Bairs Bonefishing Lodge - Located on South Andros, a world renowned mecca for Bonefish


Fishing for Bonefish at Bairs Lodge

The big draw of the Bahamas is the sight fishing for Bonefish and South Andros offers some of the best bonefishing in the world. Bairs lodge, located on the southernmost part of South Andros, is a veritable fly-fisher’s paradise offering anglers direct access to an unimaginably large fishing area of totally unspoiled and for the most part seriously underfished Bonefish flats. It is no exaggeration to say that the area is simply teeming with Bones and whether your focus is on catching one of the trophy double-digit Bonefish for which South Andros is renowned or simply enjoying the seemingly limitless opportunities the experience will be second to none.

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Making the cast - South Andros
Making the cast
A good sized Bonefish of 7lbs - South Andros
A good sized Bonefish of 7lbs


South Andros -The Area

Andros Island is considered to be the largest unexplored tract of land in the western hemisphere: at 100 miles long by 40 miles wide it covers an area of roughly 2,300 square miles. Andros sits in the middle of the Great Bahama Bank and is flanked to the east by The Tongue of the Ocean, a deepwater trough that drops to more than five thousand feet less than a mile offshore. Along the edge of “the drop” lies the third largest barrier reef in the world. Andros Island itself is riddled with innumerable tidal creeks and inland flats, all home to an incredible diversity of marine life. This environment has resulted in some of the best, largest and most under-exploited Bonefishing Flats in the world. South Andros has been named the ‘World’s Bonefishing capital’ for good reason.

Bairs Lodge-South Andros
Bairs Lodge
Sunrise in front of Bairs Lodge
Sunrise in front of Bairs Lodge


The Accommodation at Bairs Fishing Lodge

Bairs fishing lodge is everything you would expect of a top quality fly-fishing lodge. It exudes laid-back Caribbean style whilst offering guests a comfortable and welcoming base from which to enjoy the charms of South Andros. Eastwards facing, each morning the lodge and rooms are filled with sunlight whilst the pink façade reflects a warming glow back out to sea and the expanse of flats immediately in front of the lodge.

Guests are accommodated in six large rooms each with twin double beds, ensuite bathrooms and hot showers. All the rooms have both air conditioning and ceiling fans. The main living space consists of a comfortable lounge area, communal dining table, fly-tying bench, computer with wireless network and shop with fishing essentials and basics. Breakfast and evening meals are held communally with a menu from which to choose and a range of appetizers available each day on return from the day’s fishing. And for those who want to enjoy themselves as well as fish, an open fully inclusive bar with wines, beers and spirits will ensure that guests can spend the week in style should they so wish.

Saltwater Fishing on South Andros and what to Expect

  • Bonefish (Bones) - The ghosts of the flats, bonefish patrol the flats in huge numbers providing superb action. Bonefish in the Bahamas range in size from 2-15 pounds although on average bonefish will be in the 3-5 pound range. Do not be misled by their comparatively ‘small’ size. Sighted fishing for bones on a fly rod is exceptional sport and in shallow water when hooked they will run...and run...and run!
  • Barracuda – Although not the first option for salt-water game fisherman these sleek predators can be superb fun on a 10 weight. Get a hungry fish and it will launch itself like a torpedo at a large attractor fly. Hold on tight as the first run will be savage with intensity and liable to pull the rod from your hands. Bring a spinning rod with a Barrucada lure and you can be guaranteed some diversity during the day.
  • Tarpon - Although Tarpon are not the primary target on Andros, they are available and in pretty good numbers. Tarpon are most often seen in and around creeks or around fresh water springs and blue holes. Most Tarpon in the Bahamas range in size between 30-60 pounds; although bigger fish are not out of the norm. Big Tarpon up to and over 100 pounds are often sighted and cast to, especially on the west side of Andros Island.
  • Permit - These are one of the most fickle yet rewarding saltwater gamefish. Typically identified by their protruding coal black forked tails, Permit are found in the water of the Bahamas and it is not uncommon to see them on the flats while pursuing Bonefish. Permit in the Bahamas range in sizes from 3-40 pounds with the average being between 8-15 pounds.
Huge white-sand flats typical of the Southern tip of South Andros
Huge white-sand flats typical of the Southern tip of South Andros
Blue-water boat for Dorado, Wahoo, and other Blue-water fish
Blue-water boat for Dorado, Wahoo, and other Blue-water fish


Getting to Bairs Lodge

Guests fly to Nassau or Fort Lauderdale and from there take a domestic transfer/charter to Congo Town. From there you will be collected by lodge staff and ferried by car/taxi the 20 minute journey to the lodge.

Best Time To Go

The season runs from October to mid-June. Bonefishing is consistently good although April–mid June may be considered the most prolific months. November & December are usually the best months for a shot at a Tarpon.

Availability and Pricing for the 2016 Season

  • High Season March-End of June
  • Fall Season Mid Oct-End of Feb
Accommodation Rate:
  • Seven nights/6 days fishing - From $5,350 +$200 VAT
  • All rates based on 2 people sharing
  • Shorter stays at Bairs are available-Full pricing info on request
Additional Rates:
  • Non-Fisher -$395/night
  • Single room and shared boat -$125/night extra
  • Single room and single boat -60% surcharge on regular rate
  • 1/2 day Fishing on day of arrival or departure -$550/boat
Accommodation Rate Includes:
  • Full Board at Bairs including all alcoholic drinks.
  • Loaner fishing rods as required.
  • Local Transfers from Congo Town.
Note: Price does not include international flights, domestic flights or gratuities.

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Background reading for your trip:

"Bonefishing! [Hardcover]" by Randall Kaufmann

Our Comments:

"Good grief, how good does a book on bonefishing have to be? Those who reviewed this book, either did not read it or do not recognize quality when they see it. No book in the realm of fishing equals this one for accuracy of information, interesting anecdotes, breadth of coverage, and spectacular photography. I have fished one half dozen times for bones in Florida, Mexico and Belize and can eagerly confirm everything included in Kaufmann's book. I am no expert, but I can tell you it's the best book on the subject written. It does contain fly patterns, but I did not expect tying instructions for the flies and the leaders. Those subjects are well covered in much more mundane books and video tapes." - P Carlson 2007

WWMF Advice: The Bahamas is all about Bonefishing and if you want a bible then this book pretty much sums up everything you need to know.

US customers: Buy at

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK


"Fly Fishing for Bonefish" by Chico Fernandez & Aaron J. Adams

Our Comments:

"No brand of fly fishing challenges anglers more than stalking bonefish on tropical saltwater flats. This book dissects all the skills needed to catch bonefish by showing you how to find and see bonefish, how to spot feeding and mudding signs, the effects of tide, temperature, and weather on where the fish will be and how it can be spotted. The book gives advice on how to fish cruising or tailing fish, which striping techniques work best, and the best ways to strike and fight bonefish."

US customers: Buy at

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK


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