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The fishing in the remote Seychelles atolls has, over the last 10 years or so, added another dimension to saltwater fishing locations. Whilst Tarpon remain the Silver King of the Caribbean, in the Indian Ocean the GT is the ‘Gangster of the Flats’ and the species that has really caught people’s attention. An apex flats predator with a bruising reputation and of a size and strength that splinters rods and dashes dreams in equal measure. Farquhar's credentials are far wider than a single species.  The inner lagoon covers a vast 170 sq kms. Between that and the outer reefs there is an abundance of variety ranging from the pernickety Triggerfish, Bonefish of course, Permit, Coral species of every size and colour, blue-water species and the amazing Humphead Parrotfish.  Regardless of the tide or the moon state, there is absolutely no shortage of amazing opportunities.

The Might Humphead Parrot Fish and a gangster! The in-dominatable Giant Trevally

Farquhar Lodge -Completely rebuilt following the hurricane.


The Area

Farquhar Atoll is the most southerly atoll in the Seychelles chain of islands lying just over 700km to the southwest of the main island Mahe. This remote atoll has a total area, including the large lagoon, of 170.5 km2 which is 18 km north to south and 9 km east to west of which the island land mass is 7.5 km2. The main group of islands form a long curve which describes the eastern side of the atoll. Largest of these are Isle du Nord and Ile du Sud, with the smaller Manaha gaps and islands between them. Further south is Goelette and to the open western side of the atoll lies the small group known as Trois Îles. The large ear-shaped lagoon provides easy access to the countless flats, channels and surf zones which make Farquhar such a diverse fishery.


The Accommodation

The accommodation on Farqhuar has been completely rebuilt and received its first anglers in October 2017.  Although the surroundings are still relatively bare by comparison the vegetation is returning at impressive speed. The previous guest house has been converted into a large communal area with a dining room and lounge bar. Guest accommodation is in three separate duplex style chalets with 2 bedrooms /chalet. The bedrooms are fully air-conditioned with an ensuite bathroom and an additional outdoor shower.  Rooms have fridges as well as a hot drink tray.  The previous open-air dining area by the water’s edge has been completely rebuilt to allow guests to eat and relax outside when the conditions are appropriate.

The lodge is equipped with 24 hour, 220 volt electricity and has a constant supply of hot water heated via solar panels. There is full housekeeping as well as a daily laundry service available. Clothes will be back on your bed and folded by the time you return from fishing!  Meals are a mix of creole and international food with delicious locally caught fish dishes as well as assorted meat. Filtered tap water is safe to drink however all mineral water and soft drinks are included in the price. The lodge has plenty of local beer for sale and there will be a basic selection of spirits and wine which are also available for purchase.

The new accommodation on Farquhar is of a very high standard.


The Fishing

Flats Species

Anglers can wade and sight fish to an impressive variety of species which include Bonefish, various Trevally species including the ferocious trophy sized Giant Trevally, the finicky Indo-Pacific Permit, Trigger fish, Barracuda, Humphead Parrotfish, and Milkfish and any number of different types of Grouper & Snapper. Farquhar is very well known for the sheer diversity of species it offers anglers, so whether you enjoy stalking Bonefish in skinny water, throwing crab flies at the colourful and charismatic tailing Trigger fish or holding your nerve as a large GT charges in at your fly there are typically a host of opportunities to be had.

Blue-Water Species 

The atoll rises from the depths and there is deep blue water very close to shore giving great opportunities for Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Wahoo, Yellow fin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Grouper, Bohar Snapper and Sail fish...all of which are guaranteed to show your backing the light of day!


Fishing Guides

Nowhere are guides more important than at a saltwater fishery.  It is their eyes and knowledge that will get you onto the fish as much as your personal angling skills. The Farquhar team is made up of some of the Indian Ocean’s most skilled, professional and approachable guides, typically from either South Africa or the Seychelles. Determined and passionate, they are committed to ensuring each guest on Farquhar experiences the incredible diversity that the atoll is best known for. Whether it be stalking pernickety Triggerfish, hunting down Giant Trevally, accurately presenting to Humphead Parrotfish whilst on the flats, lining up Milkfish, teasing in Sailfish or dredging up monster Doggies whilst offshore, the team has the knowledge and communication skills to give you the very best chances available.

They will happily turn their hand to any species but are at their best when allowed to use their corporate knowledge of the area to put you in the best place relative to the local tidal conditions.  Turn up with the correct gear and they will happily and expertly get rods, reels and lines set up to cope with the rigours of the fish you will tackle.


Getting Around

Anglers will fish Farquhar in pairs with a guide using the fleet of 5 x 17.3 ft Angler skiffs and 2 x 18ft custom built panga skiffs. The Angler skiffs have 90HP outboard engines. The boats have been specifically designed and fitted to fish both the flats and offshore waters of the Seychelles in comfort and safety. Each boat is skippered by one of the five world-class professional guides, all of whom are qualified skippers and speak English.  


Getting to Farquhar

Farquhar has a small landing strip with a weekly chartered flight. Anglers need to arrive into Mahe, the Seychelles capital airport, the day prior to the trip. From there you will fly in a chartered Beechcraft 1900 with a local flight time of 1hr 45mins. Timings and dates are subject to change so guests should always confirm prior to booking flights.


Typical Farquhar Itinerary

Day 1

-Arrive Mahe
-Overnight Mahe (Hotel not included)

Day 2

-IDC Charter flight to Farquhar
-Lunch, brief and kit preparation
-Free afternoon/local fishing

Day 3-8

-6 Full days fishing

Day 9

-Depart Farquhar
-International flight home

Please check the charter schedule prior to confirming international flights. You should always arrive into Mahe the day prior to the outbound charter flight.


Availability and Pricing for the 2024 Season


-Late Sept-early Dec


-US Dollars $14,200/person -shared accommodation
-US Dollars $18,190/person -single accommodation

-Surcharge of $3,900 for a single boat/guide when available

Package Includes:

- Seven (x7) nights at Farquhar Atoll
- Six days guided fly-fishing with a guide shared between 2 rods
- Price includes shared accommodation
- Includes charter flight from Mahe to Farquhar
-Global Rescue Evac Insurance $100
- All meals and soft drinks.


-Price does not include international flights, alcoholic drinks, gratuities, meals on Mahe or overnight accommodation. Lodge capacity is 10 anglers.
-Conservation Fee $175

Best Time To Go

The season is from October to December and then from late February to early May avoiding what is typically quite unsettled weather over January. Spaces are always very limited with only a set number of weeks available so please enquire well in advance for availability.


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