Access to the fishing sectors on both the Grand Cascapedia and Bonaventure rivers is a mixture of private and public access water.

Grand Cascapedia River Map

The bulk of the salmon fishing on the Grand Cascapedia is private access only. The main part of the Grand Cascapedia is split into three sectors, A-C, the salmon fishing in these areas is primarily controlled by the private fishing lodges. The two branches that join the Grand Cascapedia, the Salmon Branch and the Lake Branch are split into five zones, D1, D2 and E1,E2 and E3. These areas can be fished by those who have secured a lottery ticket.

Grand Cascapedia River Map Download Cascapedia Map as pdf file

Bonaventure River Map

The Bonaventure river is split into sectors A-E. Sector B and E are restricted access water for which anglers need to obtain a lottery ticket. These areas have limitations on the number of anglers can fish them at anyone time and hence are the first choice for those staying at one of the outfitters camp. The A, C & D sectors are open to anyone with a fishing license and a daily ticket and there vis no restriction on the number of anglers who can fish at anyone time. Weekends and holidays are typically very busy but reasonable fishing can be obtained outside of key periods.

Bonaventure River Map Download Bonaventure Map as pdf file

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