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Las Buitreras Lodge Argentina - Trophy Sea-Trout - Hosted Week 20-27 Feb 2016

Join Martin Thompson and a team from the Ultimate Travel Company at Las Buitreras Lodge in Patagonian Argentina to fish for the famed Sea Trout that has put this part of the world on the piscatorial map. Las Buitreras is the only lodge on the Rio Gallegos and with 40kms of water it offers some of the most varied, visually striking and diverse fishing above and beyond the 'fish count'. Full Details

E Mail for full details, availability and rates

Cuba-Isle of Youth - Exclusive prime WWMF week on Perola - 9-15 Apr & 16-23 April 2016

This is an opportunity to join an exclusive WWMF Group of 6 anglers in the midst of the migratory Tarpon run on Isle de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) Accommodation will be in the elegant live-aboard yacht Perola with 5 individual cabins, good food and fishing on your doorstep. The Isle of youth has long been known as one of the destinations in Cuba that produces the biggest Tarpon. €5,350/person-8 nights in total.

E Mail for Cuba WWMF hosted week, full details and availability

Kola Peninsula Russia-Three Rivers-WWMF Hosted weeks-Aug/Sept 2016

47lbs, 40lbs, 37lbs!! Over the last 4 seasons the biggest fish caught on the rivers are as often as not caught over this period. The Three Rivers is not just the chance to fish on three of the most exclusive rivers on the Kola Peninsula, in one week, but possibly the best chance to hook if not land the fish of a lifetime. They are some of the most popular weeks on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve Rivers. If you want to be sure of a place register your interest now!! 2014 Report

E Mail for Three Rivers WWMF hosted week, rates and availability

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Freshwater Species:

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Holidays

Atlantic Salmon

In terms of prestige the Atlantic Salmon reigns supreme. A selection of the best holidays in Russia, Iceland, Ireland & Norway.

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Pacific Salmon Fly Fishing Holidays

Pacific Salmon:

For sheer power in freshwater the King Salmon is unrivalled. Alongside this are the spectacular runs of Silver Salmon - superb sport on a fly rod.

View all our Pacific Salmon Holidays>>>


Sea Trout Fly Fishing Holidays

Sea Trout

The Sea Run Brown Trout of Southern Argentina are legendary. Expect fish up to and well beyond 20lbs on the Rio Grande & Rio Gallegos.
View all our Sea Trout Holidays>>>
Steelhead Fly Fishing Holidays


Sea Run Rainbow Trout or Steelhead have deservedly earned their reputation as one of the most sought after fish in the Americas.

View all our Steelhead Holidays>>>


Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Holidays


From Alaska to New Zealand, Chile to Ireland the humble Trout is the most sought after freshwater species on the planet.

View all our Trout Holidays>>>
Dorado Fly Fishing Holidays


With streamlined golden flanks and teeth like razors Dorado are one of the least exploited but most exciting game fish still open to fly fishermen.
View all our Dorado Holidays>>>


Taimen Fly Fishing Holidays


The largest Salmonoid in the world. Landlocked but with a top-water strike that will leave anglers quaking in remote and beautiful Mongolia.

View all our Taimen Holidays>>>
Mahseer Fly Fishing Holidays


The sub-aquatic Tiger of the Asian sub-continent. Capable of sizes of 100+lbs the Mahseer In India are one of the last fish still to be fully tamed on a fly rod.

View all our Mahseer Holidays>>>


Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Holidays

Peacock Bass

Amongst the beauty and sounds of the Amazon Rainforest are stories of stripped reels and broken rods; testament to the power and force of Peacock Bass.

View all our Peacock Bass Holidays>>>
Pike Fly Fishing Holidays


The fastest accelerating freshwater fish, Pike fishing with a fly is becoming increasingly popular. Weighing up to 40lbs and with a set of teeth to rival any shark, surface fishing for monster Pike should be on every freshwater big fish game anglers list.

View all our Pike Holidays>>>


Sheefish Fly Fishing Holidays


The elusive and little know 'Tarpon of the North', Sheefish are a formidable gamefish. Weighing upto 40lbs and common in some Alaskan river systems they are an excellent hard-fighting fish that will aggressively take any fly or lure cast in their path.

View all our Sheefish Holidays>>>


Saltwater Species:

Tarpon Fly Fishing Holidays


The undisputed king of the saltwater flats. Nothing matches a Tarpon for brute strength, acrobatic leaps reel stripping takes.

View all our Tarpon Holidays>>>
Bonefish Fly Fishing Holidays


Bone - For many the epitome of saltwater fishing. Pound for pound nothing pulls line from a reel with the speed or stamina of a Bonefish.

View all our Bonefish Holidays>>>


Giant Trevally Fly Fishing Holidays

Giant Trevally & Milkfish

GTs are truly awesome predators whilst Milkfish are plankton eaters. Both are unbelievably strong fighters and make a trip to the Seychelles something special.

View all Giant Trevally & Milkfish Holidays>
Permit Fly Fishing Holidays


Capable of breaking an anglers will to fish Permit are the most fickle of all the saltwater flats fish and consequently one of the most prized on a fly rod.

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Big Game Fly Fishing Holidays

Big Game Fishing

Sailfish & Marlin are the ultimate opponent in the big game fishing world. Caught by any means a prize, on fly an outstanding achievement.

View all our Big Game Fishing Holidays>>>



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