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Andros South

Andros South has come to be known as "the Bonefish capital of the world". A quick glance at a satellite picture will reveal why. It consists of a vast network of easily wadeable white sand flats as well as hidden, unspoiled mangrove creeks peppered with large singles and doubles. Onshore you will find a bonefishing lodge where the ethos and staff concentrate on providing an absolutely top-notch fishing experience in a relaxing, quiet and comfortable environment. Do not expect white linen tablecloths but do expect a very experienced, friendly and dedicated service. Andros South offers you the perfect location for a Bahamas fishing vacation.

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The Fishing

South Andros is first and foremost a Bonefish destination and by the time you leave you will understand why. The natural architecture of the area provides a perfect environment for nature to provide in bountiful supply. Inland lakes fill up with eager schools of bonefish on the change of every tide whilst along the expansive ocean-side flats much larger Bones cruise in from the deep. The schools provide fish that average 2 to 4 pounds with bigger fish amongst them. You will also have many opportunities at cruising and tailing Bonefish in the 5 to 10 pound range. Whether wading or poling via skiff, seeking out schools of fish in there thousands or stealthily stalking bigger fish, the diversity and size of the fishery has something for everyone.

Accommodtion & Lodging

Bahamas Fishing Vaction: the lodge

This is the perfect location for a Bahamas fishing vacation. All the rooms are single occupancy, air conditioned, have an ensuite bathroom with a hot shower and are cleaned daily. Guests are split between a lodge building with eight rooms and a small cabana with an additional two rooms. On the beachfront there is a small tiki hut, which is home to our bar and the accompanying evening cocktails and appetizers and of course innumerable fishing tales. Fresh fish, lobsters, conch, jerk chicken Bahmanian style. Rest assured you will not go hungry and the food is of the highest standard. The emphasis is on Bahmanian cooking with the main dish being complimented by an array of tasty side dishes and topped off with a variety of sinful deserts. Be warned, if you thought you were going to sit back and enjoy a week being poled around the flats you may wish to reconsider mid-week.

We are confident you will not be disappointed. The lodge has a wonderful team of Bahmanian ladies who will ensure you are well looked after, well fed and generally brighten your day with warm smiles a plenty. They are one of our strongest assets and go a long way to encouraging our guests to come back each year. The lodge has a broadband internet connection, WiFi access and a computer which guests can use. It should be noted however that the internet service in the Bahamas is only effective 80 to 90% of the time so it should not be relied on for critical business or personal reasons.

Bahamas Fishing Gear

Bahamas Fishing Vacation: Bonefish fishing rods

Rods & Reels: The ideal rod for Bonefish is a 9ft 7-8 wt rod with a robust reel constructed from a non-corrosive metal with good smooth drag control. The reel should hold at least 150 yards of backing with gel-spun varieties being preferred. There are also rods available to loan in the event of breakages or accidents.

There may also be opportunities to cast for tarpon and permit so a 10 or 12 weight rod can be brought as well.

Lines: High visibility weight forward lines are strongly recommended for ease of casting and to help deal with any wind. It does no harm to bring a line cleaner as saltwater gums up your line fairly quickly. A sink tip line or 350 grain shooting head is also useful for large jacks and snappers.

Nylon: Generally speaking our Bonefish our not leader shy however the larger ones can be more particular.

Fluorocarbon leaders are preferred due to their lower diameter and 10-12 lbs breaking strain is recommended. On windy days use a 9ft leader and on calmer days we recommend 10-12ft.

Bonefish Flies

Saltwater fish are voracious and a supply of about 40 flies is advised for the duration of your trip. If you run short do not worry as flies are provided and are included in this Bahamas fishing package.

  • Clouser Minnow: Size 2,4-Brown/white, green/white, white and foxy, black and white/grey
  • Crazy Charlie's: Size 2,4-Brown, tan, pink and white
  • Puffs: Size 2, 4-Green, tan, brown
  • Gotchas: Size 2 and 4
  • Gummy Minnow: Size 2,4 and 6

Tarpon & Permit Flies

Although not abundant we always recommend bringing a small selection of Tarpon flies and Crab patterns.


Additionally, there are large numbers of barracuda in the creeks and flats of South Andros.... some 15-30 pounds. We suggest bringing a few very large and very gaudy flies to present to these monsters. If casting from the boat, we suggest using large poppers or crease flies. If it's a cloudy day and the bonefishing is slow, cut your leader back a few feet, attach a 6" wire leader, clip on an eight inch, tandem-hooked needlefish imitation, throw it over the side of your slow-trolling flats boat, tighten your drag, and be prepared for a major event in a short period of time.

Best Times to Go

Fishing is excellent from October to June.

Availability and Pricing 


October to June


Please enquire for low and high season rates

Package Includes:
  • Seven (x7) nights (usually Saturday to Saturday).
  • Six (x6) days guided fly fishing - two anglers per guide.
  • Price includes accommodation (single occupancy).
  • Includes transportation from Congo Town Airport.
  • All meals, beers, wine, various spirits and soft drinks.
  • Option to reschedule your trip with 7 days notice
Note: Price does not include gratuities. Lodge capacity is 10 anglers. We are happy to arrange your travel should you so require.

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Background reading for your trip:

"Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide: Updated and Revised" by Stephen Vletas, Kim Vletas

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"The Bahamas is the bonefishing capital of the world- but with so many islands, lodges, and guides, how do you find the lodge that is right for you? The first step is to study Stephen and Kim Vletas’ descriptions of the best operations the Bahamas have to offer." - Fly Fisherman magazine.

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