Camp Onka was established in 2010 and offers trophy salmon fishing on the Lainio River in Remote Swedish Lapland. There is now excellent accommodation alongside a good opportunity of catching a huge salmon!


Baltic Salmon

The Baltic Salmon is a geographically isolated group of the Atlantic Salmon family. Dating back some 10,000 years, melting ice caps created the Baltic Ice Lake which subsequently connected to the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the Atlantic Salmon to migrate to rivers in this area. Further down the line, the Yoldia Sea, as it was referred to, once again became cut off from the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Salmon were trapped. This isolation lasted another two thousand odd years, enough to irrevocably break the migration cycle and set the Baltic Salmon apart from the Atlantic Salmon despite retaining most shared traits and characteristics outside of its actual migration route.

The history of the Baltic salmon has fluctuated widely alongside its cousins in the Atlantic. Numbers have fluctuated and there were periods when it was thought wild Baltic salmon were all but extinct. 1998 marked the first year of genuinely strong returning numbers of wild fish and prospects have continued to dramatically improve, specifically on the Torne river system with 60% of the salmon running the Lainio river of an 70-80k annual average.

Visibly the Baltic Salmon looks almost identical to its Atlantic Salmon cousin

Although the Lainio river is wide wading is easy


The Lainio River

The Lainio river sources in Northern Swedish Lapland along the border with Norway. It joins the Torne river before flowing into the Gulf of Bothnia.


Fishing at Camp Onka

Camp Onka has exclusive double bank access to 9.5km of water including the famous Onka Pool around which the old camp was originally established. The fishing is split into 3 beats, Lipistokoski, Onka and Phatakoski on the upper, middle and lower beats respectively. The average weight of salmon is in the region of 15 – 18lbs lbs but a trip to Camp Onka is all about the opportunity of a truly huge fish in the 30-40lb range.

This is wilderness fishing with the only significant restrictions being your sense of adventure and your stamina. This midsummer week provides 24 hrs daylight where the dedicated can fish long and hard. None the less this is also an opportunity to enjoy the seclusion and wilderness that a week in this environment affords as well as the basic simplicities of a resourced but remote fishing camp.

Camp Onka offers 9.5 kms of exclusive double-bank fishing


Accommodation at Camp Onka

Camp Onka has migrated from humble beginnings with tents and not much more to a very comfortable Lapland Guest house.  Shared double rooms with ensuite bathrooms are standard  alongside good hospitality from your hosts with and qualoity home-cooked food.  A sauna and jacuzzi are available.







Fishing Guides

The emphasis on Camp Onka is on light guiding / ghillie service with one guide shared amongst 6 anglers. This helps ensure that the costs are kept at a minimum. If individuals or pairs would like extra guiding this can be arranged if booked in advance.

Camp Onka !- Overlooking the home pool

The Laino River, beautiful in its remote untouched surroundings and capable of producing some very large salmon!


The Season

  • June - The season starts on 15 June and this is when the big fresh springers will be making their way up river alongside returning kelts. Conditions at the start of each season can vary quite dramatically but water levels may be high with water temperatures from 8-14C
  • July – Summer begins from late June, early July and this is when the bulk of the MSW fish start to arrive. Fish average 15lbs but there are still good chances of 30lb+ fish. Water temperatures fluctuate from 12-18C and call for floating lines and small flies.
  • August – As the season progresses the spring and summer salmon which whose activity will have dropped off during the warmer weeks start to get restless, stirred up by bright silver Osenka winter run salmon who will also be making their way up river. Water temperatures from 10-15C call for floating and or sub surface lines with small to medium flies in the day and larger flies as the night falls.

Getting There

Kiruna in Sweden is the closet airport to Camp Onka. In most cases you will require to connect via Arlanda in Stockholm. Over a hosted week a hire vehicle or transport will be arranged to take anglers from the airport to the camp.


Typical Itinerary

Day 1

Fly to Kiruna
Met by a guide or collect Hire Car
Drive to Lodge

Day 2-7

6 Days Fishing at Onka

Day 8

Depart Onka
Return flight from Kiruna


Availability and Pricing for the 2020 Season


The season runs from mid June to late August


- Hosted week £2,000/angler-shared Room
- Hosted week £2,245/angler-single room
- Non-Hosted week -Rates from £1,885/angler

Package Includes:

- Seven (x7) nights.
- Six (x6) days fly-fishing.
- Price includes accommodation
- All meals


Hosted weeks Limited to 6 rods+ host


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