If you are 100% happy chasing resident lake or loch Pike from deep holes or enticing Pike fattened on a diet of stocked Rainbow Trout then read no further. If however you want to live and experience the world’s fastest accelerating freshwater fish in all its over-sized glory, in greater numbers than you can imagine, and in an area so strikingly wild and remote that it will redefine your concept of wilderness then read on.

Fishing at Midnight Sun on the Innoko River takes Pike fishing to a whole new dimension. The magazine articles and video give an insight into this extraordinary fishery for both Northern Pike and the mystical Sheefish-"The Tarpon of the North".

In Pursuit of the Water Wolf – By Barry Reynolds

Pike Of The Midnight Sun

by Pat Ford

I left my home in Miami at 2 pm, flying to Dallas and then on to Anchorage. At 7 the next morning, I was hopping on a Frontier Flying Service flight to Aniak and from there I was heading to a houseboat on the Innoko River in the middle of nowhere. I was joining Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures (MSTPA) for five days of Northern-Pike fly-fishing...

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine–June 2009

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Midnight Sun and Toothy "Gators"-Innoko River, Alaska

By Brad Befus

Most fly anglers associate Alaska with Salmon, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Grayling and Big Rainbow Trout. But Northern Pike reside in Alaskan waters, although few of those places compare to the Yukon River and its tributaries, which offers one of the most spectacular fly-fishing opportunities for Northern Pike anywhere in the world...

Northwest Fly Fishing-Dec 2007

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Alaskan Water Dragons

by By Christopher Batin

Chris Batin - Alaska editor of Western Outdoors Magazine takes you on an adventure of fantastic proportions. Pike fishing in the West doesn’t get any better than this. If you venture into Alaska’s Innoko River county, and you should if you’re an angler searching for new big-fish frontiers – be prepared to enter the Dark Ages of fishing; a punishing, unforgiving land that is not for the petite of rod or tender of skin...

Western Outdoors Magazine-Jan 2005

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The Holy Grail of Pike Fishing – 54 Inch Pike on a Fly


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