Kharlovka Tundra Salmon & Trout Rafting Programme

The most exciting adventure programme on the Kola Peninsula


Each year from mid July onwards the water level at the main Kharlovka Falls drops to a ‘jumpable’ height. Even then the size of the falls is formidable, only allowing passage to the strongest and largest Salmon that run the Kharlovka. Although these fish are intercepted at a few junctions (National Park and occasionally 3rd waterfall) by select anglers fishing during the mid season full helicopter programme, the impact of a maximum of two anglers/day over 30 kms of river is negligible. These salmon disperse into the headwaters to mix with the large wild brown trout that populate this part of the river. Rested, reinvigorated and memories of diverse fly patterns forgotten, these fish represent what can only be considered as a hidden gem awaiting the intrepid explorer.


Russia: Kharlovka and Litza Rivers <<< Click here to find out where Kharlovka River is.

Marcus embracing the 'adventure spirit' of the rafting programme
Bjorn-Original pioneer of the rafting programme embracing the 'adventure spirit'
Rafting Programme-The Upper Kharlovka
The Upper Kharlovka

The Fishing Adventure

For the final four weeks of the season, hosted by either Justin Maxwell Stuart, Justin Mcarthy or one of the team of exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced English speaking Russian guides, select parties of 2-3 rods will have the opportunity to raft the 30kms of the Upper Kharlovka from Oset at Peter’s Island back to Kharlovka Lodge. Not only do these waters produce truly leviathan salmon (on the first evening of my first ever trip to Kharlovka a 40lb Salmon was caught in this upper section) but they are home to huge brown trout that will have gorged on the insect life all summer. Armed with a 12-13 ft Salmon rod, a trout rod, a rucksack full of goodies and your own dinghy, teams will have an unparalleled opportunity to explore, experience and enjoy unfettered access to some of the most exciting remote trout and salmon fishing on the planet.


Teams will be dropped by helicopter, complete with all provisions and supplies for the week, 30 kms upriver from the main Kharlovka Lodge. Equipped with an individual rubber raft, over the course of 6 days you will raft and fish your way back to Kharlovka Lodge where you will eat and sleep for the final night prior to departure the following morning.

A reflective moment on the Kharlovka headwaters
A reflective moment on the Kharlovka headwaters
Kharlovka Rafting Programme-Chauffeur propelled transport
Chauffeur propelled transport


The nature of this expedition means that it is only suitable for seasoned and intrepid anglers. It is a true wilderness experience and you will be fishing, rafting and sleeping in areas that will rarely ever have born witness to humans let alone fishermen. Individuals must be self-sufficient, possess a strong sense of adventure and be open to potential adversities. Everyone participating must enjoy tent life and cope with living rough. The weather can be harsh and unpredictable; you must be prepared for mosquitoes and open to the challenges and dangers of fast water and rugged terrain.

Basic living on the Tundra-Tents in the midnight light
Basic living on the Tundra-Tents in the midnight light
Kharlovka Rafting Programme-Camp cooking
Camp cooking

By the end of the week it is likely that you will have experienced what will have been one of the most fulfilling and exciting exploratory trips imagineable...if you make it!!!!


This programme is only open to like-minded adventurous individuals. If, having read the description above, you are worried about your comfort or suitability then this trip is NOT for you. If you are already brimming over with anticipation, as your hosts are, then we will look forward to hearing from you.

Getting There

Anglers depart on the Friday evening prior to the fishing week and make their own way to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. You will be accommodated overnight at the Radisson SkyCity Hotel and fly the following morning on the ASR charter flight to Murmansk. From there you will deploy by road and helicopter, collecting provisions and receiving a full briefing en route prior to final deployment at Oset on the upper Kharlovka.

Availability and Pricing for the 2010 Season

Rate: USD $3,350/person from Murmansk.
Weeks Available:
  • 14 Aug - 21 Aug
  • 21 Aug - 28 Aug
  • 28 Aug - 4 Sept – Hosted by Justin Maxwell Stuart
  • 4 Sept - 11 Sept –Hosted by Justin McCarthy
Trip Includes:
  • All transport on arrival at Murmansk.
  • Individual rafts.
  • Portable gas cookers, food and soft drinks.
  • Maps, GPS & Satellite Telephone for emergencies.
Trip Excludes:
  • Guests are required to bring individual tents, sleeping bag, camping equipment.
  • Rucksack, clothing, fishing gear etc.
  • Alcoholic drinks are available to buy prior to departure.
Charter Flight:
  • $695/person return flight from Arlanda Airport, Stockholm - Murmansk.
  • Includes a night at Sky City.

If you would like to know more about the trip, please contact us and we will provide you with more details. For availabilities, prices, pre trip information, booking form etc. please contact:
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Background reading for your trip:

"The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon" by Fred Buller (Hardcover)

Our Comments:

"Obviously some very extensive research has been carried out to produce this excellent book. Its big in form,big in fish and big in information along with some fantastic photography. It certainly is not a bedside reading book due to its size. Its a must for anyone who gets turned on by large salmon.(Is there a salmon fisherman that isn't!! "--Review by SEJ Grace

US customers: Buy at

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK

"A Celebration of Salmon Rivers: The World's Finest Atlantic Salmon Rivers (Hardcover)" by Norty Atlantic Salmon Fund

Our Comments:

A Celebration of Salmon Rivers was written and produced with the express purpose of helping raise funds for the North Atlantic Salmon Federation (NASF). The book is about the famous Atlantic Salmon and the even more famous rivers they inhabit. It does not pretend to be a Salmon fishermans bible however it has some wonderful pictures of many of the best known Atlantic Salmon rivers with accompanying articles, many by famous names who are associated or connected with the various rivers covered in the book.

US customers: Buy at

UK customers: Buy at Amazon UK

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