Cosmoledo has become known as one of the best Giant Trevally fisheries in the world and has become the benchmark for anglers searching for an outstanding saltwater flats fishing experience. Bereft of a landing strip or any on island accommodation it has remained pristine to all but the adventurous!

In 2015 accommodation options changed from the old Mayang Dugong research vessel to the fully refurbished 85ft catamaran, SY Lone Star, which provides luxurious accommodation for a maximum of 8 anglers fishing on Cosmoledo each week.


Accommodation - Cosmoledo Eco Lodge


Cosmoledo will have a single Eco-lodge situated on Wizzard Island; where nature meets creative, eco-friendly hospitality. The lodge consists of eight double/twin en-suite rooms with a central communal dining and entertainment area. The rooms are made up of custom designed, upcycled beach cottages and the communal dining and entertainment area is a large tent with bare sand floors; both of which are committed to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural resources of Cosmoledo. 

Each cottage can be catered for as a double or twin set up and has all the amenities and modern luxuries one can expect. From being en-suite to fully air conditioned, each room boasts a front veranda with a seating area and a well appointed outdoor shower. The rooms are tailored in fresh neutral colours accentuating the island and her ocean, drawing in serenity, outdoor adventure and a sense of becoming-one with your surroundings.  

The dining and entertainment area are equipped with all the necessary features to make your stay one of comfort-in-style, including an exceptional dining area and a fully stocked bar. Nature enthusiasts, divers, anglers, single travellers and couples alike dine together for breakfast lunch and dinner. A full house buffet breakfast is served between 07h00 and 08h00, lunch will be served in the form of a lunch pack or at the lodge between 12h00 - 13h00 and dinner will be served between 19h30 – 21h30. The chef prepares a mix of Creole and international dishes and incorporates fresh fish on a daily basis, with fruit and vegetables which are farmed in the Alphonse garden.


The SY Lonestar - 85ft of Luxury accommodation for up to 8 anglers


Skiffs and guiding

There are 6 skiffs shared amongst no more than 10 anglers with 2 anglers to a skiff as standard.  All Cosmoledo trips are led by a team of world class professional fly fishing guides who have amassed a very considerable amount of hard–earned experience fishing the waters of the Indian Ocean. Each guide is a qualified skipper, has first aid experience and is extremely experienced with regards all facets of fly fishing in a remote saltwater destination such as that at Cosmoledo. Their passion and dedication is infectious and rest assured they will definitely go the extra mile in search of your fish of a lifetime.


The Fishing

The species and quarry you are likely to catch on Cosmoledo is as wide and varied as any saltwater location but both the numbers you might expect to catch and size of fish are exceptional. On the atoll, specific targets are Bonefish, Triggerfish, Barracuda, and Milkfish. However, there is one fish that stands above the others as the species of choice targeted by anglers: Caranx Ignobilis aka Giant Trevally. Likened to a cross between a Pit Bull Terrier and a Jack Russell and with fish up to 130lbs having been caught on fly, these are an adversary like no other.

The fishing is by no means limited to the atoll. The surrounding waters are equally prolific with everything including Sailfish, Wahoo, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Barracuda and Bluefin Trevally. These can be teased to the surface on fly-rods and tackled with poppers and lures.

A moustache Trigggerfish

Giant Trevally & Bonefish


Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo is a roughly circular lagoon stretching 13 kms running north to south and 18 kms east to west. Vast, wadeable sand flats, dotted with islands of various shapes and sizes, surround the lagoon. During low tide, the flats are devoid of water, but once the tide starts pushing, fish move onto the flats from both the outer ocean and the lagoon. The water flow and tidal movement are considerable at Cosmoledo and is particularly evident between islands, which channel the water flow. This is the chosen hunting ground of trophy Giant Trevally, which feed in this turbulent water while waiting for the flats to fill. These islands are home to a variety of sea birds, including the rare Red-tailed Tropicbird, amongst others. Cosmoledo is also a breeding ground for the Green and Hawksbill Turtle, and it is not uncommon to see the turtle hatchlings digging their way free from their sandy nests and heading for the sea.


Key Fish Species


GIANT TREVALLY:   These are the most sought-after gamefish and hence the primary target of anglers fishing the atolls. They are fearsome predators growing to over 100lbs and will test fly tackle like no other salt-water gamefish. Giant Trevally, or GTs as they are commonly called, venture onto the flats on a pushing-tide, and are the alpha predators of these atolls. They are fearless and ruthless predators and will attack virtually any large baitfish pattern cast in their path. Once hooked, they are a handful on a fly rod and only the strongest rods and reels will subdue these bruisers. Being a resident of the reefs, once hooked, the fish’s initial reaction is to seek refuge in the nearest reef, making them a challenge to land. Consequently, any large fish hooked must be held away from the reefs and coral bommies at all costs. Anglers-wade fish for GTs during the pushing tide, and then fish off the atoll’s numerous islands once the flats are too deep to wade.

BONEFISH:   Are common to the extent that they can almost be forgotten! On Cosmoledo specimens up to 16 lbs (32 inches) have been landed. Most fish will average better than 6 lbs and at the eastern point of Wizard Island at Cosmoledo; most Bonefish will run in the 7- 8 lb range. The flats are ideally suited for Bonefish, which feed in large schools. Like many bonefishing destinations around the world, most of the specimen-size bonefish are oceanic and patrol the fringes of the flats in singles and doubles. Anglers who want to target Bonefish specifically can easily take 30 to 40 fish during the day.

