Atlantic Salmon Rivers in East Canada

The coastline of East Canada is home to some truly great Atlantic Salmon Rivers that are every bit the rival of rivers in Europe. Canadian Atlantic Salmon rivers are steeped in history and the names of the rivers are spoken in revered and hushed voices by those fly-fishermen in the know. Grand Cascapedia, Bonaventure, Miramichi, Petite Cascapedia, Moise, Eagle and Restigouche are a few of the great Salmon rivers amongst many others. These Atlantic Salmon rivers are treated as hallowed ground by the anglers that know them; and rightly so for alongside their wilderness and beauty they are capable of producing not just significant numbers of Atlantic Salmon but also some seriously large fish. The rivers have a combination of wilderness, beautiful natural surroundings and strong and improving runs of Salmon. Add this to a long-standing history of fly-fishing and respect for the Atlantic Salmon, the most venerable of all the migratory fish, go to make everything about a fishing holiday to this beautiful part of the world a sporting reference point to aspire to.

WhereWiseMenFish are pleased to be able to offer fishing to the Grand Cascapedia, Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia, three of the most indulgent Atlantic Salmon rivers in North America that you are likely to fish.

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Canada Fly Fishing: more about Middle camp

MIDDLE CAMP - GRAND CASCAPEDIA New WhereWiseMenFish destination

The Grand Cascapedia is one of the most prestigious Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world certainly in Eastern Canada. Middle Camp is possibly the finest lodge on the river with access to some of the best private water available. WhereWiseMenFish has taken exclusive weeks over the course of the season.



Canada Fly Fishing: more about Salmon lodge

SALMON LODGE – GRAND CASCAPEDIA New WhereWiseMenFish destination

Salmon Lodge has roots that date back to the earliest days of the Grand Csacapedia. Fully refurbished in 2010 alongside the ‘best view on the Cascapedia’ it now offers exceptional levels of accommodation to go with access to the Grand Cascapedia, Petite Cascapedia and Bonaventure rivers.



Canada Fly Fishing: more Camp Bonaventure


Camp Bonaventure on the lower section of the river has long been considered one of the most finely appointed fishing lodges in the Gaspe. Very comfortable, excellent service and guides and with prime water on the Bonaventure as well as access to the Petite and Grand Cascapedia this is a lodge to fulfill aspirations.



Canada Fly Fishing: more about Camp Brûlé

CAMP BRÛLÉ – PETITE CASCAPEDIA New WhereWiseMenFish destination

The Petite Cascapedia, whilst smaller than its sister river, the Grand Cascapedia boasts salmon every bit as large. Located between the Grand and the Bonaventure Camp Brûlé is a true anglers lodge. Full of history and serviced with the purposeful intent of a team of guides who want nothing other than to catch fish this is a great lodge to experience the Gaspe.



Famous Atlantic Salmon Rivers in Eastern Canada

Canada Fly Fishing: Grand Cascapedia


The Grand Cascapedia ranks as possibly the signature river in Eastern Canada despite sitting alongside some very distinguished companions. The Three British Governor Generals who were given exclusive rights to the upper 40 miles of the Grand Cascapedia from 1879 to 1893 came home with tales of three 40 pounders in a single day and fish that tipped the scales past 50lbs. Since those early years of discovery the fishing on the Grand Cascapedia has enjoyed exclusive ownership and this alongside the security of heavily wooded and steeply bordered sides meant that the river withstood the ravages of human encroachment. Access is now less restricted with the introduction of a controlled lottery system has opened most stretches of the Grand Cascapedia to the public. Access aside the Grand Cascapedia holds title to the claim as being the river in Canada that has the largest Atlantic Salmon and as such it is the one that draws anglers to its banks in search of an elusive 40 pounder!



Canada Fly Fishing: Miramichi River


The Miramichi holds title as being far and away the most prolific Atlantic Salmon River within North America and is definitely a strong contender for the most prolific Atlantic Salmon river in the world. The Miramichi drains a huge watershed, flowing more than 800kms from the tributary headwaters in central New Brunswick to its estuary in the Gulf of St Lawrence. Like many of the world’s great rivers it has suffered abuse in the past; however those days have hopefully been confined to history with 2010 and 2011 showing returns of fish that come close to approaching the magical runs of yesteryear. Numbers of fish are certainly not confined to grilse, with recent years seeing an almost even ratio of salmon to grilse.


