Delta Lodge offers anglers the opportunity to fish for Dorado and Tararira, on both day trips from Buenos Aires, as well as short stay overnight trips. Just 35 minutes drive from Buenos Aires you will be on your way to this true wilderness lodge.


The Experience

The Delta Fishing Trips is a relatively new program located very close to Buenos Aires allowing keen anglers to tackle the fabled Parana River Dorado.  It can be difficult to imagine that within a short 35 minute drive, followed by a shorter journey on a skiff you will be within the shelter of a UNESCO designated “Biosphere Reserve” and amidst the endless labyrinth of streams make up the Delta as the Parana river meets the Rio de la Plata, home to the fabled Dorado!!  Trips to Delta Lodge are ideally suited as a compliment to anglers on another fishing trip, whether to Tierra del Fuego or Patagonia, as well as those visiting Buenos Aires for business or as part of a wider holiday.




The Paraná River and the Delta

The Paraná River, one of the most remarkable watersheds in South America, and an extraordinary ecosystem.  Draining from the vast Iberia wetlands, the Paraná River finally meets the Rio de la Plata, just outside of greater Buenos Aires.  Here the river breaks down into what is known as the Delta, and it is amongst this myriad of waterways, creeks, streams, islands and rivers that Delta Lodge is located.  Quite apart from the fishing opportunities, it is also a nature and bird-watchers paradise, the greater part of it totally devoid of human interference, the whole area a contradiction from the sprawling and vibrant metropolis of Buenos Aires.



The Fishing

Delta Lodge is co-owned and run by Noel Pollak, one of Argentina’s pre-eminent dorado experts.  There are few better individuals to help both novices and hardcore anglers get the very best from this incredible eco-system and in particular track down and master the Dorado, one of the strongest, most ferocious and acrobatic freshwater fish you will encounter.  Anglers can use both fly and spin-casters, all of which is available to loan from the lodge.

DORADO:   Dorado have only relatively recently appeared on the game-fishing agenda.  A migratory species they can be both challenging to target but equally rewarding at the same time.   Typically fish in the Delta range from 5-7lbs although guestss have caught fish of 15+lbs.

TARARIRA:   Another of the species targeted at Delta Lodge, the Tararira, is an aggressive prehistoric-looking fish that take poppers and surface flies like few others. Sight-fishing for them is the speciality. They are similar in size to local dorado. The biggest caught by our guests so far was 11.5 pounds.


Delta Lodge

The lodge is intimate yet attractively furnished and decorated.  Built on stilts it is a traditional Delta design ensuring it copes with the fluctuations in the water levels over the seasons.  Maximum capacity is limited to 4 anglers.  Guests typically share rooms, which all have a private bathroom. Single rooms are a possibility depending on occupancy and on prior request.

Part of the Nervous Waters chain of lodges, a quality lodging and dining experience is one of the trademarks with delicious meals celebrating the best of both traditional Argentinean and modern cuisine.  Meals are paired with some of Argentina's finest wines 


Location & Environment

The lodge is located less than an hour away from downtown Buenos Aires, on the second section of the Lower Parana Delta in northeastern Buenos Aires province. Few cosmopolitan cities have such an amazing abundance of wilderness right at their doorsteps. Due to the unique nature of this zone, UNESCO designated it a “Biosphere Reserve” back in 2000. This is where the legendary Parana River Basin, the second largest of its kind in South America, ends its journey and flows into the Rio de la Plata. Thousands of creeks, streams, channels, islands, and rivers of all sizes make up this extensive 90,000 ha ecosystem. In addition to great fishing, the area is home to incredible birdlife, so it’s a must for birders.



Why Delta Lodge!

-A true wilderness experience, surprisingly close to Buenos Aires. From the city center it’s a 35-minute drive to the marina, where you’ll be picked up and shuttled by boat another 35 minutes.

-Fly or spin-fishing for dorado and Tararira across a variety of water types ranging from small creeks and lagoons to larger rivers. Your guide and host, co-owner Noel Pollak, is one of the world’s top dorado experts who will provide fly-fishing and fly-tying instruction. Top quality fishing gear provided at no extra cost.

-A Perfect escape for those travelling to Argentina and passing through Buenos Aires. Spend 1 or 2 nights, or join us for a day trip. You will be picked up and returned from the airport or your hotel as per your itinerary

-Sightseeing opportunities abound. Ideal for couples. In addition to fishing, bird watching and kayaking itineraries are available.

-An Inspired dining experience, featuring indigenous and international cuisine paired with the region’s best wines.

-Exclusive post-and-beam villa on a private island surrounded by nature with a 5-star service and scrupulous attention to every detail. 


Day Trips to Delta

Your Delta Day Trip will begin after breakfast, with a prearranged transfer from your hotel to the marina.

After a morning fishing session and depending on where the fishing took place, lunch will be held either at the lodge or full meals can be prepared in advance and taken onboard. All drinks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic, are included for lunch.

The afternoon fishing session ends at 6 pm. Scheduled transfers return guests to hotels after fishing.

Lodge options are also available for those interested in an overnighter coupled with great dorado fishing.



Overnight Stays at Delta

For those staying overnight, appetizers and dinner are served at 8:30 p.m. and breakfast time on the following morning is pre-arranged with guests, followed by some more great dorado and Tararira fishing. Fishing hours will change slightly depending on the time of year.

Canoeing around the lodge area is a pleasant side activity. Bird watching is fantastic as well. Other activities include exploring the cultural life at the Delta, visiting museums, ecological reservoirs and restaurants, among others.



Typical 2 Night Fishing Itinerary

Day 1

-Collected from your location mid-afternoon
-35-44 min drive to Marina
-40 min skiff journey to lodge
-Appetizers and evening meal
-Overnight lodge

Day 2

-Full Day of Fishing
-Overnight lodge

Day 3

-Full day fishing until 6 pm
-Transfers back to Buenos Aires

Fishing schedule can be arranged so that you fish 2 x ½ days on arrival and departure and one full day in the middle


2021 Season


September - May


Overnight rate $850/person


Professional guide, meals including soft and alcoholic drinks, loaner fishing gear including flies

Not included

-Transfers from BA to Marina -$225 for up to 3 people


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