Agua Boa lodge on the Agua Boa River is the Amazon’s first and only fly fishing Peacock Bass lodge.


Fly Fishing For Peacock Bass

The fishery on the Agua Boa River is, without doubt, one of the best locations to tackle the magnificent looking Peacock Bass on a fly rod. It is perfectly suited to fly fishing. The water is so clear that most strikes are visible. Many anglers visit the Agua Boa Lodge strictly to sightfish for Peacock Bass, Arowana, Pacu and a host of other jungle species.

Fishing includes the three species of Peacock Bass: the Butterfly (up to 10 pounds), the Paca (up to 20 pounds), and the Temensis (up to 24 pounds). Peacock Bass are perhaps one of the toughest gamefish around. Their topwater strike is often so ferocious that the entire fish will fly several feet out of the water with the fly. Once hooked peacocks exhibit a savvy toughness unknown to trout and largemouth bass fisherman. A large Peacock is unstoppable on its first few runs. These fish are not for the weak of heart.

It would be fair to say that almost everyone that fishes the Agua Boa Lodge will return with stories of stripped reels, destroyed tackle and memories of giants that couldn't be stopped.

Typically guests fish two people to one guide and we guarantee clients at least ten hours a day of fishing should they so desire. Unlike some other Amazon lodges, the Agua Boa lodge operates a flexible fishing program.


The Fish – Peacock Bass

The Spotted and Temensis Peacock bass are the largest of the Peacocks and can attain weights of up to 25 pounds. These Peacocks are some of the most aggressive gamefish on the planet. They wander in schools of up to forty fish and feed together working bait like bluefish. If you can get your fly into the action, the results are spectacular: a ferocious take, a blistering run and numerous jumps are what these fish are well known for.

The Butterfly Peacock is the most numerous in the system and range between 2 and 8 pounds. Butterflies are aggressive takers and are great fighters and jump often.

The other jungle species are also well worth pursuing. The Arowana looks and acts a lot like a tarpon. They are very visible and provide exciting sightcasting. The Pacu, also known as the silver dollar, are a fun fish and can be taken on trout patterns like Royal Wulffs, caddis and flesh flies. In front of the camp there are pods of hundreds of Pacu rising nightly. Finally, the Pirarucu, the giant tarpon of the Amazon, reach weights well in excess of 200 pounds. These fish look and act a lot like tarpon, but are so smart that at the lodge they have not landed more than a handful of them. It is tough to describe the excitement of seeing them and trying to manage a cast to one.


The Lodge

The Agua Boa Lodge is located in one of the Amazon Rainforest’s last remaining tracts of uncut and uninhabited rainforest and is primarily a clear water Peacock Bass fishery. It is flanked by a combination of upland forest, flood forest and savannah with all of its wildlife still intact. This combination of pristine and varied habitats makes for both an interesting and scenic stay.

The lodge provides fishermen with an excellent level of comfort, friendly service, and sense of privacy in the rainforest that will make anyone feel at home. The lodge has a great porch with an eating area, hammocks and sitting area. Outside there is a large swimming pool, a bar area and a volleyball and soccer field. The size of the lodge is kept small to afford anglers a greater expanse of fishing water and to ensure that the atmosphere at the lodge is a pleasant one. Clients are attended by a friendly Brazilian staff and for those of you that have traveled on houseboats with 14 to 20 bass fisherman crammed into a small space, the attraction of the Agua Boa is a very obvious one.

The Agua Boa Lodge has the finest facilities in the peacock bass world. The combination of excellent accommodation, a limited number of guests and excellent fishing, means you will not find a better lodge in the Amazon.


The Area

The Amazon Basin is the world's largest freshwater river system and the largest rainforest ecosystem anywhere on the planet. It is a spectacle of nature and is an experience not to be missed by any traveler.

The Agua Boa River is a small clear water river flowing over white sand. The river is absolutely spectacular. In cooperation with the Brazilian Institute for Protection of the Amazon, the Agua Boa River is under permanent protection and is one of the few areas of the Amazon that you will not see another person during your entire stay.

During your stay, it is common to see a great variety of wildlife such as tapir, monkeys, manatee, river otters, parrots, toucans, macaws, anteater, sloths, peccary and agouti.

Brazil is a fascinating country to visit, not only for the rainforest but for the vibrant energy of its cities. Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas and is the hub for Peacock bass fishermen traveling to the Amazon. It is a city built upon the wealth of the forest and although its riches have faded since the days of the rubber barons, its history and architecture remains very much alive. It is well worth a day visiting the famous opera house and markets of the city after you have finished your fishing trip.


Availability and Pricing for the 2024/25 Season


The season runs from October to March


Rate based on Double Occupancy
- Oct-Dec $6.000 US Dollars
- Jan-March $7,100 US Dollars

Private charter flight $950 USD
Special rates over Thanksgiving and Christmas period

Package Includes

- Seven nights accommodation
(based on double occupancy)
- Six and a half days guided
fly fishing (Saturday to
- Includes transportation on arrival
in Manaus to and from your hotel
and the airport and private
charter flight from Manaus Airport
to lodge.
- All meals, beers, wine and soft


- Price does not include gratuities or Brazilian visa, satellite telephone calls. Lodge capacity is 12 guests.

Best Times to Go

For all species of fish the fishing can be consistently excellent from November through to April each year. During the season the water levels will change with higher water being experienced at the start and end of the season. The most popular periods tend to be around January and February although this is linked to the best times for anglers to get away and not just fishing conditions.


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