Canada Fly Fishing: Bonaventure


The Bonaventure or "The Bonnie" as she is affectionately known is located amidst the great Canadian Salmon Rivers in the Gaspe Peninsula and has long been heralded as one of the region’s finest. The Bonaventure sources in the ‘Parc de la Gaspesie’ and flows for approx 130kms with over 100 named pools. The river’s unbelievably clear waters, combined with its graceful flow, make it stand out from other salmon rivers in Eastern Canada and make it a firm favourite amongst dryfly anglers.



Canada Fly Fishing: Moise


The Moise is one of the three ‘big fish’ Canadian Atlantic Salmon rivers that can be said to routinely produce fish over 30lbs and occasionally over 40lbs. The Moise sources from Lake Opocopa near the Labrador border and is a heady mix of rapids, waterfalls and powerful runs that probably does much to account for the size and the strength of Moise Salmon for which it is renowned. It consists of two primary branches, the Moise and the Nipissis that come together 30 miles above the confluence where the Moise meets the great St. Lawrence River. In total the main branch of the Moise is approximately 250 miles in length. A distinguishing feature of the Moise is that the main Salmon run is concentrated over a compact three week period; when the run is on the fishing can be exceptional.


Canada Fly Fishing: Restigouche


The Restigouche is comprised of five tributaries that come together to form the main river. The Little Main Restigouche, Patapedia, Matapedia, Kedgwich and Upsalquitch. (The name Restigouche is thought to be derived from the native word for five fingers representing the five streams that make up the Restigouche). The Restigouche is a wide fast-flowing river that drains a large watershed within New Brunswick and Quebec and empties into the Gulf of St Lawrence near the small village of Matapedia. Like many Canadian rivers its relative isolation, limited access and strict controls implemented by the wealthy individuals who originally controlled the fishing have done much to retain the river’s stature and eminence as one of the elite Canadian salmon rivers.


Reports, Films & Reviews

Grand Cascapedia & Bonaventure River Maps-Salmon Pools


The Grand Cascapedia needs little by way of introduction being the most prized salmon fly fishing river in North America. WhereWiseMenFish were delighted to be able to organise a week staying at the fabled Middle Camp fishing lodge. Conditions were not ideal with low water and bright sun however it did not stop the team battling with salmon of 30 pounders and larger. An amazing chance to fish this incredible river staying at one of the most sought after and famous fishing lodges.

WhereWiseMenFish Fishing Report - Sept 2014 -

Middle Camp on the Cascapedia -A brief History - Read more>>>


Grand Cascapedia & Bonaventure River Maps-Salmon Pools


Access to the fishing sectors on both the Grand Cascapedia and Bonaventure rivers is a mixture of private and public access water.



Canada Fly Fishing Report: WhereWiseMenFish on the Gaspe

Down Periscope! – WhereWiseMenFish on the Gaspe
By Justin Maxwell Stuart – July 2013

WhereWiseMenFish go in search of answers on the Grand Cascapedia, Petite and Bonaventure rivers. Are these fabled Atlantic Salmon rivers all they are cracked up to be. An exploratory trip to the Gaspe Peninsula combining fantastic photographs from Mark Wengler and a 5 min WWMF film of the rivers and the fishing....



Canada Fly Fishing Report: Catch 22 – Three Days on the Bonaventure

Catch 22 – Three Days on the Bonaventure
By Monte Burke - Atlantic Salmon Journal Summer 2011

Three days on the Bonaventure is just enough to whet the appetite but certainly not enough to douse the flames of desire!! Monte Burke enjoys the comforts of Salmon Lodge whilst taking a dip in the cooler than expected Bonaventure river and having success with some entirely inappropriate flies...!!



Canada Fly Fishing Report: Raising the Roof – Salmon Lodge

Raising the Roof – Salmon Lodge
By Raymond Plourde - Atlantic Salmon Journal – Spring 2013

Salmon Lodge was a grand old lodge on the banks of the Cascapedia that by any account was starting to show its age. Glenn Legrand, a local boy from the Gaspe who already had his hands full with Camp Bonaventure, the first new fishing camp to be built in the region for decades saw an opportunity....



Canada Fly Fishing Report: Heart & Soul –Cascapedia River

Heart & Soul –Cascapedia River
By Tom Montgomery - Atlantic Salmon Journal – Autumn 2011

From the road, the Cascapedia looks like a pretty unspoiled scenic river. Is but on closer inspection, usually by those that seek adventure in the form of silver torpedoes, it holds not-so-secret treasure: big multi-sea-winter salmon....



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