WWMF Hosted Weeks – Kharlovka & Litza Rivers

14-21 Aug 2010 – Limited Helicopter Programme $5,400 +$695 travel package from Stockholm -This week offers some potentially explosive fishing!!!  The Atlantic Salmon Reserve has not been granted permission to fish during the previous week by the Russian Authorities.  The camps will be closed form 7-14 August which means that all the rivers will have been rested for a full 7 days.  This is likely to be a very HOT week with superb prospects for anyone fishing in that period.

21-28 Aug 2010 - Tundra Adventure-Walking Programme $4,200 +$695 travel package from Stockholm- Full

Following the success of the reduced helicopter weeks on the Kharlovka, Litza & Rynda Rivers in 2009 the programme has been expanded to cover additional weeks during the season. WhereWiseMenFish will again be hosting a couple of weeks in August for a like-minded team of intrepid and adventurous anglers.

These weeks place you on three of the best Atlantic Salmon Rivers on the Kola Peninsula with a very real chance of catching a salmon of 30lbs and over. Although the Salmon may not be as fresh as those in June, August is the month when the big cock fish start getting very aggressive. Without the heavy water of the early season, you stand a very good chance of bringing one to the net. Of course, regardless of the month, fresh fish of up to 25lbs can be caught on any week.

large august Cock Salmon
Head guide Vasili with a large august Cock Salmon
Litza Waterfall
Litza Waterfall


My first ever visit to the Kharlovka & Litza Rivers was in 2002 during the second week of August. I had wrestled a week off work to travel to Russia, on my own, with little more than aspirations of huge fish. I was not to be disappointed. On our first evening one of our party of 14 returned having landed a huge fish of 42lbs. Over the course of the week another 5 fish over 30lbs were caught. The salmon chased down Sunrays, skated Bombers, 1 inch tubes and size 14 flies. In those days the camp was very simple; none of the sophistication that it has today, but it remains a most memorable trip for all the right reasons.

The introduction of a back to basics program where the red tape of restrictions has been lifted is quite simply a dream schedule to anyone with two good legs to walk with, a sense of adventure and hopes of leviathan salmon. It may not have the same comforts as a regular schedule but it puts a keen team of rods in the best position to have an outstanding weeks fishing.

The Kharlovka & Litza Programme

Guests will travel using the regular Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) flight from Stockholm to Murmansk(which is heavily discounted over these weeks), followed by a bus journey to the halfway point and final helicopter journey to the camp at Kharlovka. The teams will then occupy for 3 consecutive days each the Litza Tent Camp & the main Kharlovka Lodge. Each of the rivers will be split into three zones that will be accessed on foot by the various reindeer trails with helicopter movement being confined to the mid-week change over days, (although it might be possible to sneak an occasional lift on one of the supply helicopters).

Litza Tent Camp
Litza Tent Camp & the infamous ‘Tent’ pools
Chris Tarrant with a monster Salmon
Chris Tarrant with a monster Salmon

The Rynda Programme

Identical in style and format to the Kharlovka/Litza programmes with the exception that the Rynda will be split into two zones with the upper section managed by two teams fishing the Rynda Tent Camp.

Limited Helicopter Programme

For those who like the idea of the tundra programme but would prefer just a little less walking the limited helicopter programme in early August will be ideal. Each morning guests will deploy by helicopter but will make their own way back to camp, by foot, each evening.

National Park on the Upper Kharlovka
Low Water conditions at National Park on the Upper Kharlovka
The moment of truth
The moment of truth

The Advantages

  • Exceptional value – All the weeks are heavily subsidised and offer a considerable reduction on both the costs of the regular helicopter weeks and the charter flight from Stockholm.
  • Unrestricted timings – Although the helicopters add a certain thrill to any trip they do in turn limit your fishing hours. With no such restrictions you will be able to maximise the dusk and dawn periods whilst sitting out any bright and sunny midday stretches.
  • Sea Trout Fishing – Almost totally ignored during the prime Salmon Weeks the estuaries have some superb Sea Trout fishing opportunities. Flexibility with timings will allow teams to utilise the tides to best advantage.
  • Explore the Unexplored – The months of June & July are about the hitting the lower Rivers as the fish arrive. By August the fish will have spread out through the entire system and the vast majority of the upper section will have never been fished. This water is a goldmine waiting to be explored.
  • Unrestricted Movement - Although each team will be looked after by a guide this is a simply fantastic opportunity to explore like never before. Under his guidance you will have the ability to follow your instincts to seek out the fish wherever they may lie.
What Lies Beneath!
What Lies Beneath!
The Eastern Litza
The Eastern Litza-View of the lower river down towards Military Pool & the estuary

We Firmly believe the Kharlovka/Litza & Rynda Tundra Adventure Program are £ for lb the best value trips in the Kola Peninsula.

If you would like to know more about the trip, please contact us and we will provide you with more details. For availabilities, prices, pre trip information, booking form etc. please contact:
Justin Maxwell-Stuart with a Sea Trout from the Rio Gallegos River Justin Maxwell-Stuart

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