Fly-out lodges provide anglers with the greatest variety in terms of rivers covered, the potential species you can choose to fish for and how you fish over the course of the week. You will also see the widest expanse of territory possible, ranging from smooth coastal streams to fast flowing rivers and everything in between.

Bristol Bay Sportfishing Lodge has two float planes, bush planes when required, and a network of boats around the region from which to fish from. A family run lodge catering for just 10 anglers it is a very personal experience of Alaskan fishing.


Fly-Fishing for Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden and Grayling in Alaska

Bristol Bay is the absolute hub of Sportfishing in Alaska. Annual numbers of Sockeye Salmon entering Bristol Bay are in the region of 40-50 million each year. Of these a carefully controlled fishing fleet hoovers up a good number of these fish however the escapement, those fish that are allowed past the nets, is in the region of 14 million each year.

In real terms this amounts to a motorway of salmon running the rivers over the migration period, a quantity that Europeans used to Atlantic Salmon can barely imagine. Alaska is however about fishing for all the various species of Pacific Salmon and equally the Trout, Grayling and Dolly Varden. Each day, typically a different river or stretch you will have the option to target some or all of these species depending on the season, a veritable fishing paradise!

A Chum Salmon from the Mulchatna River


Lodging at Bristol Bay Sportfishing

 The lodge is situated on the shore of Lake Iliamna, the largest lake in Alaska and the third largest in the United States. The main lodge overlooks the lake and consists of both the dining table and areas to relax, even including a pool table. Guest accommodation consists of two newly made chalet’s, each with a pair of queen sized beds in each along with en suite bathrooms. There are 3 additional older cabins, all equally spacious, also en suite and with large double beds.


Daily Fly Out Trips

 Each evening the options as to where and what to fish for will be laid out to the groups, typically two pairs of anglers and guides departing to a particular river system each day. Flights might range from 15-45 mins to most of the locations with the two floatplanes being the main transport workhorses.

As with any lodge involving fly-out trips poor weather can create delays however there are several excellent locations within easy reach of the trucks and towed boats so you will never be stranded without the opportunity for good fishing. Jerry Jacques the lodge owner is the principal pilot who has logged a vast number of Alaskan flying hours alongside 5 years’ service flying in Afghanistan. He is meticulous in both his flight planning and safety.

Fishing at Bristol Bay Lodge is all about variety with chances of a wide range of species in different locations.


The Fish

Chinook (King) Salmon

The biggest of the Pacific salmon, they got their name by default. They are the ultimate freshwater challenge and once you have hooked a fresh from the sea silver king salmon on a fly rod it will recalibrate the way you play fish.

Coho (Silver) Salmon

The main run in Bristol Bay starts in August and runs strong throughout September. They average 10-12 lbs and arrive into the Bristol Bay drainage silver bright. They are both aggressive, chasing down surface flies and a fantastic fighting fish, especially so on a fly-rod.

Chum (Dog), and Sockeye (Red) Salmon

Chum are willing to slam almost any fly offered like a speeding freight train and can strip every single inch of backing off your reel and send you leaping for the boat in a single bound. They are faster than the speediest large arbor pick up and unable to accept the concept of QUIT... what more could an adventurous angler wish for?

Sockeye pound for pound are one of the hardest fighting and the most aerial of the five pacific salmon. The run in the Bristol Bay accounts for just under 50% of the world’s total run. Though at times coaxing a red to eat presents a formidable challenge, once hooked these acrobats prove it time after time. They are also the most sought after salmon to eat and the numbers mean that taking fish to both eat at the lodge or to take home, smoked or frozen is a treat many take advantage of.


Non-Fishing Activities / Bear Viewing

During the peak of the Sockeye run bears make good use of this incredibly abundant food source. It is very common to see them on the river bank and whilst guides respect the bears they, the bears, are typically far more interested in fishing than you are! For non-fishers there is the option to go on a dedicated trip to Brooks Falls, world renown for the spectacular bear viewing however the lodge is happy to arrange any different number of trips from kayaking, hill walking and specifically nature and bear photography trips alongside and or independently from the fishing groups.


Getting to Bristol Bay Sportfishing Lodge

Guests require to take the Air Iliamna Flight from the local air terminals side on the opposite side of the runway from Ted Steven International airport. Most hotels operate a taxi service which will take you there directly. Flight time to Iliamna is approx. 1 hr and from there you will be collected and driven a short 7 miles to the lodge.

Although it is possible to depart for your international flight the day of departure it is important to leave 4-5 hours from your arrival time back into Anchorage to offset any potential weather delays which are relatively commonplace in Alaska.


Typical Itinerary


- Arrive Anchorage
- Overnight Anchorage

Hotel accommodation in Anchorage is not included

Day 1

- Fly Anchorage-Iliamna
- Drive to lodge (10 mins)
- Brief on arrival

Flight is approx. 1 hr and is not included.

Day 2-6

- 6 full days fishing as per the weekly fishing schedule

Schedule arranged with guides the previous day however typically depart to go fishing from 8.30 onwards.

Day 7

- Depart Lodge to meet scheduled flight

Please note flight schedules can be affected by the weather. Tight international connections are to be avoided.


Availability and Pricing for the 2022 Season


The season runs from mid June- early September


Rates $8,980 USD/person

Package Includes:

- Six (x6) nights
- Six (x6) and a half days fishing
- Price includes full board accommodation
- Loaner gear available if required
- All meals and soft drinks

Charter Flight:

Anchorage – Lake Iliamna Return – Approx $470 USD


Price does not include gratuities or fishing license. Lodge capacity is 10 guests.

Best Times to Go

Each species of fish has a relatively defined and short season. The best time to go varies on which species you are looking to target. The table below outlines the various seasons however for expert advice please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

Chinook (King) Salmon

Best fishing is from mid June to mid July. Fish of 30lbs are an everyday possibility.

Coho (Silver) Salmon

Best fishing is from late July to early September.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon

Best fishing is the first three weeks of July. Fish average 10lbs.

Pink (Humpies) Salmon

Pink Salmon run in even numbered years from late July to mid August.

Chum (Dog) Salmon

Excellent from mid June until late July. Fish average 10lbs and are exceptional fighters.

Rainbow Trout

Fishing is excellent from late June to September.

Dolly Varden

As the mature fish return to their home stream to spawn and feed in August and September, most coastal streams in Alaska provide good fishing for Dolly Varden.


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