Alphonse Island Resort - When Words Are Not Enough

A Milkfish double!!
A Milkfish double!! Do not expect to see many pictures like this - An amazing achievement

Alphonse Island Resort is rightly considered a fly-anglers paradise. Alphonse and the adjoining atoll of St Francois is home to incredibly large populations of Bonefish. In addition there is a huge variety of exotic species of fish providing anglers with the ultimate and exclusive fishing holiday vacation. It is possible to target three different types of Trigger fish (Yellow Margin, Giant and Picasso), eight species of Trevally (Giant, Bluefin, Brassy, Bigeye, Yellow dot, Golden, Black and Fulvie), Snappers, Groupers, African Pompano ( Indo Pacific permit), Parrot Fish and of course the incomparable Milkfish (Chanos Chanos).

Until you have experienced the saltwater fishing at Alphonse first hand the next best thing is to dream away the time until you can visit in person with a selection of the sort of sights you might expect to encounter on a weeks fishing.