The location of the Jardines de la Reina, 3hrs sail from the port of Jucaro on the Southern coast of Cuba meant that access to the huge expanse of flats and mangrove islands was out of necessity by boat. The Tortuga was the original floating motherboat, centrally located and fixed on permanent moorings it has been the base of operations on the JDR for over a decade. With such a huge expanse of available water (the JDR stretches for 150kms) live aboard yachts were the logical extension to the Tortuga, as well as the other offshore flats fishing locations, specifically around the ‘Isle of Youth’, Isla de la Juventud and the ‘Kings Gardens’, Jardines de le Rey.

The options are now wide and varied, however, providing you are do not mind sleeping on the water, and all anchorages are carefully chosen, the liveaboard boat options do offer a host of advantages to anglers and private groups.


Liveaboard Boat Advantages

  • Liveaboard options offer immediate access to the fishing grounds without the need for any daily ground transfers or lengthy journeys to and from the fishing areas.
  • The boats may change anchorage during the week, depending on the location allowing for more of the area to be fished.
  • The liveaboard options range in size sleeping from 4-10 people in single rooms and more if you are sharing which can help further reduce the cost.
  • Guaranteed exclusivity for private groups.
  • The guides live on or beside the boat. As such they are on hand ‘24hrs a day’.  This gives much greater flexibility with departure and return times.
  • The standard of cuisine on the boats is very high. Dedicated chefs have access to the ‘queens gardens’ for the freshest fish and lobster you could wish for.
  • Many of the boats have options for Scuba Diving should you want to see what is going on under the water as well as on top of it. The diving around Cuba is spectacular.
  • As you will be in relatively close proximity to the yacht during the day there is the option of returning for lunch and a break from the midday heat.

In summary, you will get the opportunity to really maximize your fishing time, probably fitting in the equivalent of another full days fishing should you want to, all in a very well maintained, private and exclusive atmosphere.


Jardines de la Reina

The Jardines de la Reina (The Queens Gardens) is a huge expanse of mangrove islands, flats and interconnecting islands, all parallelled by a reef.  In total an area to the south of Cuba approx 100 miles in length.   The fishing is divided into 3 zones, A, B and C covering respective areas from north to south of the JDR.   Sailing time to the JDR from Juacro port is 3-6hrs depending on the boat.   This distance makes liveaboard options a necessity as it is the only means of fishing the area this far from the mainland.


La Tortuga

This is the only permanently moored live aboard motherboat option in Cuba. Fixed moorings mean that it only moves up and down with the tide. Large and spacious it was the original motherboat operation in Cuba and is very popular with pairs and single anglers.


La Reina

This yacht has been the darling of small and exclusive groups fishing the Jardines de la Reina for a great many years.   Typically moored to fish Zone B, alongside others anglers fishing out of Tortuga.

The yacht is 21M in length with 4 berths, typically sleeping 4-6 anglers sharing 3 skiffs.  Each berth is ensuite with 2 single beds in bunk style.  Rooms have power sockets, storage drawers and all have AC.  The large upper deck is where meals are served and a good place to relax after the days activities.

The size of La Reina makes it ideally suited to small groups and as such is always in high demand.  



The Perola is a beautifully refurbished yacht, with elegant hardwood fittings and polished teak fixtures. Perfect for a group of 6-7 anglers sharing 3/4 skiffs.  There are 5 cabins, all of which are airconditioned.   The spacious upper deck is where meals are taken which can be closed or open-sided depending on the conditions.  Undeniably one of the most characteristic of all the liveaboard options and typically in very high demand.






Avalon II

Commissioned in April 2014, Avalon II is one of the latest liveaboard yachts that is available for group hire.   Although the boat has a capacity for 20 passengers in twin berths it is typically used by groups of 10 anglers in single accommodation fishing 5 skiffs in Zone A or C of the JDR.

This is a large boat with spacious ensuite and AC bedrooms.  There is a huge upper deck with a central jacuzzi.   The 2nd-floor deck has a nice outside sitting, alongside the main dining room with a well-stocked bar.   Although Avalon II is typically booked in exclusivity the size of the boat means that joining groups and individual anglers is now more common.





Isle Of Youth

The entire Isle of Youth area is dedicated to a single yacht, Avalon I.  During the week you will move anchorages on 3 or 4 occasions allowing groups to cover the entire area as well as ensuring that the fishing pressure is light across the full area.   A great location to focus on large Tarpon & Bonefish


Avalon I

Very similar design to Avalon II with individual rooms for 8 anglers with 7 private bathrooms. Panoramic windows allow although excellent views of the surroundings.  This is also a large, spacious boat and well-equipped boat with all the facilities that you would expect.  Avalon I is typically booked in exclusivity although sometimes spaces become available.   


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