“In the beginning there was Jurassic Lake…and all who came were awe-struck by the wilderness, the size and the numbers of Rainbow Trout. But in 2018, WhereWiseMenFish in conjunction with Solid Adventures, the founding team behind Jurassic Lake, created Eagle Valley Lodge. All who came were in awe!” The Secret Angler-Feb 2018!



Jurassic Lake opened the eyes of the exploratory angler to an incredible and previously unseen fishing phenomenon, a place where the Rainbow Trout appeared to be on steroids and angler’s stories were the tales of hallucinogenic dreams. The very same team that introduced Jurassic Lake to the world, our old stomping ground, is proud to introduce Eagle Valley Lodge.  This amazing location consists of two incredible lakes, interconnected by a 3km long stream.   We have been monitoring the development of this unique fishery over the past 2 years and have seen the size of the Trout increase at a staggering rate with the average size now in the region of 4-5Kgs with plenty of larger fish around.   Both the increase in population and the dramatic weight gains of the fish was a fishing fable we could barely believe.  It was however enough to realise that we could not wait any longer and subsequently built and opened the purpose-built Eagle Valley Lodge in Feb 2018.



Eagle Valley lodge is situated in a private estancia where WhereWiseMenFish, in partnership with Solid Adventures maintains exclusive fishing rights over the entire area.    Other than the 6-8 anglers at the lodge and the accompanying guides and lodge staff, for the week of your fishing trip you can call the place your own.   In an area as vast as Patagonia this may seem like an odd claim, however as well seasoned travellers will attest, genuinely escaping the crowds is far harder than it might at first seem.


The Fishing

The fishing consists of two lakes and an interconnecting stream.  The upper lake is deeper with crystal clear water while the lower lake, connected to the larger by a 3 km stream, is shallower and more colourful. The fish are spread out between both lakes as well as along the length of the river.   This not only provides variety of location and surroundings but also offers anglers an array of different fishing techniques to try. Everything from skated dry flies and bombers, to fast retrieved streamers, have been tested with great results. Both lakes contain shallow sections facilitating wading and sight fishing, very similar to fishing on bonefish flats. With the biggest fish caught so far weighing in at over 8 kg we are quietly optimistic that it is a record that will be broken any number of times during the opening 2018 season.

Bring a backup - These fish break rods!


Fishing Equipment

Recommended rods for Eagle Valley primarily involve light tackle in the 5 – 6 weight range. Anglers can go lighter or heavier depending on personal preference but considering the average size of these fish, we don’t recommend using anything lighter than 5 weight rods. Fishing in the river will largely consist of sight fishing, where anglers will have the privilege of trying to target specific fish with either skated dry flies or indeed whatever technique they prefer. Good reels with a decent amount of backing are recommended, otherwise you’d better be ready to run.

Fishing this location does not require any difficult wading.  The fishing in the stream requires almost no wading at all whilst the lake has a firm bottom with no sudden surprises.

Dry Fly Paradise:   If fishing dry or surface flies is your prefernce then look no further! Stalking fish in the clear streams and presenting a skated surface fly or popper will have the Rainbows creating bow waves and they will hit the flies in explosions of water! These fish are hungry and growing rapidly and make the very best of any juicy offering. Get ready to have your adrenaline levels racing!


Accommodation at Eagle Lodge

A brand new purpose built lodge was constructed in February 2018 and was opened for the October 2018 season.  It is situated next to a small hill overlooking the whole fishing area and the exceptionally beautiful Eagle Valley. Protected from the Patagonian winds, it is located around 100 meters from the closest lake giving anglers immediate access to the entire fishing system.

The lodge has 3 guest rooms with 2 single beds in each room; every room has its own private toilet and shower overlooking the Upper Lake. The lodge features a shared dining and lounge area with fabulous views towards both the lake and the ragged mountainous escarpments beyond that border the lake.  A wood burning stove at the centre providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whatever the conditions.  Solar panels with battery storage provide electricity 24hrs/day.   Wi-fi is due to be installed once the necessary connecting masts have been put in place. Gas heaters in the rooms ensure that they are always cozy.  

With over a decade of experience running lodges in Southern Patagonia, we are avid proponents of the Patagonian culture with its authentic cuisine and fine wines.  An integral part of any Argentinean menu is an Asado (barbeque) and you can expect to receive an extensive range of delicious meals prepared by the dedicated lodge chef.   Whilst the lodge does not aim to offer a white linen service, it does provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to relax and unwind in with a fully stocked open bar with wines and beers.


Seasonal Variations

Oct-Dec– This is considered the best time to fish at Eagle Valley.   Coming out of the Argentinean winter, the water conditions will be at their best. The flow of water between the two lakes will be at a peak which maximises the diversity of the available fishing.

Jan-April– This is considered the Argentinean summer which typically results in lower water conditions in the river, however, this will not affect the general fishing across the lakes.   In terms of action, you will not be disappointed.  The Upper Lake can literally be boiling with fish ready to take anything from a dry fly to a size 14 nymph. This is a great time to come for anyone looking to combine some sporting options in Argentina as all the other fishing locations will be at their best, including the world renown Sea Trout alongside both Steelhead, King Salmon and Dorado fishing.  


Getting to Eagle Valley

Anglers should aim to fly to Calafate, overnighting in preparation for a post-breakfast start.  You will be collected by 4x4 or mini-bus transporter depending on the size of the group and drive to the lodge.  The bulk of the journey is on paved or hardcore roads.  The final  1 1/2 hrs is on dirt track however the going is relatively smooth and for any Jurassic Lake veterans will seem like an A road!

  • The most fun we had was of course fishing with dry flies and skating flies, and they work just as good in the stream as in the big clear lake. Even though we fished this area after the potential prime time and during really low water, we still got a huge amount of fish and they were everywhere. The average size of the fish was higher in the stream, around 7 lbs, hitting 10-11 lbs for the biggest fish. The clear lake had huge schools of fish and an average weight around 5lbs with some fish hitting the 8lbs mark. The potential for this place in nothing but remarkable. Tellis Katsogiannos-Sweden-2017

    Tellis Katsogiannos-Sweden


Typical Itinerary


-Fly into Calafate from Buenos Aires. Collected on arrival and driven to hotel accommodation in Calafate for the night


-Early start. Collected by the guides and driven in a 4x4 to Eagle Lodge. Fishing on arrival


Eat, Fish, sleep…eat, fish…..
Five full days of unlimited fishing


Fishing in the morning….If you still need a few more
Depart for Calafate around 10 am. It is recommended clients overnight in Calafate


Fly Calafate-Buenos Aires-Home

Please note journey times to and from Eagle Lodge are by 4x4 over relatively rough terrain and as such journey duration may vary. Tight domestic and international connections are to be avoided.


2018/19 Season


The season runs from mid oct-early Dec and from Feb-April


Mid January-Mid April -$3,990 USD-Max 6 rods
Nov-mid December -$4,990 USD-Max 6 rods

Package Includes

Six nights at Eagle Lodge & Five full days fishing + fishing on arrival and departure day
Price includes full board shared accommodation
All meals and drinks including wines a beer
Loaner gear available if required
Two guides shared between the group


Price does not include transfers within Buenos Aires, nights accommodation in Calafate or domestic flights

Best Time To Go


October to December offers the best water conditions but excellent fishing can be had throughout the season



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