POMPANO (Indo Pacific Permit):   Almost identical in appearance and nature to the highly regarded Permit, they are an equally challenging quarry on a fly rod. South African anglers have devised a particularly effective Hermit Crab imitations for this fish, the Permit Hermit, which has accounted for many Permit on Cosmoledo, Astove and Alphonse over the years.

TRIGGERFISH:   Cosmoledo offers great opportunities when it comes to targeting yellowmargin trigger fish. These colourful characters, that grow in excess of 15lbs, have extended anal and dorsal ns that work in conjunction with each other but in different directions, giving them incredible acceleration.

MOUSTACHE TRIGGERFISH:   A colourful and energetic feeder that tails when feeding in the shallows, both up on the flats and on the reef edges. Known as a giant, titan or moustache trigger fish, it is the largest of the three species that can be caught at Cosmoledo. The Alphonse guides were the first to develop the flies and techniques to deceive these fish, as well as to introduce trigger fish as a much sought-after trophy for flats fisherman.

MILKFISH:   Are algae and weed eaters and until fairly recently were considered virtually impossible to take on a fly. Techniques developed by anglers on Alphonse Island have unlocked the secrets needed to entice Milkfish, to take and they are now targeted almost exclusively by some anglers. Pound for pound Milkfish are considered one of the strongest flats fish, and once hooked, require a boat in order for the angler to stand a chance of landing one of them. Runs of over 200 meters are not uncommon and they often leap clear of the water during the fight.

BLUE WATER SPECIES:   If you tire of wandering the flats the blue-water fishing for Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin etc can also be outstanding.

More varieties of gamefish than you could ever wish for, all with unique characteristics and attributes


Non-Fishing Leisure Packages

Although previously Cosmoledo has been the exclusive prserve of dedicated anglers, the new lodging opens up this incredible natural resource to those seeking a blue-water safari as well as non-fishing partners who simply do not want to miss out on the incredible surroundings.

The lodge is fully equipped with snorkelling and dive gear as well as stand up paddle boards and kayaks that are available for all guests to use. Quiet picnics on secluded beaches, sunset cruises, mesmerising encounters with captivating marine life and experiencing the true essence of an untouched paradise, all in picture-perfect surroundings that will enhance every sensation.


Typical Cosmoledo Itinerary

Day 1

Your charter flight departs Mahé from the IDC hangar Your charter flight departs mahé from the IDC hangar, diverts to Alphonse Island and lands on Astove three hours later. The group is then transferred to the transfer vessel where orientation begins. The transfer vessel departs for Cosmoledo Atoll.

Day 2-6

Breakfast at 07h00, teams to be ready to leave the lodge at 08h00 for fishing. There is a choice between a packed lunch or lunch at the lodge. At 17h00 your team will head back to the lodge.

Day 7

Breakfast at 07h00, teams to be ready to leave the lodge at 08h00 for fishing. There is a choice between a packed lunch or lunch at the lodge. 17h00, your team will head back to the lodge. There will be time in the evening to de-tackle your gear with snack and cold refreshments so you are able to pack your rods, reels and fishing gear away in preparation for departure the following morning.

Day 8

The departure time of the transfer vessel and the plan for your departure morning will be confirmed with you at dinner the evening before departure day. You will be transferred to Astove by the transfer vessel where you will meet the Astove team who will transfer you to the airport. The Charter flight will then depart, and possibly divert to Alphonse, landing at the IDC hangar in mahé three hours later.


Availability and Pricing 2024




Sharing -$18,560 USD
Single -$ 23,600 USD

Single skiff supplement $3,900 or $650/day

Package Includes:

- Seven nights on Cosmoldeo
-Charter Flight from Mahe-Asove and boat transfer to Cosmoledo
- Six days guided fly-fishing with guide and skiff shared between 2 anglers
- Price includes full board
- Rod and reel rental
- Soft drinks and wine with dinner
- Laundry
- Includes return domestic flight: Mahe - Astove

Package Excludes

Price does not include international flights, alcoholic drinks, gratuities, ground transfers on Mahe, travel and medical insurance, fly lines and flies, $210 Conservation fee telephone or internet charges.
Lodge capacity is 10 anglers.


-All clients are required to submit “From Scene of Accident Medevac Insurance” prior to arrival.
-It is required that guests take out travel insurance that covers part or full cancellation of a trip due to flight delays, health, weather or Force Major.

Best Time To Go

Cosmoledo is open to anglers from 1 Aug to 31 May each season.  Fishing dates have traditionally been from October onwards to avoid less stable weather patterns that can be experienced outside of this period. You can have excellent fishing at any stage during the season. Weeks with full or new moons tend to be at a premium as the increase in tidal range and flow of water, in and out of the flats, benefits the GT’s that lie in ambush! When fishing for the flats species the opposite may apply. As conditions will change over the 6 days fishing you should always experience a taste of both and the variety experienced over any week is one of the major attractions when fishing in the Indian Ocean.


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