Norway, the land of the midnight sun, is also home to some of the world's largest Atlantic Salmon. Beautiful rivers, dreamy landscapes and a welcoming people make it the location of choice for those looking to pursue an ambition of catching a truly huge Salmon!


Background to Norwegian Salmon Fishing

Norway is home to what was probably the largest Atlantic Salmon ever to have been discovered. In years gone by, fish have been caught that dwarf the British rod caught record fish of 64lbs, and substantially larger fish have been found and recovered from nets. Today the story is no different with opportunities to catch some very large fish from a number of Norwegian rivers.

Although blighted by the parasite gyrodactilus Salarius in the 1970’s considerable work has restored the fortunes of the affected rivers.  Conservation efforts are also bringing about a substantial reduction in the numbers of net caught fish together with the implementation of catch restrictions.  The result has been a considerable upturn in the fortunes of some of the greatest salmon rivers and with opportunities present to catch fish of 30 lbs or more Norway is once again on the map.


The Rivers & Environment


Norway was recently voted the ‘world’s most unspoilt travel destination’. The area where we have focused our fishing centers around the Trondheim Fjord in Northern Norway. The area is a combination of heavily wooded mountainous slopes with a series of medium to large rivers sporting some of the best fly-fishing water that Norway has to offer. Most of the rivers are controlled to a certain degree by water supplies from Hydroelectric power stations, ensuring that they have a stable supply of water whilst at the same time providing protection from all but the most severe floods.




Norway has an almost unparalleled fishing pedigree, one that most countries would struggle to even be in the same league as.  Despite this the Norwegian government has been sadly slow in tackling the sort of issues that have led to a decrease in Atlantic Salmon numbers. Big changes are finally afoot, although moving the political and entrenched local mind-sets can be a long drawn out process.   

Allthough there remain many areas of improvement, steps are being taken, and maybe more importanatly, the recommened lodges used by WhereWiseMenFish, are at the very forefront of the conservation battle.   Supporting them is supporting salmon fishing across Norway!


Catch & Release is vital to Norwegian conservation efforts


The Fishing - Synopsis of The Available Rivers & Beats

Gaula River

The Gaula river is regarded as one of the best sport-fishing rivers in Europe. It is well known for its big salmon in addition to large quantities of medium size salmon and grilse. 

The Orkla

The fly-fishing at Aunan is some of the attractive salmon fly-fishing water available. Consisting of approximately 5 kms of fishing and 14 pools, this offers one of the most picturesque snapshots of Norwegian fishing in idyllic surroundings. 

Upper Namsen

Second only to the Alta in terms of reputation the Namsen has some truly magnificent fishing and fly-water. One of the most powerful rivers in Norway, it also has a reputation for providing some of the largest fish.





Getting There & Getting Around

All of the beats on offer are very accesible from the UK and from Europe.  Most are accessed directly from Trondheim airport and range from between 30 mins and two hours drive. There are direct flights from Stanstead to Trondheim, and regular flights from the UK to any destination in Norway via Oslo, the main international airport.  Fly NO provides a good low-costs service.   In most cases it is recommened that guests hire a car for the duration of the trip.  This will give provide added flexibility whilst at the choosen lodge.



Guiding in Norway

Most lodges offer 'light guiding' as standard. This is more akin to the services provided by a Scottish ghillie, helping place rods, providing guidance and making sure the beats and rotation is working smoothly.  Typically there will be 1 or 2 'guides' / lodge.

If you are new to the lodge, river and especially so if this is your first foray into salmon fishing in Norway, then it is a sensible measure to employ the services of a guide, whether it be by the hour, day or for the week.  His knowledge will be invaluable in helping you gain vital river knowledge, relative to the local conditions. Guides do however need to be pre-booked a good way in advance and are typically paid directly at the lodge.


Disinfection of Kit

in the 1970's Norwegian Salmon rivers suffered a catastrophic decline following the introduction of the parasite Gyrodactilus Salarius.   It is thought that this parasite was transferred to Norwegian Salmon via the aquaculture industry, passed on from Baltic Salmon, resistent to the parasite.   The parasite prevents Atlantic Salmon from spawning and as a result decimated stocks across a huge number of Norwegian Rivers.  The parasite has been eradicated in most rivers however strict disinfection procedures are in place.

Although it is not thought anglers were responsible for the transition of the parasite the disinfection procedures must   be rigidly adhered to, both on arrival and departure.



Angler Tips


1 June - 31 August


Most lodges have light guiding only. Book in advance if you want a dedicated guide


Most lodges will have limited river transport however hire a car if you want to get the best out of your stay.


Norwegian Rivers are typically powerful. Being proficient with a spey rod and being able to cover the water is important.


Will require disinfection on arrival and should be disinfected on depareture as well.

Best Times to go

The Salmon fishing season on  Norwegian rivers runs from June 1st to August 31st.  The first weeks of June often produces the biggest fish although conditions are less predictable. Most of the rivers start to get good runs of medium sized fish at the end of June and July whilst still retaining a high chance of catching one of the large ones.


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Norwegian Salmon Fishing

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