Lake Thingvallavatn

Lake Thingvallavatn is the largest lake in Iceland, located only 40 minutes from Reykjavík. Thingvellir, where the Althingi, the Icelandic parliament, was established around the year 930, is a place of historic significance. The lake lies along the North Atlantic Ridge, sitting where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates separate from each other. Thingvallavatn is 83 square kilometers (32 square miles) and is deepest at 115 meters (377 feet). The lake's catchments area is 90% underground and the water from thousands of cold springs has a constant year-round temperature of 3-4°C  . The spring water is filtered through layers of the surrounding lava making Thingvallavatn gin-clear and easy to spot fish. Three out of the five species of freshwater fish found in Iceland live in Thingvallavatn; Brown Trout, Arctic char and the Three-spined Stickleback.


The Brown Trout

The giant Brown Trout of Lake Thingvallavatn have evolved in isolation since the ice age. They grow to enormous proportions and the tales of battles lost and won have made it one of the most talked-about trophy Trout destinations on nthe planet.  The huge and fertile water mass of Thingvallavatn provides excellent living and growing conditions for Thingvallavatn’s brownies which are different to other brownies due to their unique habitat. These extraordinary brown trout can grow to a weight of over 30 lbs, and specimens in excess of 20 lbs are frequently caught in peak fishing times. In Thingvallavatn, you never know what the next cast will bring.


Full Service Thingvallavatn Experience

In conjunction with our Icelandic partners, we are proud to be able to offer a full-service package that allows anglers to experience a wide variety of private beats on the Lake, all with a different character, but all with the opportunity to catch monstrous Brown Trout.   Staying at a dedicated lodge on the banks of the lake, accompanied by a guide you will be ideally positioned to set forth each day to your allocated beat.

The full-service tour gives you everything Lake Thingvallavatn has to offer and a little more.  Collection will be arranged from your hotel in Reykjavik or the airport, followed by transfer to Grimsborgir Hotel.   Each day your guide will take you to your exclusive section of the lake where fishing styles may range from searching for Giant Brownies in the deep crevasses of Kárastaðir beat on one day, followed by the stealthy presentation of dry-flies, in shallow water at Villingavatn beat the following day. Variety is key but all beats have the potential to serve up monster Brownies!  Fishing hours are optional although the 12-hour daily fishing limit imposed in Iceland is observed.   


Exclusive Fishing Beats 1 & 2

Beat 1 -Kárastaðir Beat -At the North-end where the Brown Trout's main spawning river, Oxara, runs into Lake Thingvallavatn.  The area is characterized by rough lava and deep underground channels and some of the biggest fish in the lake including a 30lb specimen caught in 2015.   The fish hear travel in groups and anglers can find themselves encircled by cruising monsters!

Beat 2-Black Cliffs - A shoreline in the Northwestern part of Lake Thingvallavatan and alongside the mouth of the river Moakotsa.  Anglers can wade far out to a drop-off along which giant fish cruise, hoovering up the goodies washed out by the river.  Easy wading makes it good for anglers who like to move around.






Exclusive Fishing Beats 3 & 4

Beat 3-Villingavatn - Located at the mouth or the river Villingavatnsá it is reputed as one of the very best Brown Trout beats on account of the fact that the huge fish can be caught on small nymphs and dry flies although streamers are also popular.  The beat is split into two sections, each one being fished by 2 rods.

Beat 3-The Lake - Lake Villingavatn, relatively speaking is quite small, but it is connected to Thingvallavatn by a small stream.  Stealth is key and wading is not required.  Casting along the weedlines with streamers that resemble the sticklebacks can entice the biggest fish!

Beat 4-Kaldárhöfði - In the southmost part where the River Sog runs into the lake.  It stretches south into Lake Úlfljótsvatn. This beat is known as having excellent Arctic char fishing, especially in June through August


Arctic Char

Although most anglers come to Lake Thingvallavatn with a fairly single-minded objective of catching a trophy Brown Trout the Arctic Char fishing should not be forgotten!  Char are exceptionally hard-fighting.  The lake has four distinct varieties which have evolved over the millennia to adapt to the varied environments within the lake.   The two main habitats consist of the main body of water where the fish are streamlined hunters, feeding off smaller fish and grow to 16 inches in size.  The larger, bottom-dwelling snail-eating char which can grow up to 20 in in length.


Combination Lake & Highland Trout/Char Fishing

Combining both the trophy Brown Trout fishing on Lake Thingvallavatn alongside the Highland Trout & Arctic Char fishing is an exceptional way to experience the wonderful variety in terms of species and location that Iceland can offer.   The Highland fishing program takes you to some of the most remote fishing areas in Iceland, where you will be exposed to amazing rugged scenery on the two rivers that are fished as part of this combination package.  A typical 5 day program might consist of 2 days fishing on the lake and 3 days fishing in the Highlands. Full details Here


Accommodation - Grimsborgir Hotel

Hotel Grimsborgir is located in South Iceland in Grímsnes, directly at the famous Golden Circle tourist route. It is a 45-minute drive from the capital Reykjavík and a 90-minute drive from the International Airport in Keflavík.  Surrounded by stunning mountain vistas and located on the banks of the beautiful River Sog, Iceland's largest freshwater river, Hotel Grimsborgir offers comfortable and stylish 4 star accommodation. 

Anglers are accommodated in shared accommodation as standard with meals included within the package.  After a long day at the Lake it provides a very welcome, comfortable and cozy escape from the best or worst of Icelandic weather!


5 Day Itinerary at Efri-Bru Lodge

Day 1

-Collected from your airport or hotel in Reykjavik
-Drive to fishing zone -45 Kms from Reykjavik
-Lunch at the lake
-Checkin to lodge from 3 pm
-Evening meal at the lodge

Day 2-5

-Following breakfast full-day guided fishing exclusive beat
-Lunch at the lake -dinner at the lodge
-Possible sightseeing options outside of fishing

Day 6

-Depart Lodge
-Transport to Reykjavik or the airport

-Duration of the Itinerary flexible. Please enquire for shorter stays or mixed packages -Different accommodation options available dependent on availability


2024 Lake Thingvallatn Rates


-15 April- 15 Sept


-5-day package, shared occupancy & guide-$5,600
-5-day package, single occupancy & guide-$9,950
**Please note rates will vary with exchange rate fluctuations


-Transportation to and from Reykjavik/airport
-5 days guided fishing
-Double occupancy accommodation
-Full board throughout stay and soft drinks
-Fishing License


-Fishing gear
-Wine and alcoholic drinks

Custom Trips

Longer & shorter stays are possible. Rates approx proportional to length of stay


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