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The River & Environment

The Namsen River runs through the county of Nord-Trøndelag in the northern part of Central Norway. This is the country’s heartland, where rich agricultural plains contrast with majestic mountains and a rocky coastline. Although the Namsen is not the longest river in Norway, it’s certainly one of the most powerful. Its springs are in the Børgefjell National Park and its estuary near the town of Namsos. This is definitely a big fish river with a number of 40-45 pound fish being caught each year. In 2004 a 53lb salmon was landed.

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Norway: Namsen River Norway: Namsen River


The Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Norway: FiskumFoss Falls in full flow
FiskumFoss Falls in full flow

Until recently the fishing on the Upper Namsen was separated into separate beats covering a total of 17kms of double bank fishing a distance of 45 kms from the sea. Although each of these beats individually covers some superb fly-water and very productive pools, it did to an extent limit the variety upon which we at WhereWiseMenFish have always placed great emphasis. This will change for 2009 with a rotation being implemented giving one the opportunity to fish all 3 of the best fly-water beats, Fiskumfoss, Ovre Media and Fossland, over the course of a week. Over the prime salmon fishing weeks from mid-June to mid-July the fishing will be fly only.

Fiskumfoss Falls Beat

One of the most prolific salmon beats in Norway; the Fiskumfoss beat is 1.1 kms of double bank fishing, starting just below the 34 meter high Fiskumfoss fall. This used to be the uppermost extent to which the salmon could run, (although there is now a salmon ladder tunnelled through the rock), and on account of this natural barrier it has turned it into a formidable holding pool. The average catch per rod is 1-2 salmon/day.

Ovre Media & Fossland

Norway: Fossland Lodge
Fossland Lodge on the left - A very short walk to the River!

These two beats, which total just over 5 kms of double bank fishing make up the bulk of the Upper Namsen fly-water. There are 13 named pools with all the variety that one would expect from a big powerful river such as the Namsen; deep pots, boulder strewn runs, gravel bars, fast rapids and glides. The river is more than wide enough to accommodate genuine double bank fishing.

Additional Upper Namsen Water

Although Fiskumfoss, Over Media & Fossland make up the prime fly-water it is by no means the extent of the Upper Namsen Fishing. The Sandola River, which joins the Namsen immediately below Grong, has additional fly-water. There is also some superbly isolated streamy fly-water above Fiskumfoss Falls which can also be utilised. This stretch is particularly good in low-water conditions. Alongside its big fish the Namsen is famous for harling with many long deep pools. For those who would prefer to fish for Salmon by means other than a fly, the Holandsoya & Oiem beat, a short distance below Grong, is ideal. It is also within easy walking distance of the farmhouse where guests fishing this stretch usually stay.

Upper Namsen Fishing-Accommodation

Norway: Hotel Vertshuset Grong
Hotel Vertshuset Grong

There are 3 accommodation options open for those fishing the Upper Namsen beats, Hotel Vertshuset Grong, Fossland lodge and Holandsoya Gard.

Fossland Lodge

An extremely comfortable and homely wooden lodge on the banks of the river overlooking the Ovre Media & Fossland beats. Very comfortable and with all the facilities you would expect from a top notch fishing lodge. Ideal for groups, it has 4 bedrooms in the main building and a further 2 in adjoining cottages.

Hotel Vertshuset Grong

The main Hotel in the centre of the small town of Grong. Steeped in salmon fishing history and only 3 kms from the fishing. Grong is a typical Norwegian village/town with a selection of local shops including a tackle shop.

Holandsoya Gard

A beautiful old farmhouse and adjoining cottages. Perfect for larger groups and especially those fishing the lower beats.

Recommended Salmon Flies For Norway

Move cursor over Norwegian Salmon Fly to view in 360

Norwegian Salmon Flies are a mixture of both traditional salmon fly patterns, of the style you would fish with in any salmon river in the UK, alongside some fly patterns that have been developed specifically for Norwegian Rivers – but of course can also be used universally.

During the month of June big-bodied Temple Dog Style Flies are by far and away the most popular with wing lengths of 10-15 cm. As the rivers drop away in late June and July Norwegian Salmon Rivers typically run with a clear blue/green tinge. In these clear conditions and with the bright sun flies need to be sized and dressed accordingly. Micro Conehead Tubes in conjunction with strong hooks (Loop Doubles recommended) as well as traditional flies tied on very Strong Hooks such as Partridge Doubles.

Anyone booking a trip with WhereWiseMenFish will receive a free box of Salmon Flies for the trip as well as receiving a 20% discount off any additional flies.

Norway: Holansoy Gard
Accommodation at Holansoy Gard adjacent to the lower stretch of the River

Best Times to Go

The season for Atlantic Salmon on the Namsen and the Sandola runs from 1 June- 31 August. The opening weeks of the season are fairly classic spring salmon fishing when the biggest fish typically enter the system. Late June and the beginning of July sees the numbers increase as the grilse run gets into full swing and this is the best period for fly-fishing. The season continues until the end of August with techniques changing as the season progresses, from fast sinking lines during the early weeks to floating lines and smaller flies as the season progresses.

Getting There

The Upper Namsen Fishing is situated around Grong, which is a 2 ½ drive from Trondheim or 30 mins from Namsos. There are direct flights from Stanstead, which can be booked cheaply with Fly No. A collection service is provided from Trondheim airport and a minibus transfers anglers between the beats where required. For those requiring a bit more flexibility it is possible to rent a car from Trondheim airport.

Availability and Pricing

Season: The season runs from 1 June- 31 August

All rates available on application

Package Includes:
  • Seven (x7) nights.
  • Six (x6) days fly fishing
Extras: Weekly Car Hire: €365-495
Note: A full range of fly-fishing kit is available to hire if required.

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"The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon" by Fred Buller (Hardcover)

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"Obviously some very extensive research has been carried out to produce this excellent book. Its big in form,big in fish and big in information along with some fantastic photography. It certainly is not a bedside reading book due to its size. Its a must for anyone who gets turned on by large salmon.(Is there a salmon fisherman that isn't!! "--Review by SEJ Grace

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"A Celebration of Salmon Rivers: The World's Finest Atlantic Salmon Rivers (Hardcover)" by Norty Atlantic Salmon Fund

Our Comments:

A Celebration of Salmon Rivers was written and produced with the express purpose of helping raise funds for the North Atlantic Salmon Federation (NASF). The book is about the famous Atlantic Salmon and the even more famous rivers they inhabit. It does not pretend to be a Salmon fishermans bible however it has some wonderful pictures of many of the best known Atlantic Salmon rivers with accompanying articles, many by famous names who are associated or connected with the various rivers covered in the book.

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