Tiamo: Spa Resort Comfort Combined with Outstanding Bonefishing on South Andros

A spectacular couples retreat combining exclusivity and spa comforts with some excellent under-exploited bonefishing flats, accessed a stones throw from your villa via the resort jetty!



The Fishing at Tiamo

The big draw of the Bahamas is the sight fishing for bonefish and South Andros offers some of the best bonefishing in the world. Tiamo has access to an enormous area of unspoilt and barely exploited bonefish flats. The lodge calls on a pool of local English speaking guides who have accumulated many generations of knowledge and experience navigating and fishing the diverse array flats and waterways that interconnect the myriad of islands, creeks and cays. On unguided fishing days you can just as easily be dropped off a mile or so from the lodge and patrol back to Tiamo fishing as you go. If ‘Bigger is better’ then take a day in the comprehensively equipped bluewater boat and tackle all manner of gamefish.

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The Fishing at Tiamo

South Andros -The Area

Andros Island is considered to be the largest unexplored tract of land in the western hemisphere, at 100 miles long by 40 miles wide it covers an area of roughly 2,300 square miles. Andros sits in the middle of the Great Bahama Bank and is flanked to the east by The Tongue of the Ocean, a deepwater trough that drops to more than five thousand feet not more than a mile offshore. Along the edge of “the drop” lies the third largest barrier reef in the world.(Hence the wonderful diving and snorkelling available within sight of Tiamo) Andros Island itself is riddled with innumerable tidal creeks and inland flats, all home to an incredible diversity of marine life. This environment has resulted in some of the best, largest and most under-exploited Bonefishing Flats in the world. South Andros has been named the ‘World’s bonefishing capital’ for good reason.

The Accommodation at Tiamo

Tiamo has had a dedicated following as a secluded eco-resort for man years. Situated on a private white sand beach all the cottages are within 20 yards of the water. In 2009 Tiamo came under new ownership and underwent extensive remodelling and upgrading. It now offers the levels of service and comfort that ‘non-fishing partners’ would not only happily accept on a ‘fisherman’s holiday’ but will have couples booking repeat trips every year. Each of the cottages is beautifully constructed with sumptuous linen and lashings of Caribbean charm. There are various styles of cottages available ranging from the secluded honeymoon Pool Cottages, complete with private Jacuzzi, to the simple Sunset villas, ideally suited to fishing partners who are likely to spend the majority of the day on the flats.

Tiamo: Spa Resort Comfort Tiamo: Spa Resort Comfort
Our Testimonials

"It was one of the best holidays i've ever been on and so special to be out there for Christmas with you all. I think the resort is absolutely fantastic and so beautiful"

"I spent most of my days fishing. I'm an avid fly fisherman, and Andros offers world-class bonefishing. The challenge for me has always been finding a fishing lodge that would allow my non-fishing girlfriend to be as happy as I am for a week. Tiamo is the best I have found in this respect.....We stayed in one of the "Island Breeze" cottages. There are air conditioned cottages as well, but my sense is that the only time you would need AC on the island is May through August. The cottage was small and simple, but very well appointed. It was quiet, cooled by the winds on the island, with a very comfortable king-size bed..."
Nick W, 

Living at Tiamo

Every aspect of your stay at Tiamo is designed to ensure that when you leave you feel revitalised in body and soul. A resident  and acclaimed chef prepares a heady mix of Bahamian and fusion cuisine and the lodge has an enviable cellar of wines from around the world. The heart of the lodge is the Great Room that looks out onto a infinity pool and the ocean beyond. Relax by the pool with cocktails during the day or enjoy the peace of the oak panelled library in the evening. Non-fishers can depart for a picnic and a day of tranquillity on a secluded and magical white-sand beach.

Tiamo: Spa Resort Comfort

Saltwater Fishing on South Andros and what To Expect

  • Bonefish (Bones) - The ghosts of the flats, bonefish patrol the flats in huge numbers providing superb action. Bonefish in the Bahamas range in size from 2-15 pounds although on average bonefish will be in the 3-5 pound range. Do not be misled by their comparatively ‘small’ size. Sighted fishing for bones on a fly rod is exceptional sport and in shallow water when hooked they will run...and run...and run!
  • Permit - These are one of the most fickle yet rewarding saltwater gamefish. Typically identified by their protruding coal black forked tails, permit are found regularly in the water of the Bahamas and it is not uncommon to see them on the flats while pursuing bonefish. Permit in the Bahamas range in sizes from 3-40 pounds with the average being between 8-15 pounds.
  • Tarpon - Although tarpon are not the primary target on Andros, they are available and in pretty good numbers. Tarpon are most often seen in and around creeks or around fresh water springs and blue holes. Most tarpon in the Bahamas range in size between 30-60 pounds; however bigger fish are not out of the norm. Big tarpon up to and over 100 pounds are often sighted and cast to, especially on the west side of Andros Island.
  • Bluewater Species – Tiamo has a fully equipped bluewater boat suitable for catching all manner of bluewater species including dorado, wahoo, yellow fin tuna and the possibility of a Sailfish or Marlin. Guests may be requested if they would like to come and help catch supper while those who would like a full day of blue-water action can charter the boat at a very reasonable rate.
The Fishing at Tiamo The Fishing at Tiamo

