There is little to compare the Sea Trout fishing in both Patagonian Argentina and slightly further South on the Tierra del Fuego. The character and style of the fishing is unique. The average size of the Sea Trout is without equal; typically 7-9lbs and the real monsters are record breakers. The take is often ferocious and they fight with extraordinary power. The environment on first appearance is outwardly barren but the valley in which Las Buitreras nestles is filled with character and features combined with the ever shifting weather patterns and fire-red skies that will make you drop your rod in wonder. In short the Sea Trout fishing in Southern Argentina is an unforgettable experience that has people returning year after year.


The Rio Gallegos River

The Rio Gallegos is nearly 360 kilometers in length and has its origin in the southern Andes with two pristine and very beautiful streams, the Penitente and the Ruebens. The Buitreras section of the Rio Gallegos includes 60 named proven pools on approx 50km of private water. The fishing is exciting and varied with pools ranging from deep, stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. The river is generally shallow and the wading is extremely easy. Each of the 6 beats on the river has a very distinctive character.

The Las Buitreras stretch of the Rio Gallegos is amongst the most scenic and beautiful of all the Argentinean Sea Trout Rivers


The Sea Trout-Fishing

This Argentinean Sea Trout river is wonderful fly water that will reward anglers who approach the river and its Sea Trout with respect and understanding. Each pool has its own secrets and challenges and careful adherence to the instructions provided by the guides will typically pave the way for success! Nearly all the pools can be covered with a one-handed rod however a two-hander is often useful when conditions are windy or dictate the use of larger flies. Two anglers per guide are transported to their assigned section of river in a 4wd vehicle with individual beats covering 6-9 pools (depending upon water level) and are rotated each half-day.

The Home Pool is situated a short distance from the Las Buitreras Lodge and can be fished by guests at anytime. This pool is a tremendous fish producer and many fish have been captured by anglers who chose to forego their siesta!


The River & Environment

The wind can be very strong in this section of Patagonia. The southern tip of the South American continent is narrow and with the exception of the southern Cordillera there are no obstructions to break the wind as it sweeps in from the ocean. Believe it or not, this is a good thing! The prevailing wind is westerly and blows down the river allowing huge casts. The wind is nearly always an assistance as it keeps the surface broken enabling anglers to take large, normally wary Seatrout throughout even the brightest days. Normally the wind calms down as the sun drops in the evening.

The Gallegos has a slight "brown" tint and heavy rain on local tributaries or in the headwaters can color the main river quickly. However, the Patagonian summer angling season is normally quite dry. If it does rain, the river normally settles quickly and is even fishable in the interim with a great deal of color. Larger tubes do the trick when the visibility reaches a minimum. The fish are aggressive and respond well to the fly. Smaller flies and nymphs work well in low-water conditions and the river is best approached in lower light during these circumstances. When the water level is normal, the river fishes well all day long and the biggest fish can even be taken in bright midday sun!

There are days when it can be windy but equally periods when the river is like a mirror. Somewhere in between produces the best fishing conditions.


Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge

Las Buitreras lodge is part of a traditional Argentinean Estancia with a working sheep ranch. The lodge itself is comfortable with a wonderfully welcoming, relaxed and homely atmosphere. There are six twin and two single bedrooms, all with an en-suite bathroom.

On the first floor of the lodge is an indoor winter garden, a perfect place for the after fishing beer or glass of wine. Just outdoors is a spacious courtyard protected from the wind, where we have a large fixed outdoor stone grill and terrace for hosting traditional Argentine assados. These amenities provide our guest's space, comfort, and an at-home feel throughout the duration of their stay.

Meals are of a very high standard with a professional chef ensuring guests enjoy an inspiring range of both Argentinean and continental dishes. House wines and beers are inclusive.


A Typical Day at Las Buitreras

Breakfast is served from 07.30 and anglers depart in 4 x 4 vehicles for the river at about 08.30. At 13.30 it is back to the lodge followed by a large with lunch at 14.00. There is then a ‘welcome’ opportunity for a siesta with guests returning to the water between 17.00 and 17.30. The evening fishing session continues until dark where there will be a full buffet dinner waiting on return. During siesta guests are welcome to fish the home pool (5 minute walk), go horse riding, fine tune your tackle and casting techniques in the garden or just relax with a drink.

Riverbank Transport is by 4x4 Vehicle


The Fishing Guides at Las Buitreras

Every lodge rightly proclaims the abilities of their guides and Las Buitreras is no exception. The long-standing team are as knowledgeable as they are friendly and equally hard-working. Crucially they know their stretch of the river backwards. Unquestionably a key component in the success of the lodge and another reason why anglers return each year.   

Each session you will be picked up by your respective guide and taken to your beat where you might fish anything from 4-7 pools, all double-bank.   The guides are very proficient casters and will never hesitate to jump in if you need advice with casting techniques and styles to ensure you fish the river as effectively as possible.


WiseMenTip - Add On Trips in Argentina

Santa Cruz-Steelhead: The only run of Steelhead originating from the Atlantic Ocean.  The Santa Cruz is a large glacial river with a trans-fixing glacial hue cutting a vibrant coloured scar through the arid landscape.  

Glacier King-King Salmon:   Home of some truly enormous King Salmon.  Surrounded by the exquisite surroundings of Los Glaciares National Park, the King Salmon that have battled up the Santa Cruz are easily accessible with regular fly-fishing gear.

Eagle Lodge-The new Jurassic Lake:   The Rainbows that were introduced here just a few seasons ago are now reaching weights of 10lbs+ and are growing rapidly each season.  For 2018 WereWiseMenFish have partnered with Solid Adventures building a brand new lodge to fish the two totally private lakes.

Pira Lodge-Dorado:  Situated in Northern Argentina, the contrast between fishing in Southern Patagonia and the tropical Iberian marshlands could not be more pronounced.  Dorado are formidable on a fly-rod, known for spectacular jumps and exceptionally aggressive takes.




  • What can I say about the fishing that has not been said before? It is utterly exhilarating. The water is varied and always interesting. The sea trout are remarkable specimens. The brown trout are not to be overlooked. The landscape is bewitching and no-one could fail to be interested by the ducks, geese, guanaco, armadillos, skunks, foxes, rheas etc which are never far from the action.

    Tom Nelson - Feb 2020


Typical Las Buitreras Itinerary

Day 1

-Arrive Buenos Aires
-Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 2

-Fly to Rio Gallegos
-Drive to Lodge-40 mins
-Lunch & free 'unguided' afternoon fishing

Day 3-8

-6 Full days fishing

Day 9

-Early am departure from the lodge
-Fly Rio Gallegos-Buenos Aires
- Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 10

-International Flight home

Arrangements in Buenos Aires not part of the fishing package but can be arranged as required


Availability and Pricing for the 2023 Season


The season runs from January to mid-April.


-$7,490/Angler Jan - early April
-$6,490/Angler Early April-Late April

- Non-Fisher - $2,490 Jan-mid March
- Non-Fisher - $2,490 Mid March-late April

-Single Room $400

Package Includes:

- Seven (x7) nights.
- Six (x6) days guided fly fishing.
- Price includes accommodation (based on double occupancy).
- Includes transportation from Rio Gallegos Airport.
- All meals, beers, wine and soft drinks.


Price does not include gratuities or visa costs and any satellite telephone calls. Lodge capacity is 12 guests. We are happy to arrange your travel should you so require.

Best Times to Go

The season is from the last week of December until mid April. Local conditions play more of a role than seasonal variations and you can expect to catch fresh silver fish at any stage of the season regardless of water height.


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