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Dorado Lodge in Salta Province in Argentina offers two very distinct types of fishing. On one hand you have the Juramento, a medium sized river and home to some truly blistering sized Dorado. On the other hand you have the petit Rio Tucanes or Rio Dorado, clear-water spring creeks that look like perfect water for stalking Trout but instead are inhabited by Dorado of up to 20lbs that lurk amidst the boulders.

The Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado is the bully of the Latin American mid-continent. Behind the glowing golden flanks of this somewhat salmonoid looking fish is a ferocious predator. These fish are fast moving acrobatic and will sometimes hunt in packs of up to 30. It’s Latin name of ‘Salminus Maxillosus’ hints at both its power and beauty. The ‘Salminus’ refers to its salmon-like features and ‘Maxillosus’ the powerful jaws. Do not let the streamlined looks of these beautiful fish belie their true nature. Sharp teeth and powerful jaws will bend hooks and cut wires and once on the line they are famous for their jumps and long runs.

Pira Lodge location <<< Click here to find out where Dorado lodge is located.

The Rivers & Environment

Salta province in North West Argentina is a far cry from the Sea Trout waters of Tierra del Fuego. Situated in the lee of the Andes mountain range but yet surrounded by sub-tropical rainforests it makes for a spectacular environment. With access to three rivers the fishing style and backdrop is as varied as it is exciting.

Rio Tucanes: The fabled Rio Tucanes sources in the Parque Nacional el Rey. It is a true spring creek since it is born from cold and warm water springs in the Sierra Cresta del Gallo and Sierra del Piquete. Outstandingly beautiful and crystal clear it has all the attributes of a boulder strewn Trout stream but rather it holds Dorado that average 6 lbs with specimens of up to 20 lbs in many pools along with huge schools of Sabalos (the main food source for Dorado). All the fishing is by wading with a total of 6 anglers per week fishing the 10kms of water, divided into 7 beats.

Dorado fishing of Rio Tucanes Dorado fishing of Rio Tucanes
Spectacular clear water sighted Dorado fishing of Rio Tucanes

Rio Juramento: The Juramento is located on the transition zone between the high altitude Andes range (16.000 ft) and the rain forest. A medium sized river it is typically tea stained although the upper reaches can be crystal clear. Guests cover around 10-15 miles of river each day with two anglers to a raft, floating downstream during the day. Whilst the Juramento is small enough to be easily coverable it is none-the-less home to some real trophy Dorado with an average sized fish being 9lbs and with fish up to 40lbs lurking in wait (watch the video!!). Landing these monsters is however another matter!

gigantic Dorado gigantic Dorado
The Tucanes holds some gigantic Dorado - The seven beats are floated fished using dinghies

Fly-Fishing for Dorado

Powerful aggressive fish they will provide spectacular action when hooked on a fly rod. They are very tough bold and brassy opponents that will snap or bite through lines, demolish flies and savagely attack their brethren given the opportunity for a cheap meal particularly whilst another fish is on the line. These violent predators will typically devour your fly the moment it hits the water and are both fantastic and exceptionally acrobatic fighters.

Video Journal Floatfishing the Rio Juramento by Todd Moen – Catch Magazine

Accommodation During Your Stay

Over the course of your trip you will typically fish both rivers and your trip will be split between Hotel Salta on the night of your arrival, the Juramento Lodge in the town of J.V.Gonzalez and Dorado Lodge whilst fishing the Rio Tucanes.

Dorado Lodge Hosteria Ayres de Campo
Dorado Lodge, a traditional Argentinean ranch house and Hosteria Ayres de Campo

Dorado Lodge: Located on a private cattle ranch, formerly run as a logging estate this is an authentic Argentinean ranch with simple but basic amenities. Run along the same lines as the adjoining national park the building is surrounded by ancient and precious trees with a wide range of wildlife such as puma, tapir, jaguar, monkeys, toucans, parrots and the tasty but protected Pava del Monte (wild South American turkey).

Juramento Lodge: Guests will stay at Hosteria Ayres de Campo a simple and basic guesthouse with 5 double rooms available with private bathrooms and importantly, easy access to the best stretches of the river.

Best Times to Go

The best Dorado fishing is from March 15t March to 1 May and then again from 15 Sep – 31 November.

Location & Getting There

Guests fly into Buenos Aires and typically overnight there before taking the 2 hour flight from the domestic airport to Salta. The final journey to the lodge is by vehicle.

Typical Itinerary

Friday Fly to Buenos Aires Int Airport Overnight in Buenos Aires
Saturday Buenos Aires-Salta
Overnight Hotel Salta
Met at local airport
Dine in Salta at local Restaurant
Sun-Wed Drive to Rio Juramento Lodge
4 Days fishing Juramento River
Thur Drive to Rio Dorado Lodge
Full day fishing Rio Tucanes
Overnight or Int flight as arranged
Fri Full day fishing Rio Tucanes
Overnight Dorado Lodge or Hotel Salta
Sat Morning sightseeing
Return flight to Buenos Aires
To fit in with your flight schedule
Sun Depart Buenos Aires -

Availability and Pricing for the 2011 Season

Season: All Season
  • 7 nights and 6 1/2 days fishing: $3,950
  • 3 nights and 2 1/2 days fishing: $1,800
  • Single fisher supplement: $250/day
Package Includes:
  • All lodging in a shared room
  • Food and drinks including Argentinean wines and beers
  • Guide shared between 2 anglers
  • All transfers on arrival at Santa airport
Note: Price does not include gratuities or airfares.

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