Non-Fishing Options

Tiamo, although perfectly positioned to take advantage of the superb fishing on South Andros, is focused on providing an experience that is second to none for couples in general. Outside of the idyllic Caribbean pool/beachside life a few alternative options are listed below:

  • Spa & Gym – Tone up in the gym and then indulge in some serious pampering in Tiamo’s luxurious new Spa.
  • Snorkeling & Diving – The Andros Barrier Reef is the third largest reef in the world and has excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. Follow in the footsteps of veteran celebrity diver Jacques Cousteau and take advantage of the fully qualified PADI dive master to enjoy a day under the ocean.
  • Sailing & Kayaks – Take a quick lesson from the beach team team and before long you can be skimming across the ocean, resting on the hammock nets of the easy to handle trimarans. Alternatively pick up a paddle and explore the waterways by kayak…with or without a fishing rod.
  • Nature Tours – Under the guidance of a local expert who is very knowledgable on local medicinal plants some with surprising names!!?? trek through the bush, to several blue holes via a bat cave, and look out for the 330 different species of birds and 20 species of wild orchids on South Andros.Finally take a refreshing swim in a blue hole with a very high mineral content. If this sounds too energetic use one of the several trails around Tiamo and then sit on the pool deck watching for hummingbirds.
Tiamo: Spa Resort Comfort Tiamo: Spa Resort Comfort

Getting to Tiamo

Guests fly to Nassau or Fort Lauderdale and from there take a domestic transfer/charter to Congo Town or Mangrove Cay. From there you will be collected by lodge staff and ferried by car and boat the 20 minute journey to the lodge.

Best Time To Go

The season runs from October to mid-June. Bonefishing is consistently good although November-February is the best time to go for a trophy Bonefish whilst March –mid June may be considered the most prolific months. Resident Tarpon are available all year round with migratory Tarpon being present from May-June.

The Fishing at Tiamo

Availability and Pricing for the 2018 Season


Low Season-1 - 15 Nov & 1 June -31 August

High Season-10 Jan - 31 May

Peak Season 16  Dec - 10 Jan

Accommodation Rate:

Daily Rates

  • Sunset Villa   Low $700        High  $800        Peak $1,400
  • Cool Villa       Low $1,100     High 1,300        Peak $2,000
  • Pool Villa       Low $1,300     High 1,500        Peak $2,500

All rates in USD per accommodation per night based on 2 people sharing 

Please ask for specials on 7 nights / pay 5 and other deals available throughout the season.

Accommodation Rate Includes:
  • Full Board at Tiamo including all soft drinks.
  • Local Transfers from Congo Town or Mangrove Cay.
  • Range of non-fishing activities: Canoeing, Snorkeling, Picnics, Sailing, Gym etc.
Fishing Rates:
  • Half day guided Fishing $350
  • Full day guided fishing - $500
Note: Price does not include international flights, domestic flights, alcoholic drinks, spa or gratuities.

If you would like to know more about the trip, please contact us and we will provide you with more details. For availabilities, prices, pre trip information, booking form etc. please contact:
Justin Maxwell-Stuart with a Sea Trout from the Rio Gallegos River Justin Maxwell-Stuart

Mobile: +44 (0)7711 519 857

E-mail: justin@wherewisemenfish.com
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Online Enquiries

Background reading for your trip:

"Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide: Updated and Revised" by Stephen Vletas, Kim Vletas

Our Comments:

"The Bahamas is the bonefishing capital of the world- but with so many islands, lodges, and guides, how do you find the lodge that is right for you? The first step is to study Stephen and Kim Vletas’ descriptions of the best operations the Bahamas have to offer." - Fly Fisherman magazine.

US customers: Buy at Amazon.com

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK

"Bonefishing! [Hardcover]" by Randall Kaufmann

Our Comments:

"Good grief, how good does a book on bonefishing have to be? Those who reviewed this book, either did not read it or do not recognize quality when they see it. No book in the realm of fishing equals this one for accuracy of information, interesting anecdotes, breadth of coverage, and spectacular photography. I have fished one half dozen times for bones in Florida, Mexico and Belize and can eagerly confirm everything included in Kaufmann's book. I am no expert, but I can tell you it's the best book on the subject written. It does contain fly patterns, but I did not expect tying instructions for the flies and the leaders. Those subjects are well covered in much more mundane books and video tapes." - P Carlson 2007

WWMF Advice: The Bahamas is all about Bonefishing and if you want a bible then this book pretty much sums up everything you need to know.

US customers: Buy at Amazon.com

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK


"Fly Fishing for Bonefish" by Chico Fernandez & Aaron J. Adams

Our Comments:

"No brand of fly fishing challenges anglers more than stalking bonefish on tropical saltwater flats. This book dissects all the skills needed to catch bonefish by showing you how to find and see bonefish, how to spot feeding and mudding signs, the effects of tide, temperature, and weather on where the fish will be and how it can be spotted. The book gives advice on how to fish cruising or tailing fish, which striping techniques work best, and the best ways to strike and fight bonefish."

US customers: Buy at Amazon.com

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK



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