. Do not let the streamlined looks of these beautiful fish belie their true nature. Sharp teeth and powerful jaws will bend hooks and cut wires and once on the line they are famous for there jumps and long runs.


The Rivers & Environment

The lodge and fishing is located in the Corrientes Province, in the middle of the Iberia Marshland, a 1.3 million hectare natural reserve, twice the size of the Florida Everglades. The environment is comparable to southern Florida and the marshland teems with life with over 350 types of birds, 85 mammals and 75 reptile species. Although Golden Dorado are more frequently caught in murky waters the Iberia marshland has a vast system of crystal-clear creeks, flowing rivers, shallows and lakes.


The Fishing

Powerful aggressive fish they will provide spectacular action when hooked on a fly rod, typically jumping acrobatically at every opportunity.  The clarity of the water should provide plenty of opportunities for sight casting, however of equal excitement is casting across a stream and having a Dorado launch like a projectile from its ambush place to take the fly!

In the marshlands the bulk of the fishing is done from skiffs, searching amongst the channels, casting close to any structures or vegetation where a Dorado may be waiting.   The marshlands drain into smaller and then larger rivers which allows anglers to stalk along the river banks, casting across the current and letting the fly swing.

Although Dorado fishing is in its relative infancy it would be fair to say that Pira Lodge was one of the very first locations to put fly-fishing for Dorado on the world-wide map.  As such the guides have been unraveling the secrets of these amazing but ferocious predators!



The Lodge

Pira lodge is built in a typical Corrientes style enjoying spectacular panoramic views of the vast wetlands. Designed in keeping with local architecture it never the less has all the comforts of a contemporary hotel. It accommodates up to 10 guests in five spacious rooms, each with private entrance, bath, air-conditioning and two double beds.  The swimming pool, layout, and evening lighting create a magnificent ambiance to enjoy both an afternoon siesta during the heat of the day and the during evenings when the sounds of the marshlands come alive.

The lodge has wonderful cuisine based on a wide selection of local meats, fresh vegetables and wonderful salads. Each morning full cooked breakfasts are available, together with fresh fruit, yogurts, cereals and freshly baked bread. There is a well-stocked complimentary bar and a fine selection of wines from Luigi Bosca Bodega which are served during lunch and dinner.


Other Activities

Besides the swimming pool, which is a perfect place to relax out of the mid-day heat, horseback riding and canoeing can be arranged which is a perfect way to enjoy the spectacular wildlife. Snorkeling and night expeditions into the Marsh can be incredibly exciting ways to experience the environment above and below!

The wildlife around the marshlands is spectacular, ranging from Caiman to Tapir and as wide a variety of birdlife as you can imagine.  Simply cruising around on the skiffs is a visual experience second to none.




Getting There

Guests fly into Buenos Aires and typically overnight there before taking a flight from the domestic airport to either Corrientes or Resistencia airports, (approx 2 hr flight). The final journey to the lodge is by vehicle. It is possible to charter a private plane to Mercedes airport or to the lodge´s landing strip (weather permitting).



Typical Pira Itinerary

Day 1

- Fly to Buenos Aires Int Airport

- Overnight in Buenos Aires

Day 2

Buenos Aires-Corrientes/Resistencia
Drive to Pira Lodge

Met at local airport

Day 3-8

6 Full days fishing

Day 9

Drive to local airport
Fly to Buenos Aires

Overnight or Int flight as arranged

Arrival and departure days at Pira are fully flexible as is the duration of your stay


Availability and Pricing for the 2022 Season


-7 Nights/6 Days $6,550/angler
-6 Nights/5 Days $5,850
-5 Nights/4 Days $4,950
-4 Nights/3 Days $3,950

-Non Fisher -$450/night
-Full day fishing on arrival/departure day $750/boat
-Half day fishing on arrival/departure day $650/boat

- Single Room & Boat -60% surcharge

Package Includes:

- All food and lodging at Pira lodge including alcoholic drinks

Package Excludes:

- Ground transfers from local airport (Corrientes & Resistencia)
- USD$ 550 per way (up to 3 pax)
- Fishing License $50

Best Times to Go

The Dorado season runs from December to May with December and January being the warmest months when the Doirado are at their most active. Temperatures can reach 95 degrees during December and January with the weather cooling in March ranging from 55 to 85 degrees. Fishing is good throughout the season although the daily program does change to reflect the conditions.


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Dorado Fishing Videos

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