The Langa

The Langa is everything that an avid salmon angler would expect of an Icelandic River. Glacial clear waters flowing through gorges, tumbling over lava bedrock, deep cobalt coloured channels, laddered rapids, waterfalls and gliding cut banks. With almost 100 named salmon pools spread over 36 kms and seasonally rated as one of the top 10 producing salmon rivers it has rightly earned its place as one of the rivers to fish in Iceland.


The Salmon Fishing

The Langa River constitutes classic Icelandic Salmon fishing with deep channels cut into hard volcanic rock. This has created fantastic pools and runs, many of which allow anglers to spot the salmon in their lies and as they rise to take a fly. Although the river in places can look quite wide for the most part the fishing is focused around the deeper channels where the salmon will lie in close proximity. As a consequence it is perfectly suited for a light single-handed rod with very little requirement to wade deeper than ankle height making it suitable for all ages and abilities.


Langa a Myrum - River, History and Environment

The Langa River has been heralded as a top quality salmon river ever since the early 1900’s when early British anglers first arrived to fish its waters. In part its popularity was on account of the strength of Langa Salmon; fast flowing fosses (waterfalls) cutting narrow streams into the hard volcanic bedrock meant that the fish had to be long and powerful with broad tails to allow them to negotiate the river. The river has been significantly improved since the early days with the creation of the Hatchet Foss salmon ladder in 1967. Once the longest salmon ladder in Iceland this addition almost doubled the available salmon water allowing salmon access to the magnificent mountain pools and highland valley section in the upper part of the river.

The Langá á Mýrum (Langá in the wetlands) sources from Lake Langavat which at 5 ½ square kilometers and with a maximum depth of 35 meters provides the river with a consistent water supply. The addition of a dam at the outflow of the lake allows for a regulated water flow throughout the season. This ensures that even during prolonged periods of drought the river has a steady source of water and makes it one of the most reliable rivers in Iceland during dry conditions.

The uppers section of the Langa above the salmon ladder and the river just below Lake Langavat



The Langa lodge is one of Iceland’s newest and best-equipped fishing lodges. Built in 1998 the new lodge Langárbyrgi (Langá shelter) is beautifully situated on a hillock overlooking one of the rivers typically charismatic pools. There are 8 twin bedrooms with anglers normally being accommodated in individual rooms (unless you are sharing a rod) all with en-suite bathrooms. A top notch and professional chef ensures anglers are well catered for with three full meals each day. There is a refrigerator for guests to use for alcoholic or personal drinks and the lodge has all the facilities that one might expect from a dedicated fishing lodge such as drying room, freezer for salmon and hi-speed wi-fi.


Langa Guides & River Transport

Guests of the lodge fish with a guide shared between two rods. The Langa guides are knowledgeable and all speak fluent English. They will happily coach, spot or assist as required with all the special techniques particular to Icelandic salmon fishing. Transport is using the guides 4wd vehicle and excellent access is provided to almost every pool allowing for all abilities and ages to fish the Langa with ease.

Top Producing Salmon Flies on the Langa

Icelandic Salmon flies are typically smaller than those used elsewhere on account of the clarity of the water requiring much smaller sizes than would normally be used with sizes from 10-14 being standard although size 16 and smaller may be used in very low-water conditions. Hitched salmon flies are very popular during the summer months and tungsten coneheads tubes can be very useful to get a fly fishing at the right depth quickly in deep fast flowing channels. The following flies in varying sizes and styles, double, treble, hitched or conehead tubes are amongst the top-producing flies on the Langa. A full range of Icelandic Salmon Flies can be found at http://www.salarflies.com

  • Red Francis
  • Black Francis
  • Blue Charm
  • Snaelda
  • Hairy Mary
  • Madalaine
  • Collie Dog
  • Stoats Tail
  • Sunray Shadow
  • Black & Silver Sheep

Anyone booking a trip with WhereWiseMenFish will receive a £40 voucher for Salmon Flies from Salar Flies or a selection of flies appropriate to the river



Typical Langa River Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive Keflavik Airport
Overnight Reykavik

Day 2

AM 16.00-22.00

Transfer to Lodge
Afternoon Fishing Session

Day 3-4

07.00-13.00 - Morning Session
13.30 - Lunch
16.00-22.00 -Evening Session

2 Full Days Fishing.
Timings can be varied to suit individual requirements

Day 5


Morning Session
Depart Lodge
International Flight

Transport will be arranged to collect guests from the lodge and transfer to international airport or overnight Reykjavik if required

Fishing in Iceland is typically split into 3 day packages however varied length or split week trips with 3 days at one lodge followed by 3 days at another are quite common.


Availability and Pricing


The season runs from mid June until mid August.


Varies over the season-Rates and availability on application.

Package Includes:

- Three (x3) nights.
- Three (x3) days fly-fishing.
- Price includes accommodation at Langa Lodge (Nights in Reykjavik are excluded).
- Includes transportation from Keflavik Airport.
- All meals at the lodge.


Price does not include gratuities. Lodge capacity is 12 guests during July & August and 8 guests during June & September.

Best Time To Go

The season in Iceland runs between 1 June and 30 September. The main run of salmon picks up from mid-June onwards with the prime weeks being from early July to early August.


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