Cayo Cruz is the newest location in Cuba to be made accessible to anglers. It has all the saltwater species that you would expect to find in Cuba however where it has built a reputation is for having great numbers of good-sized Permit. They remain as finickety as anywhere but the opportunities are plenty!


Cayo Cruz

Cayo Cruz is the latest and one of the most exciting new saltwater fishing locations to become available to ardent fly-anglers. Located on the North Coast of Cuba in the Jardines de Rey, it consists of a huge fishable area that includes Cayo Paradon, an area explored by WhereWiseMenFish in 2012.  Bonefish & Permit are the main species on offer however over the peak period there can be good opportunities to intercept some migratory Tarpon.


Location & Environment

Cayo Romano and the surrounding fishing area is located on the North coast of the eastern province of Camaguey and comprises an area of 366 kilometers stretching from Cayo Paredon Grande in the North to Cayo Guanaja in the South. This huge area consists of an enormous system of exquisite hard-bottomed flats, lagoons, channels, blue holes and pristine estuaries. Alongside a lack of fishing pressure from fly-fishermen the area as a whole comes within the Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King), an area protected from commercial fishing for decades. More importantly, the Cuban authorities have rigorously enforced these restrictions and it is this that has given rise to the amazing fishing that is available today.


The Saltwater Fly-Fishing

Cayo Romano offers superb saltwater fly-fishing for Permit and Bonefish, as well as having Tarponopportunities. Expansive hard bottomed flats bordering deep blue channels make for visually spectacular fishing but also provide superb wade-fishing opportunities. Countless lagoons, islands and bays provide a diverse and interesting environment to explore over your fishing holiday and the number and size of fish is impressive! In 2011 the best Tarpon caught on a fly-rod was a staggering 160lbs. As the area gets further explored and understood there is no reason why similar or bigger fish will not be hooked on a regular basis. Alongside this are the amazing numbers of BIG permit in the 10-30lb range that cruise the firm bottomed white sand flats. Finally but not least are the Bonefish; sometimes forgotten in the pursuit of ‘bigger and better’: catching Bones on a light fly-rod is a perfect combination of challenge, skill and exhilaration. The average size is around 4lbs with good opportunities at both individual and groups of tailing Bonefish as well as shoals of up to several hundred. It is not unheard of for guests to land one or two fish in the 10lb range on an individual day.

Bonefish –The Houdini of the Flats and 160lb Tarpon caught in the Paredon area on a 10 wt fly Rod!!



In Sept 2018 a new hotel should be completed which will be in very close proximity to the marina, avoiding any travel time from lodge to skiff.   Currently, anglers are accommodated in the Iberostar Mojito hotel.

The Iberostar Mojito Hotel - In use until Sept 2018



The guides at Cayo Cruz are all native Cubans, most of whom are local to the area and know it intimately.   Since establishing the fishing at Cayo Cruz the guides have been provided with both extensive coaching from some of the most proficient guides in Cuba as well as receiving English lessons. 



Getting to Cay Cruz

Guests can fly directly to Cayo Coco or should they wish they can travel via Havana. From Cayo Coco it is a 90-minute taxi journey through the countryside to the town of Brasil and your hotel. Nights in Havana or connecting flights to Cayo Coco are not included in the standard package allowing guests greater options when choosing their international flight.


Typical Itinerary


- Arrive Cayo Coco
- Transfer to Hotel
- Overnight Hotel Iberostar Mojito

Transfers and accommodation can be arranged separately for guests who wish to arrive via Havana-arriving on Friday

Sun-Fri - All Day

- Breakfast
- Transfer to Cayo Cruz
- Full Days Fishing
- Return Hotel Iberostar Mojito

All skiffs depart from Cayo Cruz and depending on the rotation head to the fishing area. Average boat run is 20 mins

Saturday - TBC

- Transfer to Cayo Coco
- Flight to Havana

If travelling via Havana return flight to Havana and accommodation can be arranged as required


Availability and Pricing for the 2018 Season


Peak Season -Mar-Early July -$4,550 USD
Low Season - July-Sept -$3,000 USD


Single Skiff -$3,000-High Season
Single Skiff -$1,500-Low Season
Single Room -$900
Non-Fisher -$2,500 high/$2,200 low
Conservation Fee -$100

Package Includes

- Seven nights at Cayo Cruz-5 Star Hotel
- Six days guided fly-fishing.
- Price includes accommodation.
- All meals.


Price does not include gratuities, overnights in Havana, International or Domestic airfares or domestic travel to Cayo Coco

Best Times To Go

The prime time to fish at Cayo Cruz for a chance at the migratory Tarpon is from April to June.    July and August should have equally good fishing, however the temperature does get hotter and from mid-August there is a greater risk from the sort of serious weather patterns that can severley disrupt activities over the August-September period. From January to March you can have good fishing for Permit and Bonefish as well as opportunities for the smaller Tarpon of up to 30lbs. There is a risk of cold fronts from the northeast over this period, but Cayo Romano is well protected by the string of cays that shelter most of the fishing spots.


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