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The River

Overseas fishing trips often take you to some dramatic locations however a trip to El Patagon places you amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery you are ever likely to come across. Before you have even seen a river you will be simply shocked by the enormity of your surroundings. Unbelievably luscious temperate rainforest jungle coats the sides of precipices that reach into the clouds, only dying away as they reach the snow caps on the very summits.

In between these mountainous outcrops run a mixture of large powerful glacial fed rivers which run clear although they carry a transfixing bluish green tinge. Alongside the bigger rivers are smaller crystal clear tributaries. A trip to southern Chile is much more than just a trout fishing trip but to experience nature in its most majestic form.

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The Fishing

A week at El Patagon is very much what you want it to be however typically your experience will range from rafting down large rivers over glides, riffles and turbulent rapids, exploring rivers only accessible by horseback and or traversing the many lakes. The majority of the fishing is from a boat due to the inaccessible nature of the terrain although throughout the week you will float, wade and sometimes creep. A number of different platforms to get around which include pontoon craft, jet boats, superpuma rafts, watermasters and float tubes. There is also a certain amount of wading and for those who have never trekked along mountain paths or wound down forested tracks, on horseback, no matter what your equestrian abilities, it is a fantastic experience.

Chilean Trout are not native to South America however they thrive in the cool, clear waters. You will be fishing primarily for wild and feisty Rainbow and Brown Trout with dry flies. As the seasons change however you are also likely to see some of the migratory salmon species such as Kings and Atlantic salmon which are a result of escapees from the aqua culture business throughout Chile. Whilst these fish are likely to have been escapees the runs are now becoming more established and although they are not specifically targeted anglers can and do catch them.

Chile Trout Fishing

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Watch the film and read the fishing report from a previous WWMF week at El Patagon and Yan Kee Way lodge

The Lodge

Anglers are housed in extreme luxury in exceptionally comfortable individual log cabins, each with their own wood burning stove and equipped with bathroom and hot shower. For those who feel that they deserve a more relaxing soak after a hard days fishing there is a sauna which sits alongside a hot tub with one of the most dramatic views imagineable, both of which overlook the Rio Figuero below and snow capped mountains above. The food is of equal quantity and quality to the surroundings you are in and simply does not require further explanation.

Best Times to Go

The season runs from November to April with January and February being the warmest months. The sun can be strong during the day however you are living and fishing in a temperate rainforest so it can rain at anytime during the season.

Chile Trout Fishing Chile Trout Fishing


Availability and Pricing 

Season: The season runs from November to April
Rate: El Patagon is not currently taking bookings
Package Includes:
  • Seven (x7) Nights at El Patagon Lodge
  • Six (x6) full days guided fishing.
  • All food and lodging at El Patagon including alcoholic drinks
  • Fishing license
  • All ground transfers from Chaiten

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